Forever Knight Cat Stories

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Title: Forever Knight Cat Stories (The word "Knight" is artistically scratched out on the cover by claw marks.)
Publisher: Teeny Gozer Production
Editor(s): Celeste Hotaling-Lyons
Date(s): 1999
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: Forever Knight
Language: English
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cover by Chris Allard

Forever Knight Cat Stories is a Forever Knight gen fanzine. It has 108 pages and is a collection of 28 stories including a round-robin. It was a charity zine, originally according to the publisher put together "to pay for an operation to fix the badly healed broken leg of a stray kitten Celeste took in, but the leg healed as he grew and he no longer needs the operation. Instead, the money will go to the Melrose Humane Society."

Three stories in Forever Cat Stories were nominated for a Fan Quality Award (Best Forever Knight Gen Story) at MediaWest*Con 17.


From the publisher:
This Forever Knight fiction zine is called "Forever Cat Stories," although it is also affectionately known as "Gozerzine." None of the stories in this zine have ever been on the net; all of the stories are, in some way or other, cat-oriented. Proceeds from the sale of these zines will benefit a cat-related charity--originally it was meant to pay for an operation for Gozer, but he's fine now and the money is freed up to benefit other cats.


The "Round-Kitty" was a round robin wherein each of the characters was given a kitten from a box left on Nick Knight's doorstep: