Sing a Song of Trekkin'

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Filk Songbook
Title: Sing a Song of Trekkin
Publisher: Caterpiller Music
Editor(s): Roberta Rogow
Date(s): December 1979
Medium: print
Subject: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Sing a Song of Trekkin is a gen Star Trek: TOS 43-page anthology of filks by Roberta Rogow. It has the subtitle: "A Fun-Filled Folio of 20 Trekker "Filk" Fongs." It has sheet music for all songs and an illustrating cartoon for each piece. Illustrators are Gordon Carleton, Randy Fenton, Amy Harlib, Peter Natale, Leah Rosenthal, and Vicky Wyman.


  • Sing a Song of Trekkin - Based on: "Sing a Song of Sixpence" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Captain is the One Who Gets Them All - Based on: "The Farmer Is the Man" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Young Spock's Farewell to Vulcan - Based on: "A Man of Constant Sorrow" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Spock's Return Rob - Based on: "Wayfaring Stranger" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • McCoy vs. the Machine - Based on: "This Helmet, I Suppose" by Arthur Sullivan (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Junkyards of Delgaty - Based on: "The Barnyards of Delgaty" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Uhura's Lament - Based on: "The House of the Rising Sun" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Song of a Vulgar Spaceman - Based on: "Song of the Volga Boatman" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Man in the Helmsman's Chair - Based on: "The Mikado's Entrance" by Arthur Sullivan (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Drunken Vulcan - Based on: "Drunken Sailor" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • She Wore a Yellow I.D.I.C. - Based on: "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Sore Losers - Based on: "White Whirlwind" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • A Vulcan Round - Based on: "Music Alone Shall Live" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • A Federation Wassail Song - Based on: "The Wassail Song" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Song of T.V. Science Fiction Nostalgia - Based on: "Long, Long Ago" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Collector's Hymn - Based on: "I've Got Sixpence" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Congoer's Complaint - Based on: "That's Where My Money Goes" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Doleful Ballad - Based on: "The Irish Ballad" by Tom Lehrer (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Battle Between the Enterprise and a Romulan Vessel - Based on: "High Barbary" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Crew of the Starship Enterprise - Based on: "Kelly, the Boy from Killarne" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Reactions and Reviews

When I first looked at this very beautifully done Folio of 'Filk' songs I was really impressed by the quality of the this publication. The illustrations are superb and the lyrics are pretty good. However, as I went to try out these new found treasures with my vocal chords I found that I really needed a piano to figure out the tunes. Now, that's not quite true, of the twenty songs I knew three well enough to just sing... There were four more I either knew the first couple of bars or was sure I had heard but even with the notes I couldn't figure out the rest. The other thirteen I had no inkling of. Now for those of you out there that these tunes are familiar to or have heard Roberta Rogow sing at these conventions or even have a piano or other instrument to pick out notes this is a fun publication. Of course, for those of us who don't, 'Sing a Song of Trekkin is a bit of a disappointment. [1]


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