Rec-Room Rhymes

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Filk Songbook
Title: Rec-Room Rhymes
Publisher: Pegasus Publications
Editor(s): Roberta Rogow
Date(s): 1978-2014
Medium: print
Subject: Star Trek and multimedia
Language: English
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Rec-Room Rhymes is a gen Star Trek: TOS and multifandom anthology of filks mostly by Roberta Rogow.

There are 19 issues, plus three omnibuses and a "Best Of."

Regarding the Title

Why is it called Rec Room Rhymes? Because when I started it, there was no Ten Forward. Presumably, Uhuru would play her lyrette and Spock would play whatever his Vulcan thing, and they would be in the rec, recreation room was where the original Star Trek crew gathered for their off time. [1]

Regarding the Content

The first four issues were mainly my own stuff, and I went and I started putting other people's filk lyrics in with issue number five. I did one a year until issue 14, from about 78 through 96. And then I stopped because I wasn't doing fanzines anymore. And I picked it up in 2002 because I was a fan guest, a filk guest of honor at a convention, and I wanted something to sell.

So then I did a Best of Rogow's Rec Room Rhymes with what I considered my ten best to date, to that date. And I've done one a year. Not one a year. Um, I've done 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 when I had the material, which was every year or two. Or three. [2]

Issue 1

Rec-Room Rhymes 1 was published in 1978 and contains 26 pages. The front cover art is by Leslie Fish and the back by Barbara Roberts. The art is by Amy Harlib, V.M. Wyman, Roberta Rogow, Phil Chien, Greg Kengetter, Julie Lee, Jim Price, Gene Reynolds, Chris Caminetto

The music CD of these songs are in Alive and Filking.

From "Some Words About Filk-Songs":

Part of the fun of being a Fan is getting into things like "filk-songs". Several years ago, someone printed up a song-sheet with the words to some of these insane parodies and through an inspired slip of the typewriter came up with filk-songs instead of folk-songs. The name has come to mean parodies or even original songs on a Star Trek or Science Fiction topic... There are talented people like [April Valentine] and Carolyn Venino and Leslie Fish who can make up their own tunes. I tend to borrow mine, from all sorts of likely and unlikely places. This makes for copywrite difficulties, which is one reason I have not recorded any of these songs. It is also why I have not included the music for any of them. I have given you the source and the guitar chords. You'll just have to take it from there yourselves. People ask me how I write a filk-song. I usually pick my music first, and I try to select the music to the character or theme. Then I go with the original rhyme scheme — and I play with the words until I get them to fit what I want to S8y. Most of the time it comes out funny -- with one or two exceptions. The artists who illustrated these songs did so under extreme pressure, since I decided to get this book ready at almost the eleventh hour. I thank everyone of them for getting the art to me under the gun, as it were.

front cover of issue #1
  • Some Words About Filk-Songs (2)
  • Drunken Vulcan
  • She Wore a Yellow I D I C (published in Moonbeam #l/2)
  • Chekov's Lament:The Song of a Vulgar Spaceman
  • Sulu: The Man in the Helmsman's Chair
  • Scotty's Shore Leave: The Junkyards of Delgaty
  • Uhura's Song: Black Girl (published in Probe #12 )
  • McCoy vs. the Machines (published in Pastak #k)
  • Young Spock's Farewell to Vulcan
  • Spock's Return
  • The Captain is the Man
  • Kirk's Song: Wandering Star
  • The Doleful Ballad (published in Beyond Orion #2, Tetrumbriant #12)
  • A Complaint to the Station Manager, written with Miriam Rogow (published in Grip #l)
  • The Collector's Hymn

Issue 2

Rec-Room Rhymes 2 was published in September 1981 (reprinted in 1982) and contains 39 pages.

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2

It is illustrated by Lynn Eldridge, "Contessa," Nancy Gervais, Barbara P. Gordon, Amy Harlib, Terry Lipanovich, Leah Rosenthal, Michael B. Smith, Melody Rondeau, Dot Sasscer, Cathy Strand, Sharon Thompson, Ron Schark, and Eleni Vafia.

From the editorial:

This collection of Non-Trek filk was put together because everyone would sit around at filksongs and ask me, "Where can I get the words?" Well -- here are the words to the filks I've been coming up with over the last three years So' now people are gonna ask me, "Where can I get the music?"

Most of these filks are to tunes that are familiar, I admit to having a love of the exotic that leads to strange paths, filk-wise. The "verse" to "Bye,bye Blackbirds", for instance, or the lead-in to "T'm L ooklng Over,,," are not so well-known as the rest of the song. As for the "Indian Song" that I used for Jawas, I picked that up In Scout Camp 25 years-ago, so It must be In some little hymnal handed out to Girl Scout leaders, A few of the others are under copywrite — In the case of "Yarushalaylm Shel Zachav/Jerusalem the Gold" It's an Israeli copywrite, and I do not care to mess with them!

So I am not including music in this collection. If you cannot find the tunes on your own, I might be able to record them for anyone who wants to send me a tape — and there are a lot of people who sit there with their little recorders going at filksings, taking down every time T miss a chord or forget a word!

There are a few filks that are NOT in this collection because they were in the other two (Rec-Room Rhymes and Sing a Song of Trekkin') and there are a

couple that were so topical that it would take a page of footnotes to explain them (and even then, you had to be there to find them funny). There are a few filks that I sing that aren't in here because someone else wrote them! And theme are plenty of filks yet to be written.

  • Willy D to the tune of "Billy Boy" (Star Trek) (originally in Grip #6) (3)
  • Ilia to the tune of "Maria" from "West Side Story" (Star Trek) (originally in Grip #6) (4)
  • Star Wars Promo to the tune of "The Sunday School" (Star Wars) (originally in Grip #1) (6)
  • Han Solo's Song to the tune of "Bye Bye Blackbird" (Star Wars) (originally in Pegasus #3) (7)
  • Princess Leia's Lament for Alderaan to the tune of "I'm Looking Over..." (Star Wars) (9)
  • Seduction Scene to the tune of "Dream a Little Dream" (Star Wars) (10)
  • Yoda's Song to the tune of "Jadda... Jadda" (Star Wars) (11)
  • Tale of a Traveler to the tune of "Wander'n'" (Star Wars) (13)
  • A Bounty Hunter's Song to the tune of "From a Few Dollars More" (Star Wars) (15)
  • Jawa-Song to the tune of "The Indians" (Star Wars) (originally in Grip #4) (16)
  • The Storm-Trooper's Lament to the tune of "A Soldier's Lament" (written with Leslie Fish) (Star Wars) (17)
  • An Outlandish Tale to the tune of "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" (18)
  • Song for a Closely Encountered Person to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) (originally in Grip #1) (19)
  • Seven for the Vards to the tune of "Echad Mi Yodeah" (Battle Beyond the Stars) (originally in Grip #8) (20)
  • Fightin' Corwin to the tune of "Darlin' Corey" (Chronicles of Amber) (originally in Kantele #6) (23)
  • A Hymn to Amber to the tune of "Yarushalayim Shel Zachav"(Chronicles of Amber) (originally in Kantele #6) (25)
  • An Exile's Lament to the tune of "Hard, Ain't It Hard?" (Darkover) (27)
  • The Arilinn Tower: A Song for Elorie to the tune of "Red River Valley" (Darkover) (originally in Jumeaux "Definitive Issue #4 (May 1981), but mis-credited in this "Rec-Room Rhymes" as "Jumeaux" #10 (May 1981) (28)
  • The Ballad of Lord Dyan Ardais to the tune of "Mack the Knife" (Darkover) (30)
  • Droids are People to the tune of "Kids are People" (androids, robots, droids) (originally in Grip #9) (31)
  • Mucho Macho?, or A PROTEST SONG to the tune of "A Man's a Man for A' That" (commentary on slash) (33)
  • The Editor's Dilemma: Kiss by Feyrer to the tune of "Kiss of Fire" (commentary on slash, its ability to generate interest) (originally in Grip #8) (34)
  • At the World-Con (originally in Kantele #8) (35)
  • Threnody for Augustrek (originally in Grip #8) (written with Greg Baker and friends) (36)
  • Old Trekkers Never Die to the tune of "There is a Happy Land" (written with Greg Baker) (38)

Issue 3

Rec-Room Rhymes 3 was published in 1984 and contains 44 pages.

It was illustrated by Leah Rosenthal, Michael B. Smith, Chris Soto, Shona Jackson, Melody Rondeau, Peter Laird, and Jean Ellenbacher.

The editor states: "Stolen from the best!"

front cover of issue #3, Leah Rosenthal portrays an all-male review, from left to right, unknown person, Luciano Pavarotti, Boy George, John Denver, Paul McCartney, and Michael Jackson
back cover of issue #3, Michael B. Smith

The lyricist is Rogow unless otherwise noted:

  • A Searcher's Song (from Melange #2)
  • Saavik's Song (from Masiform D #14)
  • Journey's End (Sahale (lyricist))
  • Exit Lines
  • My Buddy
  • Princess Leia, to a Renegade (from Grip #15)
  • The Big Boy of Tattooine [3]
  • The Turning Point (from Guardian #6)
  • The End (from Grip #16)
  • The Last Battle (with Leslie Fish (lyricist)) (from Masiform D #13)
  • Indy Jones, the Engineer
  • The Ultimate Gross-Out (from Warped Space #51/52)
  • A Gory Story (from Cityspeak: The Special Edition)
  • Conan the Vulgarian
  • Ylanna's Revenge (from Contes di Cottman IV #3)
  • L. Holdom (lyricist) (Devra Langsam (lyricist))
  • The Marching Song of Bard di Asturien's Army
  • Our Lady of the Storm
  • Two Brothers
  • Lullabye for a Chieri
  • Dom Kyril's Nedestros (from Contes di Cottman IV #4)
  • Pell to Downbelow: A Merchanters' Song
  • Con-Dood: An Operetta (previously recorded on Best of Con Stellation tape)
  • Banned from Hiltons

Issue 4

Rec-Room Rhymes 4 was published in 1986. It contains, among other things, Star Trek and Star Wars filks by Baker, C.J. Cherryh, Fine, Puhl, Rogow, and Rosenthal. Art by Eggleton, Martynn, Rosenthal, TACS and others.

cover of issue #4

Issue 5

Rec-Room Rhymes 5 was published in 1987 and illustrated by Jean Ellenbacher, Pat Malone, Juanne Michaud, Andrew Morrison, Pat Posadas, Jackie Pratt, Melody Rondeau, Teegar Shaver, Gennie Summers, Marie Williams.

cover of issue #5

The lyricist is Rogow unless otherwise noted:

  • A Whaling Song
  • The Admiral
  • I'm a Vulcan (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • My Grand Old Barnes (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • Ode to the Enterprise (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • Spock, the Mighty Vulcan (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • Welcome Aboard (G. Puhl (lyricist))
  • The Credo of Security (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • Fly On! (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • The Rec-Room (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • Has Anybody Here Seen the Archons? (J. Hollander (lyricist))
  • Star Trek, the Next Generation (G. Puhl (lyricist))
  • The Company Marines
  • You Belong to the Empire
  • Accidents Will Happen (G. Baker (lyricist))
  • TARDIS Bells (Teri Sarick (lyricist))
  • Dr. Scarves (Teri Sarick (lyricist))
  • Time Filker (S. Landerman (lyricist))
  • A Tilter at Windmills (Note: With counterpoint by H. Feld)
  • Criminal Pursuits
  • "Liberator" Journey
  • Resistance Blues (J. McIver (lyricist))
  • Demolition Man (P. Malone (lyricist))
  • A Town Called Silverado
  • The Grand Canal
  • Ruth, the White Dragon (C. Clawser (lyricist))
  • Editor's Advisory
  • Fanville Hacks (D. Crawford (lyricist))
  • A Fanzine Editor's Lament
  • A Use for "Argo" (with Baltimore Filkers Anonymous (lyricist))
  • Hotel Search (with Shore Leave Filkers Anonymous (lyricist))
  • A Child's Guide to the Solar System

Issue 6

Rec-Room Rhymes 6 was published in 1988 and was illustrated by Teegar Shaver, Jackie Hecht, Jean Ellenbacher, Tom Howard, Pat Posadas, Joey Rodriguez, Sophie Kelly Schultz, Gennie Summers.

back of issue #6, Jackie Hecht
front cover of issue #6, Teegar Shaver

The lyricist is Roberta Rogow unless otherwise noted:

  • BFA: TNG (Claire Maier, Harold Feld, Harold Feld, Charles Asbjornson (lyricist))
  • Everything Old Is New Again
  • The Four Officers
  • Roddenberry (Jessica Ross (lyricist))
  • The Klingons and the Earthers
  • Ferengyi Song
  • Wesley
  • On Board the Enterprise (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • The Ballad of James T. Kirk and the Enterprise (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • In Star-Fleet Again (Michelle Perry (lyricist))
  • The Life of an Admiral (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • A Whale of a Voyage Home (Mara Eve Brener (lyricist))
  • Thoughts of Mr. Spock's Personal Computer (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • Mayday! (Aimee Vincenguerra (lyricist))
  • Yeoman Mollie, A.W.O.L. (Dan Crawford (lyricist))
  • Yeoman Mollie, A.W.O.L. (Dan Crawford (lyricist))
  • Help Us Make It Through the Fight (Gennie Summers (lyricist))
  • Open Mailing Frequencies (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • Decisions, Decisions (Aimee Vincenguerra (lyricist))
  • Zammis' Paradox (Mara Eve Brener (lyricist))
  • 'Tis Willow (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Shazam! (Dan Crawford (lyricist))
  • Green Hills of Earth
  • Strange Thing in My House
  • Somewhere, Out There
  • The Zero-G Football Song (Claire Maier (lyricist, composer, music notation included)

Issue 7

Rec-Room Rhymes 7 was published in 1989 and contains 40 pages.

It was illustrated by "Alyx," George Docherty, Jean Ellenbacher, Barbara Caldwell, Jackie Hecht, Rina Mapa, Kevin McCraney, Brenda Perry, Teegar, Gennie Summers.

cover of issue #7
  • Editorial by Roberta Rogow
  • Star Trek Religion (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • See You in the Reruns (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • Starship Enterprise (Judd Hollander (lyricist))
  • Tasha's Legacy (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Bev Crusher's Song (Brenda Perry, Michelle Perry (lyricist))
  • He's a Klingon (Brenda Perry (lyricist))
  • Worf! (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • That Good Ole Klingon Brew (William Holgren (lyricist))
  • Scotty's Drinking Song (P.E. Kinlock (lyricist))
  • Recruiting Song (Lottie Michaud (lyricist))
  • Lion in the Streets (Roberta Rogow (lyricist)) (Beauty and the Beast (TV)
  • People in the Tunnel World (Roberta Rogow (lyricist)) (Beauty and the Beast (TV)
  • Midnight Spaceship (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Zap! Zap! (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • The Quest (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Aventine Recruiting Song (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Merovingen Nights (Roberta Rogow (lyricist), Based on: "Moscow Nights" (Tune suggested or parodied))
  • Merovingen Nights: Nev Hetteck View (Harold Feld (lyricist))
  • Klickett's Song (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • The Ghoul from Transylvania (Lenny Provenzano (lyricist))
  • A Dealer's Plea (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Singles and Silver (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • The Ballad of the Pousse-Café (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • A Tribute to Nolacon (Roberta Rogow (lyricist))
  • Crazy for Star Trek (Francine Davis (lyricist))
  • Dancing in the Fleet (Rachel Kadushin (lyricist))

Issue 8

Rec-Room Rhymes 8 was published in 1991. It has filks by Rogow and others. Art by Roberta Rogow, Jane Sibley, Michael E. Smith, Kate Landis, Gennie Summers, and Patricia Young.

  • Some Words from the Editor
  • Captain Kirk's Band by Cicatrice du Veritas (lyricist)
  • McCoy's Lament by Robin Wallace (lyricist), Lynne Wallace (lyricist)
  • Mission of Peace by Robin Wallace (lyricist), Lynne Wallace (lyricist)
  • K'Um Together by Teresa Sarick (lyricist)
  • Klingon Marching Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Save the Whales by Gayle Puhl (lyricist)
  • First Contact by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Don't Pull the Switch by Greg Baker (lyricist)
  • A Traveller's Tale by Gayle Puhl (lyricist)
  • Newcomers' Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Domesticated Alien by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Purist Hate Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • A Legionary Out of Place by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Hark Hark the Dark by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • The Ferengyi Fanzine Dealer by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Fanzines Like Soap Operas by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Two A.M. Television by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • NASFiC ConDiego by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Unlocked Door by Greg Baker (lyricist)

Issue 9

Rec-Room Rhymes 9 was published in 1992. It has filks by Rogow and others.

cover of issue #9

The art is by Mary Chmielnewski, Kate Landis, "Mildrew", Barbara Stulz, Gennie Summer, and Pat Young.

  • Some Words from the Editor
  • One Bright Starship by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • My Favorite Television Program, etc. by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • The Love-Seekers by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • We Are Imzadi by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Starbase Ten by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • Unification Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Banned from Argo ... by Still The Toronto Trek IV Filkers (lyricist)
  • Freddy's Dreams by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • I'll Be Back by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Thunder Rolls by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Song for a Hologram by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Last of the Table Round by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Star of the County Down" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Zoo of Royalty by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • Cold Metal Garrett by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Coleoptera Coccinellidae! by Lenny Provenzando (lyricist), based on: "Ladyhawke" by Julia Ecklar (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • A Costumer's Lament by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • A Filk-Sing with a Trekkie Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Dinosaur Fan's Lament by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Hyper Hilton by Gary McGath (lyricist), based on: "Moon Above and Fire Below" by Heather Rose Jones (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Professional Fan by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Is There Life Out There? by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Out There! by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Man Without a Planet: or, The Cosmonaut Who Never Returned by The Lunacon Parody Workshop (lyricist), based on: "The Ship That Never Returned" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Issue 10

Rec-Room Rhymes 10 was published in 1993 and contains 42 pages of filks by Rogow and others. Art by Jane Sibley, W.C. Pope, Jean Ellenbacher, Karen K. Ezell, Dee Kinealy, Kate Landis, Patricia Young, and Aaron Stevenson.

cover of issue #10
  • Deep Space Trouble by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Trouble" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Double Trouble by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Quark's Got Friends... by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Friends in Low Places" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Survivor by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Ships that Don't Come In" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Doctor Bashir by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Brian O'Linn" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • DS-9 Filk by H. Paul Shuch (lyricist), based on: "The Eddystone Light" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Ballad of the Sober Pilot by H. Paul Shuch (lyricist), based on: "Ballad of the Frozen Logger" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Riker Twins by Bill Miller (lyricist), based on: "Theme from the Patty Duke Show" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Unrequired Love by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Riccochet" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Irish Engineer: Or, Deep Space Babylon Rangers by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Rosin the Beau" (Tune suggested or parodied) Note: Written with the Lunacon '93 parody workshop
  • Dr. Who WIll Buy by Hasan Tucker (lyricist), based on: "Who WIll Buy?" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Does Your Favorite Doctor Regenerate by Larry D. III Kirby (lyricist), based on: "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Cat-Woman's Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Love Someone Like Me" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Clark's Lament by Larry D. III Kirby (lyricist), based on: "Tom Dooley" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Bedford Insurance Claim #PA29438 by Jane Mailander (lyricist), based on: "Why Paddy's Not at Work Today" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Fletcher Christian's Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Dawson's Christian" by Duane Elms (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Policeman's Lot by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "A Policeman's Lot" by Arthur Sullivan (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Speed of Light by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Points of Light" by Roberta Rogow (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • 49 Shades of Green by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "49 Shades of Green" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Wassail Filk by Lee Burwasser (lyricist), based on: "Gloucester Wassail Song" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Dandelion Filkers by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "The Peatbog Soldiers" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Plane Fare / Plain Fare / Plane Fair? by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "I'm Looking for Something in Red" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Magi-Con Hymn by Roberta Rogow (lyricist), based on: "Wide World of Sports Theme / Olympics Theme" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Issue 11

Rec-Room Rhymes 11 was published in 1994 and contains 42 pages of filks by Rogow and others. Art by Jane Sibley, Jean Ellenbacher, Elizabeth Mihaltse, W.C. Pope, and Aaron Stevenson.

  • A Fond Farewell by Roberta Rogow (author) Note: Credited to Jane Mailander "et. al."
cover of issue #11
  • All Good Futures Must Come to an End by Greg Baker (author)
  • The Star Trek Hop by Dan Crawford (author)
  • Darn You Mom by Greg Baker (author)
  • Odo Knows by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • A World Called Babylon by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • An Un-Hole-y- Mess by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Carmen Miranda on Babylon Five by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Kung-Fu Two' by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • A Round of Cannon Fire: Four Rounds by Dan Crawford (author)
  • Sea Quest Wreck by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Blink! by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Forever Knightmare by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Learning to Live Again by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Robotic Tragedy by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Love Theme from "Gator" by Lew Wolkoff (author)
  • The Ballad of Bedrock by Dan Crawford (author)
  • Barney's Demise by Lisa Savignano (author)
  • Blind Date by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Control Gets Remoter All the Time by Dan Crawford (author)

Issue 12

Rec-Room Rhymes 12 was published in August 1995 and contains 43 pages of filks by Rogow and others. Art by Stephanie Etmansky, Juan Gonzalez, Jean Ellenbacher, Jayne A. L'Argent, Gennie Summers, Jan Fleck, W.C. Pope, and Ellen Siders.

front cover of issue #12
back cover of issue #12, W.C. Pope

Fandoms include: Star Trek: TOS (3), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (3), Star Trek: Voyager (3), Babylon 5 (4), X-Files (2), Battlestar Galactica (1978) (1), Sliders (1), Blake's 7 (1), Bugs Bunny (1), and some science fiction.

  • The Editor Speaks by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • He's Dead ... Jim by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Argo's View by Lisa Savignano (author)
  • I Am a Good Old Klingon by S'Turm Bl'Kros (author)
  • The Last Ball Game by Gregory A. Baker (author)
  • The Band from Argo on DS9 by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Deep Space Nine by Skye Lane (author)
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Neelix Soup Surprise by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Voyager Rag by Gregory A. Baker (author)
  • Ballad of Babylon Five by Mario DiGiacamo (author)
  • No Answers by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Lando by K. Clapham (author), M. McKenna
  • Sheridan by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • With the Files Tucked Underneath His Arm by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • X-Rated Wake-up Call by Crystal Paul (author)
  • The Sound of Cylons by Lisa Savignano (author)
  • Passing Through by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • The Grade Z Movie Song by Lisa Savignano (author)
  • Blake's Sevener's List by Lisa Savignano (author)
  • Hunting Tonight by Gregory A. Baker (author)
  • The Flight of Apollo 13 by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Dial C for Cupid by Dan Crawford (author)
  • Banned from Con Suites by Lisa Savignano (author)
  • Bubba Can Filk by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Song of the Vampire Congress by Roberta Rogow and co. (author)
  • Banned Books Week by Jane Mailander et al

Issue 13

Rec-Room Rhymes 13 was published in July 1996 and contains 44 pages and contains filks by Rogow and others. Art is by Jane Sibley, Marguerite Rutkowski, Jean Ellenbacher, Michael Emand, Kate Landis, Jan Fleck, W.C. Pope, and Ellen Siders.

The fandoms: Star Trek: TOS (3), Star Trek Voyager (1), Star Trek: the Next Generation (1), Babylon 5 (5), Star Wars (1), Battlestar Galactica (1978) (1), Lost in Space (1), Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (1), Xena Warrior Princess (1), and and some science fiction, etc.

front cover of issue #13
  • The Editor Speaks by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • We're Trekkin' On by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Surely You Can Trust a Captain by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • Kazon War Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Return from Stobokor by I Abra Cinii (lyricist)
  • Tea: Earle Grey, Hot by I Abra Cinii (lyricist), based on: "Your State's Name Here" by Peter Berryman (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Joe's Garden by Sherry Thompson (lyricist)
  • A Cop's Credo by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Children of Joquon by Harold Feld (lyricist)
  • The Narn on B-5 by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • A Subtle Minbari, Lennier by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The T-65 Song by Louise Turner (lyricist)
  • Dr. Smith and the Star-Maid by James Fulkerson (lyricist)
  • Mighty Hercules by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Xena (Is a Punk-Fighter) by Charles Asbjornsen (lyricist)
  • War Song by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Hi, Fantasy by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • Remote Passions by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • Dinosaurs Redux by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Innocent Fashion Victims by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Bonnie InterSection by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • New Jersey's Rebutta l by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Marvelous Dream by Keith A. Glass (lyricist)
  • Hucksters by Ed Trachtenberg (lyricist), based on: "Windmills" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Issue 14

Rec-Room Rhymes 14 was published in 1997. Filks by Rogow and others. Art by Rogow, Jane Sibley, Michael Cole, Kate Landis.

  • The Editor Speaks by Roberta Rogow (author)
  • Take It to the Limit! by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Beat the Borg! by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Which Side Are You On? by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Kirk Ain't So Special by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • Holo-Doc's Song by Dawn Schloesser (lyricist)
  • It's Now or Never! by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • The Zathras Fan Club Song by Kassi French (lyricist)
  • The Shadow Family by Steven Difranco (lyricist)
  • Just Another Day in Med-Lab by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • "X-Filk" by Dawn Schloesser (lyricist)
  • The Sidekick by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Independence Day by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • They Have Survived! by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Razzle-Dazzle by Dan Crawford (lyricist)
  • The Girl in the Chain-Mail Brassiere by P. Wernick (lyricist), D. Okamura (lyricist), Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Conventional Insomnia by Judith Proctor (lyricist)
  • Escher's Convention by Kassi French (lyricist)

Issue 15

Rec-Room Rhymes 15 was published in 2005. All filks are by Rogow and illustrated by Rogow, Jane Sibley and Valmark Valle.

  • The Editor Speaks
  • Deep Space Farewell, based on: "Jamaica Farewell" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Captain Riker's Moving On, based on: "I'm Movin' On" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • And the Race Is On..., based on: "The Race Is On" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Clones, based on: "Boots" by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Third Year at Hogwarts, based on: "Me and Julio..." by Paul Simon (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Fight Fiercely, Hogwarts based on: "Fight Fiercely, Harvard" by Tom Lehrer (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Selling the Rings, The Lunacon 2004 Parody Workshop (lyricist) based on: "King of the Road" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Das Ve Danya, Mir, based on: "Those Were the Days" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Writer's Revenge, based on: "Sell a Lot of Beer" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Warning: Dangerous Planet, based on: "Little Fuzzy Animals" by Frank Hayes (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • I Love This Con!, based on: "I Love This Bar!" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Issue 16

Rec-Room Rhymes 16 was published in 2007. Filks are by mostly by Rogow plus one each by David Weingart and Gary McGath. Art by Roberta Rogow, Jane Sibley, Marie Williams and Jean Ellenbacher.

  • The Editor Speaks by Roberta Rogow
  • Vader's Confession by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "The Patriot Game" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Padme's Lullabye by Roberta Rogow (lyricist)
  • Salute to a Lady by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "The Rose of Argyle" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • He's No Good: (Palpatine!) by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "He's No Good" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • A Little Malady by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "The Glow-Worm" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Flight of Apollo Thirteen by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "The Ballad of Transport Eighteen" by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Dragon Riding by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "Donkey Riding" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Ondine, the Sea Siren by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "Jolene" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Meerkat Mad Love by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "La ci darem la mano" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Pluto's Degradation by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Professional Fan by Roberta Rogow (lyricist) based on: "Professional Fool" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Lunacon Is Moving by Gary McGath (lyricist) based on: "Babylon Is Fallen" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • When Frederic Was a Little Lad in the Mirror Universe by David Weingart (lyricist) based on: "When Frederick Was a Little Lad" by Arthur Sullivan (Tune suggested or parodied)

Omnibus 1

cover of issue #1

Rec-Room Rhymes Omnibus 1 was published in 1982 and contains 68 pages. It has art by Michael B. Smith, Leslie Fish, Nancy Gervaise, Juan Gonzalez, Elaine Gregory, Theresa Holmes, Steve Lefkowitz, Terri Lipanovich, Michelle Pedersson, Richard Pollet, Melody Rondeau, Leah Rosenthal, Carol Salemi, Sharon Thompson and Mel White.

Omnibus 2

Rec-Room Rhymes Omnibus 2 was published in 1986. It has art by by Mary Bohdanowicz, Nicole Branch, Bob Eggleton, Jean Ellenbacher, B. A. Hale, Ken Huegel, Sophia Kelly, Martynn, Sharon Palmer, Jackie Pratt, Melody Rondeau, Leah Rosenthal, Carol Salemi, Chris Soto, Teegar Shaver, Nancy Stasoulis, Jan Steinmetz, Gennie Summers, Ellen Vartanoff

cover of Omnibus #2

Omnibus 3

Rec-Room Rhymes Omnibus 3

Best of Rogow's Rec-Room Rhymes

Best of Rogow's Rec-Room Rhymes was published in 2002. It is a compilation of filks previously published by Roberta Rogow. It is illustrated by Jane Sibley, Jean Ellenbacher, Melody Rondeau and Carol Swoboda.

  • Introduction
  • The Ship
  • Neelix Soup Surprise
  • Klingon Marching Song
  • The Big Boy of Tattooine
  • Carmen Miranda on Babylon Five
  • With the Files Tucked Underneath His Arm
  • Fletcher Christian's Crew
  • Green Hills of Earth
  • At the World-Con
  • Forty-Nine Shades of Green
  • The Little Rover That Could
  • Fact/Fiction


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