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Are you looking for the Star Trek: TOS fanzine Pastaklan Shaturas? Or its successor fanzine Pastak?

Title: Pastaklan Vesla
Publisher: Horta Press, a Rhubarb Publication
Editor(s): Michelle Malkin & Kathy Surgenor & Peggy Barilla
Date(s): 1970-1980
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Pastaklan Vesla is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology fanzine. The fanzine has a six-year gap between the fourth (1972) and fifth (1978) issues. Issues #1 & 2 were edited by Michelle Malkin & Kathy Surgenor. Issues 3-6 were edited by Michelle Malkin.

The title supposedly means "Peaceful Thoughts" in the Vulcan language, a title that may be jossed later. Boldly Writing notes: "Unlike Klingonese, no official Vulcan-English dictionary was even attempted until 1995, though many unofficial glossaries existed before then. In this case, the Vulcan language glossary was a joint effort among Michelle Malkin, Joyce Yasner, and Lee Smoire."

Selections from issues #1-4 of this zine were later published in Back Trekkin'.

From a Blurb in "Vorpal Sword"

From the third issue of Vorpal Sword #3:

The editors of the Vorpal Sword are proud to announce the birth of a new Star Trek fanzine, "Pastaklan Vesla." Pastaklan Vesla means "Peacefull Thoughts" in Vulcan, and it is our hope that this fanzine, possibly a one-shot, will espouse that philosophy. The masterminds behind this daring venture, Michelle Malkin and Kathy Surgenor, are now in the process of collecting material. All stories, articles or artwork are welcome and will leave us forever in your debt. Now is the time for all good Trekkies to come, to the aid of their one-shot. We thank you.

A Flyer

Issue 1

Pastaklan Vesla 1 was published in 1970. Its back cover is by Alicia Austin and was reprinted in The Despatch #21.

  • Proposed Books By Members of the Enterprise Crew, article by Mick Allister (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • And Now Scotty's Side, article by Kathie Surgenor
  • Spectre Out of the Past by Michelle Malkin (The Enterprise rescues the survivors of a passenger liner that was attacked by Orions. One of the injured is McCoy's x-wife and contact with her puts an end to 20 years of a dream of reconciliation.) (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • Surak and 'The Savage Curtain', article by Ruth Berman (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • To Love and to Cherish by P. Gonzales
  • The Paradox Antigen by J. Lichtenberg [also in LNSTFCCF Yr2 and Back Trekkin')
  • Vulcan Art in Language, article by "Lysra"[1]
  • The Vulcan Wars, article by Michelle Malkin (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • If You are Within the Sound of My Voice by D. Kogan
  • A Dissertation of a Yeoman by "T'Phaera"

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Karen Flanery
back cover of issue #2, Karen Flanery

Pastaklan Vesla 2 was published in the Winter of 1970 and contains 84 pages. It has a front cover by Karen Flanery. The interior illos are by Alicia Austin, Kathy Bushman, C. Grosso, D. Krogan, D.C. Roberts, D. Sobwick.

Dedication: "This issue of Pastaklan Vesla is dedicated to Bjo Tribble in kind grateful appreciation for the kindness she has bestowed upon ye eds."

  • Savage Reunion by Kathy Surgenor (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (4)
  • Surak's Construct J. Lichtenberg (also Kraith Collected #1; Pastaklan Sharturus #2; Star Fleet Handbook #1, Tetrumbriant #1/2, The Best of Tetrumbriant v.1; Back Trekkin')
  • Deadlock Michelle Malkin (There is a dispute over a planet with large veins of Dilithium. The Enterprise is sent to orbit the planet until its ownership is established. When a Romulan ship arrives the Organians once more intervene and decree that the fate of that part of the galaxy uill be settled by the actions of one person from each ship that will be sent to the planet. The Enterprise representative is McCoy.) (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (18)
  • Kor, a poem by MIchelle Malkin (23)
  • Garry Mitchell, poem by Michelle Malkin (23)
  • The Companion, poem by Michelle Malkin (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (23)
  • Reconciliation, poem by Kathy Surgenor (25)
  • The Keepers, poem by Michelle Malkin (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (27)
  • From Whence They Came, article by Mick Allister (28)
  • No Beach to Walk On, poem by Kathy Surgenor (32)
  • Introduction to Vulcan Linguistics, article by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (33)
  • T'Phaera Speaks (35)
  • Worthy to be Loved D. Carol Roberts (reprinted in Despatch #22/23/24) (37)
  • Zarabeth's Poem by Glenanna Garrett (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (41)
  • Horatio Hungsbottle Donald Stanley (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (42)
  • More Proposed books by Mick Allister (43)
  • Spock's Dilemma, poem by Kathy Surgenor (45)
  • The Romulus Incidents, article by Ruth Berman (Boldly Writing says "Ruth based this article on an interview with Paul Schneider, the scriptwriter for the episode, "Balance of Terror." The article includes his ideas on what Romulans and Romulan society are like." (reprinted in The Despatch #20 and Back Trekkin') (47)
  • Deadlock by Michelle Malkin (reprinted in Back Trekkin') (56)

Issue 3

back cover of issue #3, C. Lee Healy
front cover of issue #3, Allan Asherman

Pastaklan Vesla 3 was published in Spring 1971 and contains 83 pages. Art by Claire Mason, Ellen Winder, C. Lee Healy, D. Carol Roberts, Allan Asherman, Danielle Dabbs, Pam Tacoma, Gail Barton and Grant Canfield.

  • The Captain's Plea (4)
  • The War Disease by Donald Stanley (5)
  • Garth of Izar by Shirley S. Maiewsky (13)
  • Koon-Ut-Kali-Fee by C. Lee Healy (14) (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • Letter from Joanna McCoy by Pat Zotti (15)
  • Christine by Carol Pruitt (16)
  • Remote Control by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (17)
  • Third Season ST Guest Stars by Mike Sobota (46) (also in Impulse #3)
  • The Doctor and the Damsel by Donald Stanley and Mick Allister (47) (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • Unsympathetic Letter by Snidely, Grimbly, etc (48)
  • The Commander by Norma Smith (50) (reprinted in The Despatch #25)
  • Ghosts by Rusty Hancock (65) (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • Surak's Construct by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (65) (reprinted in Back Trekkin')
  • Strekfan Roster Questionnaire

Issue 4

back cover of issue #4, "Revenge" by Greg Jein
front cover of issue #4, "Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan" by Ellen Winder, reprinted as the cover of The Despatch #17

Pastaklan Vesla 4 was published in Winter 1972 and contains 78 pages. Art is by Mary Schaub, Karen Flanery, Susan Wolfe, Connie Reich, Craig Fincannon, and Ellen Windner.

"This issue of Pastaklan Vesla is dedicated to the proposition that all Star Trek zines should be out on time (once in a while, maybe?). And, of course, to all the Star Trek fans everywhere."

  • Carbon Copy by Kathie Farnell (Sulu has an alien plant that can make exact duplicates of small objects. Lt. Riley shows it some money so he can recoup gambling losses; he's trying to buy an engagement ring for his intended.) (also in Back Trekkin') (4)
  • Historical Facts Department by Don Dobwick (11)
  • Rojan of Kelva by Mary H. Schaub (also in Back Trekkin') (12)
  • A Few Wives Too Many, story by Don Sobwick (An alien society seems to have complete sexual freedom -- but as Kirk finds out, there are a few strings attached.) (also in Back Trekkin') (13)
  • Archives: Episilon Arietis IV by Mary Schaub (19)
  • 4.9 to 1 - At Least by Pat Kienly and G.L. Natho (also in Back Trekkin') (21)
  • Remote Control - Act III Jacqueline Lichtenberg (Also published in Interphase #1), conclusion (22)
  • Stargram from Captain Kirk, article by Joyce Yasner (Kirk's letter to McCoy while visiting Spock's home and the city of Kennack on Vulcan.) (52)
  • Moments of Meditation by Dawn Snyder (55)
  • The Ambassador and the Lady by Norma Smith (Another version of how Sarek met Amanda.) (reprinted in The Despatch #17 and The Best of Amanda and Sarek) (56)
  • The Gift by Pat Kienly (also in Back Trekkin') (71)
  • Chrysalis by Carmen Carter (73)
  • Horatio Hungsbottle by Donald Stanley (also in Back Trekkin') (77)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

See reactions and reviews for The Ambassador and the Lady.

Issue 5

back cover of issue #5, CAB
front cover of issue #5, Karen Flanery

Pastaklan Vesla 5 was published in Summer 1978 and contains 96 pages. It was jointly edited by Michelle Malkin & Peggy Barilla. Art by Karen Flanery (front cover), Bo McKendrick, Allan Andress, Ginnie Reynolds, Kathy Bushman, Peggy Barilla, Steve Barnes, CAB (back cover)

  • Editorial ("...There are all the people whose stuff we finally used except we don't know any of their addresses so they'll never know and by this time they're all probably in nursing homes, unable to spend their Social Security checks on fanzines...") (4)
  • Close Encounters of the Finest Kind, fiction by Peter David (Star Trek: TOS/M*A*S*H*) (5)
  • The Emotion of Love by Jane Thomasson (22)
  • The Joining by Michelle Malkin (32)
  • One Single Tear by Ginnie Reynolds (33)
  • cartoon by Peggy Barilla (49)
  • Quiet Madness by Davin Sanders (50)
  • The Heroic McCoy by Pat Zotti (51)
  • Spock Joined by M.L. Steve Barnes (52)
  • Flights of Retard by Peggy Barilla and Madeleine Dale (53)
  • The Princess by Lindsey Love (57)
  • poem by Peggy Barilla (68)
  • An Illogical Trek by Rick Allister (69)
  • 2000 Years of Vulcan Humor (74)
  • Thy Brother's Keeper by M.L. Steve Barnes (75)
  • Glob Cartoon by Mary H. Schaub (99)

Issue 6

Pastaklan Vesla 6 was published in Spring 1980 and contains 90 pages. It was edited by Michelle Malkin. Art by Allan Asherman, Dale Holman, Karen Flanery, Pam Tacoma, Shona Jackson, Mary Schaub, D. Carol Roberts, Bo McKendrick, Vida Hull, Marie Dominquez, Allyson Whitfield, David Allen and Carolyn Hillard.

back cover of issue #6, Carolyn Hillard
front cover of issue #6, Allan Asherman, "Change of Command"

Boldly Writing describes issue #6: "The content was all Star Trek except for some Dr. Who artwork and ads for Star Wars fanzines. In her editorial, Michelle explained that she wanted to do a Star Wars fanzine instead. Among the many stories was an article by Judith Gran titled, "Work and Alienation in Star Trek," in which she discussed the work ethic in the Star Trek universe."

The editor says this is the last issue of Pastaklan Vesla, and that she is now collecting work for a Star Wars zine called Kessel Run.

  • Change of Command by Miriam Rogow and Roberta Rogow (5)
  • The Promised One by Lori Dell (7) (Sarek and Amanda)
  • Enterprise Interlude by M.L. Steve Barnes (14)
  • The Only Law of Life by Peggy Barilla (16) (a Klingon story)
  • Work and Alienation in Star Trek, article by Judith Gran (22) (with notes from The Dispossessed and Women On the Edge of Time, Alternatives To Alienation in Science Fiction: The Dispossessed and Women On The Edge Of Time)
  • Time is of the Essence by Michelle Malkin (27)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before by G.L. Natno and Pat Kinely (33)
  • Horatio Hungsbottle, III by Donald Sobwick (33)
  • Fire on Ice by Linda Frankel (34)
  • Prime Directive by Mary E. Cowan (42)
  • Renaissance Themes in Star Trek: The Pagan Mysteries of the Enterprise by Dr. Vida Hull (51)
  • A Tale of Two Crewmen by Carmen Carter (59)
  • The Unshattered Starchain, reviews by Beverly Lorenstein (63)
  • A Little Human Weakness by Linda Knights (66)
  • Persona by Vida Hull (77)
  • Visions of Distant Rainbows by Shirley Passman (78)
  • Art portfolio: Spacescapes by Patricia Long and Dr. Who portraits by Stephanie Hawkes (79)


  1. ^ Lysra may be LySra T'Shaya, a handle used by L'Shaya Salkind (aka L'Shaya Daimon) during her involvement in No Different Flesh.