Kathy Bushman

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Name: Kathy Bushman
Type: fanartist, costume maker
Fandoms: Star Trek, The Avengers (TV) & others
URL: http://mysite.verizon.net/reszqzlv/
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Kathy Bushman is a fanartist who was introduced to science fiction at the age of 14 when she read was Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. This lead to other SF authors like Asimov, Heinlein, and Bradbury.

In addition to her fanarts Kathy has also engaged in other fan activities, costuming had been an interest since childhood and the Masquerade was the perfect venue to continue in this interest.

At 18, Kathy was drawn into Star Trek fandom which lead to attending her first SF WorldCon in 1967. She also contributed artwork to fanzines such as Spockanalia and Plak-Tow and published her own fanzine Galileo 7. This fanzine consisted mainly of her own artwork and selected poetry from Shirley Meech.

Although Kathy is no longer active in the SF costuming community, she keeps active making historical costumes for herself and others.