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Are you looking for the Star Trek: TOS fanzine Pastaklan Vesla?

Title: Pastaklan Shaturas
Publisher: a fan club called Beyond the Stars
Editor(s): Carolyn Venino
Date(s): 1974-75
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Pastaklan Shaturas is a very early gen Star Trek: TOS anthology. It continues as Pastak #3.

Issue 1

Pastaklan Shaturas 1 was published in May 1974 and contains 20 pages. It has a front cover by Marianne Tielesch. Interior illos are by G. Bonekamp.

  • Following of the Flame by C. Brogley
cover of issue #1
  • Ancient Weapons of War by C. Brogley
  • Maiden Wine (music) by L. Nimoy
  • Tal-Shon by C. Brogley
  • Middle Vulcan by R. Woodell
  • Vulcan Wars by S. Purvis
  • The Sun Will Rise (music) by L. Nimoy
  • Plomik Soup (recipe) by S. Wight
  • Sword of Vulcan (article)
  • Vulcan Glossary by S. Wight Data source: Trexindex

Issue 2

Pastaklan Shaturas 2 was published in September 1975. It has a front cover by A. Schrieber, a back cover by D.K. Braun, and interior illos by J. Allen, C. Mitchell, J.A. Sherman, and C. Venino. It contains 84 pages.