Tricorder Readings (Star Trek: TOS zine by Regina Marvinny)

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Title: Tricorder Readings
Publisher: a publication of STREK (formally Nimoyan Federation, the Star Trek club "for people of all ages who wish to take place in fandom"
Editor(s): Regina Marvinny
Date(s): early to mid 1970s, out of print as of 1976 or before
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Tricorder Readings is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology published by Regina Marvinny.

The Winged Dreamers, The Huntress, Survival and Tower of Terror by Jennifer Guttridge appeared in this zine.

Issue 1

Tricorder Readings 1 was published in fall 1971. On page 55 there is a note that the next issue will be out one week late, February 7, due to "Star Trek Con", presumably the First Major Star Trek Convention. This issue contains 92 pages.

  • Officers & Staff of the Nimoyan Federation and table of contents
  • Smatter of Facts, intro by Regina Marvinny
  • Speaking Out for UNICEF, by Jeanne Cygan, Nimoyan Federation's UNICEF Chairman
  • Questions for Dr. McCoy by Nancy Maynard
  • Incident on Naros by Linda Lawson (The Enterprise visits a colony that's been wiped out, with one survivor, a small Tirian child.
  • "Fiddler on the Roof" (review)" by Frances Lake
  • Historical Background of Russia in 1905 (the setting for Aleichem's Fiddler on the Roof)
  • Rebecca Andrews' review of 8/7/71 performance of Fiddler on the Roof in East Rochester, NY
  • Sholem Aleichem biography
  • Fun and Frolics at Noreascon, by Margie Tallan
  • Bloopers
  • Overheard in Passing, one-liners by Frances Lake
  • Catlow (review) by Karen Hickey
  • When I Look at Him, short poem by Nancy West
  • Survival by Jennifer Guttridge (The transporter messes up and Spock materializes a few feet above the ground on a hostile planet. Badly injured, he seeks shelter and makes some startling discoveries.)
  • Untitled poem by Linda Lawson ("Chase the shadows/ And the fire of evening...")
  • The Impossible Mission, narrative poem by Linda Lawson (Paris has to dress up like a tree -- invitation to come up with outlandish disguises for future missions)
  • Swordfish by Nancy West and Karen Hickey (Straight-ahead Mission: Impossible tale about recovering sunken gold bullion.)
  • Reaching, poem by Theresa Blekicki
  • Bantam Wait by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (Idea for letter campaign addressed to Bantam to revive Star Trek by showing great numbers of people still interested)
  • Mr. Spock Meets The Avengers -- skit by Linda Lawson
  • Explorers' Sonnet (poem by Linda Lawson
  • Bio Sketch of Paris by Karen Hickey
  • Impossible History by Frances Lake (one-liners from the IMForce's time traveling missions)
  • Leonard Nimoy: On the Flip Side (brief overview of his career including his song recordings, with complete discography). No author.
  • McCoy, poem by Linda Lawson
  • Intergalactic Communications by Marlene Manella (Satirical letter from the "U.S.S. Yentaprise", regarding "relay of shipboard cafard and gossip" about Yeoman Rand McNally's crush on Captain Kirkowitz and Science Officer Spockstein, Dr. McCohen to the rescue, etc.)
  • Just Whatever It Is That First Officers Are Supposed To Do, poem by Dawna Snyder
  • Spock Reflections, poem by Linda Lawson
  • Fanzine Review by Regina Marvinny (one-paragraph descriptions of Triskelion, Impulse, Don't You Just Love Leonard Nimoy, Tholian Web and the Star Trek Concordance.
  • TUS Flight 1712 by Ginie Reynolds (A Trek-era spaceship ride over a "dead planet"...)
  • Two (Spock Thought), and Spock, poems by unnamed writer who is pretty clearly Becca Oroukin.
  • Spock - In Kraith by Jacqueline Lichtenberg Early version of Spock, Guardian of the Tradition.
  • Definition, poem by Frances Lake (the letters of Leonard Nimoy's name are associated with his various traits)
  • Leonard Nimoy: Movie & Television Credits (no author)
  • The Problem by Linda Lawson (Chekov made a date with two girls at the same time.)
  • Think, poem by Theresa Blekicki
  • Blind Man's Bluff by F. Lake (Paris is injured and temporarily blinded, and he learns to manage it so he can continue on missions.)
  • Would That One Be Me, poem by Dionysius D.C.
  • A Second Chance, poem by Theresa Blekicki
  • Loneliness and Voyager, "Spock Thought" poems by Becca Oroukin
  • Highly Illogical by Marie Tallan (wisecracks heard around the Enterprise, a proposed feature for future issues.)
  • Spock's Lament, poem by Regina Marvinny
  • Leal Amity by Theresa Blekicki (A mood piece about relationships, no names.)
  • Cartoons by Frances Lake
  • Mister Spock, poem by Linda Lawson
  • Halfbreed, poem by Becca Oroukin
  • Leonard Nimoy: A Short Biography by Regina Marvinny
  • Cartoons by Karen Hickey and Cammie Lake
  • From the readers (excerpts from letters)
  • PenPal List (names, addresses and interests)
  • Spock Thought - Waiting, poem by Becca Oroukin
  • Advertisements (announcements for various clubs and zines)
  • You Are Receiving This Because

Issue 2

Tricorder Readings 2 was published in December 1971. The front cover is by R. Marvinny, the back cover by Alan Andres, and the interior illos are by K. Hickey.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

see reactions and reviews for Tower of Terror.

Issue 3

Tricorder Readings 3 was published in July 1972 issue contains 145 pages. It contains no interior art, but many tipped-in photographs, a lot of poems and very, very short pieces. Some larger pieces include "The Winged Dreamers" by Jennifer Guttridge, part two of Guttridge's Tower of Terror, a long story by Karen Flanery, and an article about Kraith by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. This issue contained applications for pen pals and round robins as well as a Fandom Handbook, "a club service." The editor writes that the next should be out in October and will contain about 40 pages.

front cover of issue published in July 1972 and contains 145 pages, Allan Andres, photocopy
  • Dedication
  • Letter from the Club President, dated July 15, 1972
  • Chamber of the Ages (reprints news items about ongoing efforts to revive the show)
  • Why Not Me by Nancy West
  • Editorial from the Editor (about the club's position on pornography, concern that younger fans might have seen an off-color National Lampoon article about Star Trek.[1] Urges members to write to Roddenberry. "We will not print stories containing questionable language or incidents." In this context, regarding the descriptions of the blooper reels: "I ask everyone to remember that we have to consider all members. I had originally intended to print a certain word in one of the BLOOPERS. The Staff thought it was OK. However, shortly before printing, I blocked it out with Corflu. For those interested, they can figure out the original word by counting spaces." Note: the word is "bastard," and interestingly enough, the editor did not censor the word "shit" which appeared a few pages earlier.
  • Ah, Sweet Madness! by Delores Green (Satirical poem.)
  • A UNICEF Article by Jeanne Cygan -- reveals facts about UNICEF's plush offices, inappropriate food, referring to Bangladesh as "East Bengal", and the fact that very few members actually contributed to UNICEF. Editor Marvinny follows up by asking members what they would prefer to do -- ignore the facts or change charities. (They changed charities, which meant they had to stop being a chapter of the Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans as this required UNICEF participation at the time.)
  • A cartoon by Adrienne LaVine (13)
  • Continuation of "Tower of Terror" by Jennifer Guttridge (14) (mentioned in Star Trek Lives!, reprinted in Archives). (A Hurt/Comfort story where Spock has to rescue Kirk on a planet where cold, rain, corrosive acid, monsters, fire and more as an alien presence tries to destroy them both. The alien's motive for this torture: "Let us say that my reason is to find the measure of the man.") (There is a sequel to this story in Beyond Orion #2). This story was mentioned in Star Trek Lives!.
  • a cartoon by Adrienne LaVine (24)
  • Highly Illogical by Margie Tallan (one-liners heard on the ship, contributed by members)
  • Possibilities by Allan Lappin (soliloquy, apparently by Spock)
  • Star Trek crossword puzzle by Adrienne LaVine
  • Progression, poem by Regina Marvinny
  • The Man in the Glass Booth by Karen Flanery (play review)
  • Lonely Man by Marilyn Blanchard (word picture of Spock meditating)
  • Memory Alpha by Marlene Mannella (column about specifically non-Trek books, films, plays, magazines, etc.
  • Rick Vollaerts Strikes Again, poem by Allan Lappin
  • BLOOPERS! All Three Reels! by Jenny Reid (descriptions of the blooper reels shown at conventions)
  • I Never Saw an Andorian, poem by Ginie Reynolds
  • Taman Lullaby by Linda Lawson, introduction to "Question and the Dream"
  • The Question and the Dream by Linda Lawson (This is the first of the Szrich stories about a young man who is half-Taman, half-Vulcan out to solve the mysteries of his mother and his vanished homeworld.)
  • Star Trek Revisited, poem by Margie Jones
  • Results of Club Contest by Marlene Manella (think up bumper sticker-like slogans)
  • poem by Jan Harper
  • Assault on the Wayne, film review by Karen Flanery
  • results of 'Paris' contest (think up wacky disguises)
  • Vulcan Nursery Rhymes by Fran Lake
  • Assault on the Wayne by Karen Flanery
  • Crossword Solution
  • Museum Piece by Ginie Reynolds (a planet's dominant civilization has eliminated all plant life)
  • Dee, poem by Margie Jones
  • If You Haven't Got a Leonard, then a Pflug Will Do by Nina Nicoloff (interview with JoAnn Pflug who was in Catlow)
  • More Vulcan Nursery Rhymes by Fran Lake
  • Misconception, short story by Allan Lappin
  • Spock Thoughts by Becca Oroukin and Ginie Reynolds
  • Son of Intergalactic Communicae by Mannella (more adventures on the USS Yentaprise)
  • Wednesday, Wednesday by Karen Flanery (Editor Marvinny held a contest asking readers to write stories speculating what it would be like to meet Leonard Nimoy. In Karen's version, the fairylike "Nimoy Watchers" magic him to her house, where he has breakfast, and meets her kids, learns about watchers, and her Hobbithole.)
  • Stranger Beyond the Stars, poem by Cynthia Pecore
  • Impossible History by Fran Lake
  • All Hailing Frequencies Open, HELP! by Shirley Maiewski (Shirley asks 29 questions she hopes other members will be able to answer, such as "where was Kirk keeping his communicator in 'Plato's Stepchildren'", "What does Spock really see in that viewer?")
  • Overheard in Passing by Fran Lake
  • Things I Find Hard to Believe by Carmen Carter
  • Starlight, Starbright, Starflight by Dawna Snyder (narrative poem)
  • untitled poem by Karen Flanery ("Living is being able to see the ocean of things...")
  • They'll Never Believe It! by Ginie Reynolds (Sulu has an idea for a story about a pilot named Gene who becomes a police officer and then a big time TV producer)
  • Friends, Vulcans and Othersuch by Marlene Mannella (logistics of next year's Star Trek convention)
  • Encounter by Fran Lake (Spock is time traveling, needs parts and supplies for his time machine, and enlists the help of Paris.)
  • The Invaded by Linda Lawson (narrative poem)
  • The Winged Dreamers, novella by Jennifer Guttridge. This story was mentioned in Star Trek Lives!.
  • Spotlight (members who are having their work published elsewhere)
  • Ann-Marie Meets Mr. Spock by Margie Jones (dream-fantasy narrative about meeting Spock)
  • Paris Iscariot by Fran Lake (Paris appears to betray the IMF so he can get into the good graces of the dictator.)
  • poem by Ginnie Reynolds
  • Eyes of Vaal (TV and movie appearances by cast members)
  • Flight of the Enterprise, poem by Marilyn Blanchard
  • Guest Star: William Shatner
  • Early A.M. Thoughts, poem by Delores Green
  • Kirk/Spock Relationship by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (this is about their friendship, not about a sexual relationship, despite the "/" -- K/S isn't even mentioned to disclaim it, because this was published before K/S existed. And if there had been any K/S, Marvinny wouldn't have printed or even acknowledged it.)
  • Lettercol by members
  • Convention Calendar
  • Whosoever Hateth His Brother is a Murderer by Allan Lappin (133)
  • Wheeeeeee!, a con report of the Star Trek Con by M. Mannella (134)
  • Fiddler on the Roof by N. Nicoloff (135)
  • The Why of Star Trek's Success by Ginie Reynolds (137)
  • ads (138)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See reactions and reviews for The Winged Dreamers.
see reactions and reviews for Tower of Terror.

Issue 4

Tricorder Readings 4 was published in the fall of 1972 and contains 58 pages.

cover of issue from 1972, 58 pages

This was dedicated to the memory of Steve Ihnat, who had played Garth in the TOS episode "Whom Gods Destroy". Ihnat had died of a sudden heart attack May 13, 1972.

Marvinny had planned to dedicate this issue to Ihnat in any case. A survey sent out to members asking what features they'd liked to see came back with "guest stars" the overwhelming choice, and Ihnat the most frequently mentioned actor.

There was no evening, no sunset to his hours
Only sunny morning, saddened noon,
Just a vapour in eternity's passing shadows
That vanished in the sunshine -- too soon. -- Joan French

  • Dedication, credits Irene Chapman of the Ihnat Fan Club for all information (4 pages)
  • Guest Star: Steve Ihnat (detailed bio, description of his funeral)
  • Steve Ihnat's Credits
  • Review: Do Not Throw Cushions Into the Ring from Motion Picture Daily June 24, 1970. Ihnat wrote, produced, directed and stars in this independent film. It's about an actor who questions the often trivial, shallow roles he's forced to accept.
  • Poem by Irene Chapman ("You began/ Shining and new, with all your young hopes glowing...")
  • Garth of Izar, poem by Shirley Maiewski
  • Philosophy, brief takeoff on Plato and Socrates by Allan Lappin
  • Unrecorded Moments, brief dialogue by Linda Lawson
  • A Book, brief narrative by Allan Lappin, Spock muses on reincarnation and decides "I am a rock".
  • The Mission, shaggy dog Trek story by Linda Lawson (2 pages)
  • Overheard in Passing, one-liners contributed by Linda Lawson
  • Contest Entry #1 by Molly Rahe (Another entry in the "Meeting Leonard Nimoy" contest. Rahe misunderstood and wrote hers about meeting the actual Enterprise bridge crew when the ship went through a time warp to 1972.) (5 pages)
  • November Visit, short story by Linda Lawson (Spock visits Earth in autumn and likes it.) (1 page)
  • The Unexpected, short story by Frances Lake (The IMF breaks into Paris' apartment... why?) (3 pages)
  • Bloopers, corrections from the July 1972 descriptions.
  • Chamber of the Ages (news clippings about Star Trek, the conventions, fan activities, interview with Bjo Trimble)
  • The Christmas Chimney Caper by Nancy West (contest entry #2: Leonard comes down Nancy's chimney, substituting for Santa.) (3 pages)
  • Word Search by Monica Miller (1 page)
  • Invitation to "round robin" letter chains
  • pen and ink drawings of Spock by Charlene Taylor
  • Autumn Interlude by Linda Lawson (the second Szrich story; Szrich goes to university on Earth and is exploited by a rich girl who just wants to show off a "funny looking" alien to her friends) (6 pages)
  • All Hailing Frequencies Open (Jacqueline Lichtenberg answers Shirley Maiewsky's 29 questions from the July 1972 issue. Allan Lappin and Karen Flanery add their responses.)
  • Unrecorded Moments, more brief humorous stuff
  • The Huntress by Jennifer Guttridge (Falls outside Guttridge's usual narrative of Spock overcoming physical challenges. On a world where the primary civilization is in the last stages of decadence, a few of the younger people still show some spirit and interest in life. Spock makes some fascinating discoveries which may help the young people to preserve the best parts of their culture.)
  • Adventures of a Strek-Struck Art Teacher by Charlene Taylor (article)
  • Uhura, poem by Linda Lawson
  • Impossible History by Frances Lake (more one-liners about the IMF participating in historical events)
  • Bobby Fischer Has Pointed Ears, article clippings (6 pages)

Spring-Summer 1974

An issue of Tricorder Readings (actually says it's "#1, vol. 3", no year given) was published in Spring/Summer 1974 and contains 32 pages plus a supplement. Cover art by Charlene Taylor.

By now, the club had left the LNAF and was "the general fan club, STREK".

No editorial, no table of contents.

  • Atmosphere, story by Shirley Maiewski (Kirk unwinds on shore leave.)
  • Grokking Science Fiction by Allan Lappin (Review of Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream).
  • The Vulcan Curse by Monica Miller (narrative poem about how Sarek and Amanda got together)
  • There's a typographical banner in the middle of the page: STAR TREK LIVES! STAR TREK LIVES! STAR TREK LIVES! Nothing said about the book though.
  • You Won't Believe Me, But... by Allan Lappin. Spock helps Allan debug a PDP-10 computer while doing a field study on emotions. Things degenerate from there, Spock and Scotty get drunk along with Allan and everybody hallucinates wildly.
  • Nemesis, story by Frances Lake (Paris finds that his enemy is his own estranged brother)
  • Dear Devil, poem by Allan Lappin (about the mom Horta)
  • Untitled story by Nancy West (imagines herself beamed up by accident, also discovers she is telepathic. She's made an honorary yeoman and plays a few (tasteful) jokes on Spock in between training, then throws a surprise birthday party for him.) This story and Lappin's are obviously humorous fantasy, not like the Mary Sue type.
  • Perspective, poem by Diane Steiner
  • The Seventh Sister by Linda Lawson (third Szrich story, about his first Star Fleet assignment)
  • All Hailing Frequencies by Shirley Maiewski and Regina Marvinny -- a new set of questions for members to answer.


An issue of Tricorder Readings was published in fall 1974 and contains 45 pages. It has art by D.L. Collin, REG (front cover) and C. Taylor (back cover).

back cover of issue Fall 1974 and 42 pages, C. Taylor
front cover of issue Fall 1974 and 42 pages, REG
  • The Seven Year Itch by Susan [2 unclear letters] gner, Molly Rahe, Cornelie Franz (2) (Introduces three half-Vulcan sisters who serve aboard the Enterprise, and explores the female experience of pon farr and what happens when it is unresolved. Unintentionally and intentionally funny, and originally full of parenthetical comments, only one of which made it to press. If you must know, it was "Hot Hands Hannah coming down the runway!")
  • Sarek of Vulcan by Shirley Maiewski (10)
  • Visit to a World of Two Suns (11)
  • Unrecorded Moments by Linda Lawson (23)
  • Mother Grok Rhymes by Fran Lake and gang (28)
  • Maripol, What a Terrible Dream by Monica Miller (33)
  • The Dilemma by Allan Lappin (36) (article about emotion)
  • The Lament of Zephram Cochran by Ingrid Maack, poem
  • A Walk in the Sunset by Jennifer Guttridge (37)
  • Eclipse by Ingrid Maack (45)


  1. ^ This would have been "On the Night Before the Last Day They Filmed Star Trek", National Lampoon June 1972.