The Cat's Out of the Bag

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You may be looking for the zine publisher called Cat-Out-Of-The-Bag Productions.

Title: The Cat's Out of the Bag
Editor(s): Chiriru
Date(s): March 2004
Medium: e-zine
Genre: het
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
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The Cat's Out of the Bag is a het e-zine. The e-zine includes 12 stories and 14 art pieces, mainly photo-manips. It was designed to be read online.

From the editor:
"Welcome to 'The Cat's Out of the Bag' eZine. As the title (hopefully) suggests, this all sprung from the idea to have a fiction challenge where Smallville's intrepid reporter, Chloe Sullivan, found out that Clark Kent is a big, super-powered alien.

Well of course, Paperbkryter and Regina promptly talked me not into doing just another fiction challenge but a full-blown eZine with fiction, art, and any other miscellaneous ideas we could possibly come up with in the two month time frame.

Thus the "Chloe Knows" Project was born."

Summaries from the website:

  • Anyway You Slice It by Maveness. 'Chloe knows, but half the fun is in the telling.' (pg-13)
  • Someone to Watch Over Me by SullivanLane. 'Clark would always remember her that way, despite all that they had gone through.' (pg)
  • Witness by Amy. 'Before she could formulate any words, her best friend was gone in a blur of light.' (pg)
  • A Faustian Bargain by Medie. 'Chloe Sullivan puts it together...and finds herself with a choice to make.' (g, stargate crossover)
  • A Definition of Power by Hope. 'Since Chloe was being irrational anyway, why not go for the Unreasonable Hall of Fame?' (pg-13, s3 spoilers)
  • Americana Tails by Regina. 'Chloe. Seriously. You‘ve known about me for almost a year now, and I‘ve spent the majority of that year doing your bidding.' (pg)
  • Fixate by JollyCynic. 'When Chloe finds out, it's not Clark who makes her blood boil.' (pg-13, s3 spoilers)
  • Moment by Huffy the Campfire Slayer. 'Chloe and Clark exchange their secrets and Clark ponders how the two of them can be walking such parallel paths, yet be on such different journeys.' (nc-17)
  • Windfall by Wiccid Sister. 'An encounter in Burnham Woods leads to a discovery.' (nc-17)
  • Countdown to the Inevitable by Tara O'Shea. 'She'd known for seven years, four months, seventeen days, five hours, and twelve minutes by the time he finally figured out that she knew.' (pg)
  • Twist by Chiriru. 'Her own curosity had made her hang on to the ring; it was her fault that he had it. She had to stop Clark before he hurt himself because of it.' (pg-13)
  • My Immortal by Paperbkryter. 'She was tired of watching him bleed to death.' (nc-17)