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Cats, small and large, have appeared regularly in fanworks.

When canon human characters are portrayed as cats, it is Animal Transformation or AUs in which the characters are not transformed into but have always been cats.

Catboys & Catgirls are human with cat-like characteristics such as ears and tails. They may purr, hiss or meow, be territorial, and love fish, stroking, and naps in the sun.

Some fandoms have canonical cats, such as Data's cat Spot, Jim Ellison's panther spirit guide and Argus Filch's Mrs Norris, which will then appear in some fanworks. Sydney, the pet cat of one of the characters in Forever Knight, even had his own Forever Knight Faction, called FoSiLs. Rodney McKay's (unnamed in canon?) cat left behind on Earth shows up regularly in Stargate Atlantis fanworks.

Some fanfic is told from the point of view of cats, usually with the cat anthropomorphized to some degree internally, while it remains a cat from the viewpoint of the characters. For example, the ST:XI story The Enterprising Cat by Mockingbird Quester, in which a stray cat gets onto the Enterprise.


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