Back Trekkin'

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Title: Back Trekkin'
Publisher: Horta Press (their first publication)
Editor(s): Michelle Malkin
Date(s): around 1975
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by Pam Tacoma, this was also in Pastaklan Vesla #3
back cover, Grant Canfield

Back Trekkin' has the subtitle: "Selections from Pastaklan Vesla 1-4." It contains selected stories, poems and articles from that fanzine during Spring 1970 and Winter 1972.

The zine was contains 139 pages. It is not dated, but probably published in 1975.

The art is by Allan Asherman, Alicia Austin, Gail Barton, Kathy Bushman, Grant Canfield, Karen Flanery, C. Lee Healy, Claire Mason, Mary H. Schaub, Pam Tacoma, Ellen Winder, and Susan Wolfe.


This issue is dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, the cast and crew of Star Trek past & present, my family, Beverly Lorenstein, Peggy Barilla Debbie Kogan, Ming, Jemmy, Neddy, Dolley, Mordred, Merlin, Morgan Le Pay, Uncle Marty, Uncle Fred, Obi Wan Kenobi, Klaatu, Exeter, Adam Strange, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Priestley, John Locke, Alexander Pope, Baruch Spinoza, Dumas Malone, Thomas Fleming, Claude Bower, Adrienne Koch, Bach, Vivaldi, George Gershwin, Miklos Rosa, Max Steiner, John-Paul-George & Ringo, Tchaikovski, Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, Harvey the Pooka, John Cullum, Ken Howard, Patrick Duffy, Henry Fonda, Gary Grant, Michael Rennie, Bogey, Karlof, Peter Lorre, John Drake, John Steed, Ellery Queen, Lord Peter Wimsey, Holmes & Watson, Doonesbury, Pogo, Shoe, Cats, Hobbits, Tolkien Elves, Human Rights, Womens Liberation, the People, Pern & Helva, Tweel, Gethen, Darkover, Middle-Earth, Barsoom & Pellucider, The Door Into Summer, Trantor, Challenger, Arisia & 'Blackie' DuQuesne, the Time Traveller and Things To Come.

To those who read what follows: Pastaklan Vesla (Peaceful Thoughts.)


  • Editorial (4)
  • The Paradox Antigen by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (5)
  • Garth of Izar, poem by Shirley Maiewski (8)
  • Rojan of Kelva, poem by Mary Schaub (9)
  • The Keepers, poem by Michelle Malkin (10)
  • The Companion, poem by Michelle Malkin (10)
  • The Vulcan Wars by Michelle Malkin (11)
  • Surak's Construct by Jacqueline Lichtenberg [Also Kraith Collected #1; Pastaklan Sharturus #2; Pastaklan Vesla #2; Star Fleet Handbook #1, The Best of Tetrumbriant v.1] (13)
  • Introduction to Vulcan Linguistics by Jacqueline (17)
  • Surak and "The Savage Curtain" by Ruth Berman (19)
  • Savage Reunion by Kathy Surgenor (24)
  • Koon-Ut_Kali-Fee, poem by C. Lee Healy (39)
  • The Romulus Incident by Ruth Berman (40)
  • The Commander by Norma Smith (46)
  • Ghosts by Rusty Hancock (6)
  • Deadlock by Michelle Malkin (There is a dispute over a planet with large veins of Dilithium. The Enterprise is sent to orbit the planet until its ownership is established. When a Romulan ship arrives the Organians once more intervene and decree that the fate of that part of the galaxy uill be settled by the actions of one person from each ship that will be sent to the planet. The Enterprise representative is McCoy.) (73)
  • Carbon Copy by Kathie Farnell (98)
  • Proposed Books by the Enterprise Crew and "Friends" by M. Allister (104)
  • Horatio Hungbottle by Donald Stanley (110)
  • The Doctor and the Damsel by Don Stanley and Mick Allister (112)
  • The Gift by Pat Kienly (113)
  • Spectre Out of the Past by Michelle Malkin (The Enterprise rescues the survivors of a passenger liner that was attacked by Orions. One of the injured is McCoy's x-wife and contact with her puts an end to 20 years of a dream of reconciliation.) (115)
  • Too Many Wives by Donald Sobwick (129)
  • Chrysillis [1] by Carmen Carter (134)
  • 4.9 to 1 at Least by Pat Kienly and G.L. Natho (137)
  • Zarabeth's Poem by Glennanna Garrett (138)

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

Pastaklan Vesla is a misnomer since "Peaceful Thoughts" have little to do with Michelle Malkin's Back Trekking! Selections from Pastaklan Vesla 1-4. For the same reason that I prefer historical fiction to pure history, I found the first third of this zine heavy going. Millions dead in a cataclysmic war is not as moving as an individual's loss of a loved one. Manufactured alien history is fine to create a setting for a story; as an end in itself, it's a bore. Among the early selections, the most fun was found in Ruth Berman's accounts of alterations which took place between the story outline and the finished aired episode. I found the transformations fascinating. In which episode, would you guess, was it proposed that McCoy get beamed down with some abnormalities left behind in the transporter by the natives of a distant planet? Wouldn't it have been interesting to watch the doctor struggle with conflicting demands of a human and alien nature? Hummmm. Now where have I run across that problem before? The second third of Back Trekking is largely fiction, fortunately. I won't soon forget Kathy Surgenor's "Savage Reunion", Norma Smith's "Commander", Rusty Hancock's "Ghosts", or Michelle Malkin's "Deadlock." The final selections tend to be short and humorous. Are you ready for Spock's playing cupid or Kirk (ignorant of the customs of the planet they are visiting) almost marrying fifteen women simultaneously? If so, the editor is Michelle Malkin. [2]


  1. ^ Yes, spelled that way in the table of contents, but spelled "Chrysalis" in Pastaklan Vesla.
  2. ^ from Spin Dizzie #5