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Title: Tetrumbriant
Publisher: a club zine for S.T.A.R. New York City/"The Alien Inquisition"
Editor(s): Germaine Best & Anji Valenza
Date(s): 1974-1980
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & multimedia & Original Fiction
Language: English
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1974 flyer for "Tetrumbriant" and "Monkey of the Inkpot"
edition and print statement
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Tetrumbriant is a gen Star Trek:TOS anthology.

A flyer in Warped Space #24 says it is a "satire-ridden packet of parody, science fiction, poems, humor and, of course, the ever-popular Star Trek fan-fiction."

Issue 1

Tetrumbriant 1 (v.1 no.1) was published in 1974 and contains 99 pages.

1978 Comments by Anji Valenza Regarding "Tea Daminen"

From Valenza's comments in Snow on the Moon:
There is one story which should be in [Snow on the Moon] but which, I discovered when preparing it for publication, would have been as long or longer than this volume itself, and that is TEI DAMNINEN. TD was published in Tettrumbriant as a short visual. It was chopped and mangled to death, for the original was done in comic strip form. It was three hundred pages long — that's about two-thousand frames. I was putting it into novelization form, and realizing that a picture worth a thousand words, at the very least.... But I wish it were in here, because it covers a lot of ground in how Thobo and Fara became such good buddies.

Issue 2

Tetrumbriant 2 (v.1 no.2) was published in June 1974 and contains 50 pages. It is part of a novel called "The Phoenix" by B. Fishman. The front cover is by G. Best, the interior illos are by L. Gould, D. Lomazoff, J. Oeschger, and Anji Valenza.

  • The Phoenix (Part 1) by B. Fishman

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Tetrumbriant 3 (v.1 no.3) was published in August 1974. The front cover is by Anji Valenza. The interior illos are by Germaine Best and Joel Silverstein.

  • Dedication/Why You?? (2)
  • The Con Wants You, That's Why! (3)
  • Contents and Credits (4)
  • Letters to the Editors (fictional) (5)
  • Editorial: Is Nothing Sacred?! by Germaine Best (6)
  • Our Crew (bios) (not numbered, 1 page long)
  • And May the Best Man Win, fiction by Anji Valenza (not numbered, 12 pages long)
  • Turn to Page Seven and Find Out (7)
  • ... And May the Best Man Win by Anji Valenza (8)
  • Another Surprise Filler, Ode to Star Trek and Its Philosophy, a filk (20)
  • Tei Daminen by A. Valenza (part one) (21)
  • Word Search, First Season by The Gamester of the Continuum (26)
  • Numb Nerve Nimoy by Jimmy Thorton (28)
  • A Public Disservice Message (36)
  • Centerfold (37)
  • P.D.M., continued (39)
  • Shealku, Kraith 1A by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (40) [Also Kraith Collected #1; Impulse #4]
  • The 1974-19775's Helper's Aptitude Test (52)
  • H.A.T. Answer Sheet and Subscription Form (55)
  • The Poisoner of SF by Ruth Schoenberger (56)
  • There Was at The Con by Ruth Schoenberger (59)
  • Look and Find Out What It Is (60)
  • Word Search #2 (61)
  • What!?! by Nebula II (62)
  • Zyeto, Kraith IB by Jacqueline Lichtenberg [Also in Kraith Collected #1, Kraith Creator's Manual]
  • The Phoenix (Part 2) by Barry Fishman, illustrated by Joel Silverstein
  • And the Planet is Still There by A. Valenza (listed on some sources as being in this zine, but does not seem to appear there)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

In any event, PROBE has come a long way in just a year from the days of bad artwork and fifty pages of sometimes-barely-readable Xeroxing. Some of the best suggestions for improvement have come from friends and associates who proved to be our sharpest critics… the one-and-only Gemaine Best (with her now-famous — and infamous — fanzine review column, "The Hacking Block"). And the quality of PROBE continues to steadily improve, so we just look back on PROBE 2 as proof that every fanzine is allowed at least one bad issue (for instance, take TETRUMBRIANT 3...Please!). [1]

Issue 4

Tetrumbriant 4 (v.1 no.4) was published in December 1974. The front cover is by Germaine Best. The interior illos are by Anji Valenza. The back cover is by Allan Asherman.

front cover of issue #4, Germaine Best
back cover of issue #4, Allan Asherman
table of contents for issue #4
  • Space, The Final Frontier -- in Klingon by Carol Walske (4)
  • Is Nothing Sacred by Germaine Best, editorial (5)
  • Klingon Krisnorin by Carol Walske (6)
  • Star Trek a Racist Program by Winston Howlett (7) (This is also in the audio zine Fanzine and in Probe #1)
  • Scar Fever by Zina Bauman (11)
  • Intro -- A History of Klingon/Federation Relations by Carol Walske (12)
  • First Meeting by Carol Walske (14)
  • Gift of Argos by Zina Bauman (19)
  • A Christmas Story by Len Schwender (21)
  • Thru Time and Tears by Joan Winston (23) (also in Kraith Collected #3)
  • Surprise Centerfold (27)
  • Through Time and Tears continued (29)
  • Kirk Remembers by Mary Beth Pospula (36)
  • The 12 Days of Christmas -- Vulcan Style by Noreen Foster (39)
  • Wisp by Germaine Best (38)
  • Vignettes by Winston Howlett (41)
    • Absent-Minded by Winston Howlett (also in Probe #1)
    • Space War by Winston A. Howlett (also in Probe #1)
    • Quadrant Three by Winston A. Howlett [also in Probe #1)
  • First Season Word Search by The Gamemaster (48)
  • Tei Daminen by Anji Valenza (49)
  • The Great Ixtenchin Telifoan Syborg Device by Anji Valenza (58)
  • Scenes We'd Like to See #2 (61)
  • The Ballad of Star Trek by Germaine Best and Gemini (64)
  • First Meeting -- Meeting of the Federation and Empire by Carol Walske ("A warship of the Ormenel encounters a Federation starship for the first time.") (65) (NOTE: this is listed in the table of contents but does not appear in the zine, at least in the example used for this Fanlore entry)
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because

Issue 5

Tetrumbriant 5 (v.2 no.1) was published in February 1975 and contains 60 pages. The front cover is by G. Best. The interior illos are by Alan Andres, L. Gould, D. Lomazoff, and Anji Valenza.

Note: the table of contents is not complete and does not match the contents of the zine regarding page order.

front cover of issue #5
  • FIAWOL -- definition of the phrase (4)
  • Dis-Con (Two Views pro and fen) by Alyson Abramowitz and Priscilla Marco (5)
  • Britain-Con '74 by Jenny Elson ("A report on the first ST con in England as reprinted from Nov. APA & excerps from their program book") (8)
  • Scenes We'd Like to See (13)
  • Smithlines ("typical Trekkie insanity) by Kerrrie Lu Smithline (13)
  • Helper's Lament, poem by Ann Onymous (14)
  • an ad for House of Zeor (18)
  • Word Search by the Gamester (19)
  • Visual, Kysadel (part two) by Anji Valenza (20) (see Klysadel Universe)
  • There Was at the Con by Ruth Schoenberger (30)
  • Editorial Column "Is Nothing Sacred?" An inter-fandom rebuttal by Germaine Best (33)
  • an ad for Kraith Collected (34)
  • Centerfold (35)
  • Discordance of people, places, and things of Trekdom ("The Discordance is a partial listing of prevelent terms and people in East Coast ST Fandom. Originally meant to satirize Bjo Trimble's Concordance and the STW Directory, it has evolved into a serious attempt to define and order ST terms") (37)
  • Fandom Projected: Star Trek Culture as of 2034 by Anji Valenza (article) (47)
  • Waregon 6: Memory Book of the Wargentian Con 2034 (49)
  • The Obligation Through Time and Tears (Part 2) by Joan Winston and Jacqueline Lichtenberg (also in Kraith Collected #3) (61)
  • FIAWOL -- definintion of the verb (73)
  • Con Bleech "What if they gave a con and nobody came department" -- the Lost in Space convention (75)
  • Fandom Jumble, puzzle (76)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6 (v.2 no.2)

Tetrumbriant 6 (v.2 no.2) was published in March 1975 and contains 49 pages. The front cover is by Carol Walske. The interior illos are by G. Best, L. Gould, and D. Lomazoff.

  • Letter to the Editors (4)
  • Aftermath by M. Pospula (5) ("A testimony of protest toward Mr. J. Winston's "Through Time and Tears" Kirk characterization.")
  • Decadence, editorial by Anji Valenza (7)
  • Is Nothing Sacred, editorial by Germaine Best (9)
  • Pattern Landing by Winston Howlett (11)
  • Article" by Anji Valenza (27)
  • Rebuttal to The Apple (30)
  • poem by Germaine Best (31)
  • Woman of Wonder by Marco (32) (SF book review)
  • A Semi-Rebuttal to Anji Valenza's Article on Science Fiction Versus Fantasy by Carol Walske (39)
  • Visual by Anji Valenza (33)
  • Early SF TV Series" by Alan Asherman (43)
  • Fifth Season Star Trek by ermaine Best (article) (46)
  • Harlan Who? (48)

Issue 7

Tetrumbriant 7 (v.2 no.3) was published in July 1975 and contains 82 pages. The front cover is by Alan Andres. The interior illos are by Germaine Best and David Lomazoff.

There were 150 copies published.

front cover of issue #7, Alan Andres
  • For I Am Lonely and Among Strangers (Part 1) by Marybeth Pospula (4) ("part of a poignant novella")
  • Cold Land, poem by Zina Bauman (16)
  • Jumble, puzzle (17)
  • A Klingon Heritage by Carol Walske (revised and edited by Walske and Fern Marder for the second Best of Tetrumbriant issue, "a novella with a penetrating look at the Klingon culture") (18)
  • Is Nothing Sacred, editorial portrait (45)
  • Incident on a Summer Morning by Winston Howlett (46) ("a true story" that appears to be about domestic violence, prostitution, the refusal of people on the street to help an unclothed women running away from a man, and how funny it was to a bunch of 15-year old boys)
  • Battle Hymn of the 1975 ST Con (49) by A Cast of Thousands (49) (filk, see Star Trek Lives!)
  • Memories by Frances Zawacky and Linda Deneroff (a sequel to "This Side of Paradise" part 2 Kraith Creators) (53)
  • Visual, Klysadel by Anji Valenza

Issue 8

cover of issue #8 (v.2 no.4)

Tetrumbriant 8 (v.2 no.4) was published in September 1975 and contains 76 pages. The front cover is by L. Gould. The interior illos are by G. Best, Gee Moaven, R. Nieves, and Anji Valenza.

The editor says that pages ("Foreward and Afterward" from this issue) were omitted from the last issue:
Sigh! Its not my fault that pages 9 and 10 were omitted from the last issue of Tet. And, it's not the author's fault either. You won't believe this, but a monster got them. That's right. No, really. A monster did get them. It's the monster that plagues all zine editors, business people and anyone who has written information to transfer. He's the monster that devoured Cleavland [sic], sabotaged New York, and makes California miserable. Yup, its the Postawful. Again. I've given up. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of this creature, lies a copy of every zine printed in fandom, 85% of my postcards (including all, but 3, that I sent from England last year), and some copy I intended to send to GRUP. Delivering Anji's two pages one month later than mailed was not by far its greatest attack on me. No. After all, Anji lives only twenty blocks away from me. Thirty-one days is a reasonable time limit to reach that distance. One day for each block and the remainder to equal the postage. Ye all, right. The extra day is for the mail carrier's hernia.
Also from the editor:
I would like to apologise to Marybeth Pospula, Gee Moaven and the rest of my readers for both the poor typing and poor printing In the story FOR I AM LONELY AND AMONG STRANGERS (part 2).

Several calamities befell this issue in its final stages. My fantastic Gestetner machine, that was still under warranty, took this as the perfect opportunity to die. Multiple repairs slowed production, not to mention, eating paper, copy and ruining stencils. This is the most expensive issue yet to be printed. After a temporary patch job, designed to hold until completion of the issue, my golden-haired-angel of a typewriter died two days before I sliced my index finger to the bone (Chapter 2.4 of the perils of Pauline), hence the poor, light typing on several pages of this zine. The only thing that didn't happen was the death of my electro-stencil, because it died in August... I apologise to Marybeth for the abrupt change In type in her story. My father [name redacted] was kind enough to complete the work (Including layout) while I awaited the removal of the stitches. The Elite type is his. Thanks. Gee, I apologise for your lead illo. It was the best we could do at the time. I don't think I did it justice.

Readers, this issue is late, its badly printed in several places, it doesn't do my contributors the justice they deserve, therefore, it doesn't do you justice either. This won't happen again. (I hope). No excuses, just fact.
  • Scenes We'd Like to See, Kirk sings a Klingon lovesong (4)
  • Space:1999 The Book (review) by Gary L. Adler (article) (5)
  • Foreward and Afterward (omitted from the last issue) by Anji Valenza (9) (She writes that she is sulking, she is not getting enough feedback, and do people care what she does, it takes sometimes eight hours to draw a page of "Visuals," if she doesn't get some feedback she is boycotting the next issue...)
  • How to Put on a Fanzine, Visual by Anji Valenza (11)
  • Paragraph, poem by Zina Bauman (16)
  • The Last Fan, story by Winston Howlett (17)
  • Jumble, puzzle, last of a series (20)
  • Star Trek graphic story, by Robert Nieves (21)
  • Happily Ever After, story by Len Schwende (40)
  • Is Nothing Sacred? editorial by Germaine Best (41)
  • Songs of the Hookers of Wrigley's Pleasure Planet, filk (42)
  • Crystal, poem by Fern Marder (44)
  • Space:1999 (review of the show) by Gary Adler (45)
  • Commentary on televised science fiction, TPTB, and their failures by Gary Adler (51)
  • Commentary, a counterpoint to Adler, by Germaine Best (52)
  • Space:1999-More Fi Than Sci, reprinted from The New York Times (September 28, 1975) by Isaac Asimov (unnumbered and not mentioned in the table of contents)
  • For I Am Lonely and Among Strangers (Part 2) by Marybeth Pospula, illustrated by Gee Moaven (55)
  • ITC Publicity Hand-out

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

Tetrumbriant 9 (v.3 no.1) was published in November 1975 and contains 80 pages. The front cover is by Gee Moaven. The interior illos are by L. Gould, D. Lomazoff, and Anji Valenza.

  • Why You, by David Lomazoff (1)
  • Bivariate Interaction by A. Valenza (3)
  • Two of a Kind by Winston Howlett (6)
  • Casey's Corner, A Trekkie Speaks by Casey (14) (about "The Trekey Show" (radio) "an information and nostalgia show covering all phases of Star Trek" -- WHBI-FM New York)
  • Gamesters by A. Valenza (18)
  • Visual by Anji Valenza (19)
  • Letter War by A. Valenza (29) (fictional)
  • Miscellany, a hodgepodge by various authors (38) (includes "Chicago Con 75": "Lisa Bointon [sic] took an ax, Gave conventions forty wacks. When she saw what she had done... Then she gave them forty-one.")
  • What? by Germaine Best (39) (fiction)
  • Poetic Portfolio, the works of our poets (45)
    • That Rocket by Zina Bauman
    • Three Monologues: Kirk, Spock and McCoy by Zina Bauman
    • Moment by Germaine Best
    • Ruins by Zenia Lopez
    • Star Lorn by Fern Marder
    • Ilda's Rocket Man by Marybeth Pospula
    • Thoughts by Marybeth Pospula
  • Litany by A. Valenza (57)
  • Klingon Prey by Carol Walske (59) (also in Mindsifter #3)
  • Is Nothing Sacred, editorial by Germaine Best (62) (pokes fun at "theme zines"
  • Comic Portfolio with work by DUNAGIN (63)
  • The Sins of the Fathers by A. Valenza (71)
  • Dispatch from Delta 9 by the editor (77)

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Tetrumbriant 10 (v.3 no.2) was published in February 1976. The front cover is by L. Gould. The back cover is by Gee Moaven. The interior illos are by D. Lomazoff and Anji Valenza.

  • War:Klingon-Cheveh by Anji Valenza
  • War: Ar'romi-Klingon by Anji Valenza
  • Movie News" by D. Rose
  • Death is not..." by Winston Howlett
  • Two of a Kind by Winston Howlett
  • Decadence" by Anji Valenza
  • Klingon Prey by Carol Walske [Also in Mindsifter #3]
  • Iristhan by Anji Valenza
  • Power Play by Steve Kitty and Peter David [also in Second Age #2]
  • The Courtesies of Knowing by Anji Valenza

Issue 11

Tetrumbriant 11 (v.3 no.3) was published in August 1976. The front cover is by L. Gould, the back by Anji Valenza, and the interior illos are by I. Bruce, D. Drexler, and D. Lomazoff.

cover of issue #11
  • Book Reviews" by Patti Cullen
  • Interview with the BEM by Peter David
  • Vulcanur Linguistics" Fern Marder
  • No Converts Allowed by N. Bock
  • Star Trek-TV's Newest" by Gene Roddenberry
  • No Greater Monument by Lee M. Jaecks (Enterprise is called to retrieve Pike’s body from Talos; the Talosians, with no pets to care for anymore, commit mass suicide by causing Sulu to fire main phasers at them.) (also in Beyond Orion #1)
  • CBS Special "The Tenth Level"
  • I Don't Want Justice by B. Wheadon
  • And the Planet is Still There by Anji Valenza

Issue 12

Tetrumbriant 12 (v.3 no.4) has October 1976 on the cover, along with "This is a late issue, published January, 1977." It contains 85 pages. The front cover is by L. Gould. The interior illos are by E. Grosso, D. Lomazoff, and Anji Valenza.

cover of issue #12
  • Horrors: A Nightmare by N. Bock
  • Swords of Revlon by Peter David
  • I've Got Friends by Winston A. Howlett
  • Fanzine Reviews by Germaine Best
  • Nemuzuth, the Juggler by Elise Grasso
  • You Know You've Been Gafiating Too Long..."
  • After the Crucifiction by F. Offsey

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

There are, however, several stories I should like to recommend. First in #12, you'll find 'I've Got Friends,' a short warning against super critical reviews, and 'Nemuzuth: The Juggler, a fascinating novelette that has to be read to be appreciated. I look forward to reading more of Elise Grasso's work. Here is someone who has gone through an awful lot of trouble to create believable alien culture. Also included is 'The Swords of Revlon,' by P.R. David, a funny sword and sorcery story that sounds like something I've read before... [2]

A fan comments on issues #12 and #13:

There are certainly a lot of good zines out there that I don't even know about. Tetrumbriant is one of them... Tet is a general zine with ST, SF and occasional stories from UFO and Space: 1999. The humor has a nice sting to it, the poetry is good to excellent, and the short-shorts are very much to the point. The artwork suffers a bit from the printing process, as on occasion, does the text, but what good mimeo zine doesn't have an occasional problem of this sort. For some odd reason, I find it difficult to direct specific criticisms toward any of the stories, so all I can say is that this zine has to be read to be understood.

Issue 13

front cover of issue #13, Ian Bruce
back cover of issue #13, C.G. Cosentini

Tetrumbriant 13 (v.4 no.1) was published in May 1977 and contains 58 pages.

  • Partly ST, partly other genres, incl. Anji Valenza's Klysadel Universe
  • Is Nothing Sacred, editiorial (2)
  • Ordeal by Winston Howlett (3) (Can Flower outwit the evil overlord?)
  • Reflection by Jon R. Oeschger (6) (A man cries out for justice.)
  • Outcast by Courtney Taylor (11) (Amanda faces a decision.)
  • The Goombridge Horror by Paula Smith (21)
  • Thoughts of an Observer, poetry by Zenia Lopez (23)
  • Portrait of a Future by Pricilla Marco (25) (A different end for mankind.) (25)
  • Book Reviews by Patti Cullen (31)
  • An Unnatural Way of Life by Keegan (33) (Truce for Klingon clans)
  • Mission: Tomorrow by Germaine Best (45) (first in a series of UFO stories)
  • You've Gotten This Zine Because by David Lomazoff (5)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

Not Star Trek, hardly even SF, TET reads a lot like a typical college experimental fiction magazine. Like such a publication, the contents may occasionally be very good, but they will never be quite what the general reader expects. 'Mission Tomorrow,' a UFO story and 'Reflections' are based on other TV shows, although some of 'Reflections' sounds like it was translated from the French -- the odd vocabulary, the passive voice. 'Outcast' is probably the best of the zine, or at least the best trek story, as it is the only trek story in the zine. An early Sarek/Amanda story, it gives a rather probably explanation why they left for Vulcan rather than stay on Earth. Its only unfortunate aspect is the characterization of everybody, save Sarek, as 20th-century New Yorkers. I have a pretty lousy Goreyesque piece in this ish, and Winston Howlett a rather funnier "Ordeal." For the price, TET's pretty good. Contents - 3 Graphics - 4 $ Worth - 4. [3]
Read 'Ordeal,' a short by Winston Howlett that has his usual wicked twist at the end. Next is 'Outcast,' by Courtney Taylor, another view of Amanda's problems surrounding her marriage to Sarek. Painful, but quite believable. On the other hand, if it is a chiller you want, read 'Portrait of a Future,' by Priscilla Marco. It concerns of possible solution to the problem of racial friction. I recommend this zine for those who like to stretch their minds around interesting concepts expressed in often unconventional ways. I consider Tet a welcome addition to my skimpy zine library. [4]

Issue 14

Tetrumbriant 14 (v.4 no.2) was published in January 1978.

Issue 15/16

cover of issue #15/16

Tetrumbriant 15/16 (v.4 no.3) was published in 1980.

Best of Issue 1

The Best of Tetrumbriant 1 was published in December 1976. It has a front cover by Anji Valenza, a back cover by G. Moaven, interior illos by G. Best, Gould, D. Lomazoff, and Carol Walske. It contains the Walske and Marder story from issue #4, "First Meeting."

front cover of best of issue #1

Best of Issue 2

The Best of Tetrumbriant 2 was published in January 1978.

front cover of best of issue #2
  • "Surak's Construct" by J. Lichtenberg
  • A Klingon Heritage revised and edited by Fern Marder and Carol Walske from Tetrumbriant #7 ("After peace is reestablished between the Ormenel and the Federation, Karras spends some time training in Star Fleet as part of a military exchange program—-and is assigned toRoan's ship.")
  • other unknown content


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