Carolyn Venino

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Name: Carolyn Venino
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Carolyn Venino was a Star Trek fanzine publisher, poet and filker.

" Poet, Publisher, Filker, Songwriter. Carolyn was from New Jersey but associated equally with fen there and in Baltimore. She joined Omicron Ceti III and later formed her own filk group, Gemini People. Carolyn began in fandom as the editor/publisher of the fanzine, Pastak, a long-running anthology zine. Later, she abandoned zines in favor of her music. Confined to a wheelchair after years of problems with her back, she never slowed down, attending college and maintaining a 4.0 grade average in spite of her handicap. Also known in fandom as the "Silver Lady" because of her long, flowing silver-white hair, Carolyn died of cancer after more than 20 years in fandom." [1]


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