Alive and Filking

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Filk Album
Album Title: Alive and Filking
Producer: Tales from the White Hart
Floating Filk Studios
Date: 2006
Medium: CD
Fandom: multimedia
Performer(s): Roberta Rogow
External Links: Floating Filk
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Alive and Filking is a filk CD by Roberta Rogow. It is her 2nd CD and is a live recording from her Lunacon 2006 and Philcon 2006 concerts. Lyrics are available in her Rec-Room Rhymes #16 songbook, available from Roberta and Tales from the White Hart.

  • 1 & 2. DS9 Farewell (tune: ‘Jamaica Farewell’ by Erving Burgess)
  • 3 & 4. Salute to a Lady (tune: ‘The Queen of Argyll’ by Andy M. Stewart)
  • 5 & 6. Padme’s Lullaby (tune: ‘Layla Layla’ by Mordechai Zeira)
  • 7 & 8. Darth Vader’s Confession (tune: ‘The Patriot Game’ by Dominic Behan)
  • 9 & 10. Palpatine, He’s No Good! (tune: ‘You're No Good’ by Clint Ballard, Jr.)
  • 11 & 12. Clones (tune: ‘Boots’ by Leslie Fish)
  • 13 & 14. Selling the Rings (tune: ‘King of the Road’ by Roger Miller)
  • 15 & 16. Do-Svidanya, Mir (tune: ‘Those Were the Days (Dorogoi dlinnoyu)’ by Gene Raskin & Boris Fomin)
  • 17 & 18. The Little Rover That Could (tune: ‘The Little Engine That Could’ by Mark Mueller)
  • 19 & 20. Pluto’s Degradation (tune: ‘Annie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ by Harold Spina)
  • 21 & 22. The Flight of Apollo Thirteen (tune: ‘Ballad of Transport 18’ by Leslie Fish)
  • 23 & 24. Warning: Dangerous Planet (tune: ‘Little Fuzzy Animals’ by Frank Hayes)
  • 25 & 26. The Writer’s Revenge (tune: ‘Sell a Lot of Beer’ by Bill Anderson, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  • 27 & 28. Blind Date (tune: ‘She Never Cried When Old Yeller Died’ by Danny Mayo, Freddy Weller, Diana Rae)
  • 29 & 30. Dragon Riding (tune: ‘Donkey Riding’ Traditional)
  • 31 & 32. Meerkat Mad Love (tune: ‘La ci darem la mano’ from Don Giovanni, by W. A. Mozart)
  • 33 & 34. Fact/Fiction (tune: ‘Both Sides Now’ by Joni Mitchell)

Spoken intros appear as separate tracks preceding the songs.

Recorded live at Lunacon 2006 (Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.) and Philcon 2006 (Philadelphia, Pa.) by Harold Stein. All songs performed by Roberta Rogow. Guest appearance by Dr. H. Paul Shuch from the audience at Philcon on ‘Pluto’s Degradation.’

  • Producer, Sound Engineer, Cover Layout – Harold Stein
  • Performance – Roberta Rogow
  • Technical Advisor – Michael Moller
  • Cover Photograph by: John Upton – I. N. S.
  • Proofreading – Marc Glasser