All I Want for Christmas

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Title: All I Want for Christmas
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Kassandra
Cover Artist(s): Jo B
Date(s): 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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cover by Jo B

All I Want for Christmas is a slash X-Files zine of fiction by Kassandra. The front-cover art is by Jo B. It is part of a trilogy.


Prequels for this universe: Tempus Fugit, Victorious in Defeat, Rolling the Dice, Sanity as an Index of Reality, Sanity Reprise, Ships and Sails and Sealing Wax, Interlude, All I Want For Christmas, Home, 1-800-TRU-STME, Consensus Reality and Cats

In zine form:


From a distributor, Agent With Style: "Ten years after a steamy, one night stand with a handsome stranger, Skinner is shocked when he's handed the X-Files division along with its spooky, sexy, all too familiar department head, Fox Mulder. The A.D. realizes that the relationship has to stay platonic if both of them are to keep their jobs, but Mulder has other plans, and seduces the ex-Marine back into his arms. When a life threatening crisis is barely averted, Skinner realizes that he's come to love Mulder, and desires a long term relationship. But Mulder is skittish, and doesn't want to commit. Will Skinner's patience last long enough for Mulder to settle down with him? What on earth will Scully do when she finds out?"


  • Tempus Fugit (1)
  • Victorious in Defeat (12)
  • Rolling the Dice (22)
  • Sanity as an Index of Reality (31)
  • Sanity Reprise (39)
  • Ships and Sails and Sealing Wax (47)
  • Interlude (57)
  • All I Want for Christmas (67)
  • Home (97)
  • 1-800-TRU-STME (104)
  • Consensus Reality (106)
  • Cats (131)

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Reactions and Reviews

[The first X-Files slash I ever read] was the "All I want for Christmas" series by Kassandra. Still love that one, too, and have to reread it every couple months.[1]


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