The Cat Came Back

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Title: The Cat Came Back
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Kassandra
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): May 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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The Cat Came Back is a slash X-Files 218-page zine with fiction by Kassandra.

cover by Jo B
sample page


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In zine form:


Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style:
Although his leukemia is in remission, Mulder is forced to leave the F.B.I. because of his fragile health, leaving his lover to battle the Consortium alone. But government conspiracies are the least of their problems when a blast from Mulder's past comes back into his life. Ten years ago, Mulder had a fling with a woman named Maggie, a fling that resulted in the birth of a little girl. Cat 'Nobody calls me Caitlin' Mulder is her father's daughter, stubborn and street smart, with the wounded eyes of someone forced to grow up too fast. Can Mulder and Walter's love heal this little girl? Can they protect her from an alcoholic mother hell-bent on getting her child back?

Disclaimer from the Print Zine

© May, 2000. The Cat Came Back is a non-profit publication of Agent With Style and does not intend to infringe upon the copyrights or copyholders of anyone connected with The X-Files. No bribes of away to keep that song from playing continuously in my head ("...but the cat came back the very next day, they thought he was a goner, but the kitty came back..."), more time to write just for me or someone to mow the yard for free were offered. Dammit. Enjoy! Laugh! Cry! Send LoCs!