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Title: Triskelion
Publisher: Danielle Dabbs and V. Linea
Date(s): 1968-1976
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Science Fiction
Language: English
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Triskelion is a gen very early Star Trek: TOS and Science Fiction anthology published by Danielle Dabbs and V. Linea. There were five issues.

It contains fiction, but focuses on articles and commentary. This zine is an example of the cross pollination between the Star Trek fandom and the more traditional science fiction fandom.

It is one of the very earliest Star Trek fiction zines published. For others, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Reactions and Reviews

From 1970:
Another one of the 'moldy oldies' but I know the editor personally, so I can't say much about it if I want her to let us use her mimeo. Well, it's a pretty fanzine. The covers are among the best I've ever seen. It's even kinda bound. They run more to articles than stories, however, in the new issue they are putting a few more stories than usual. I have a couple of favorites in the issues since my brother did a story and an article and co-authored a poem in the first three issue. Blood IS thicker than a critic's typewriter ribbon. They have fewer drawings than most zines and the tone of the zine is more of a 'quiet fanaticism' than wild-eyed trekkies. How's that for a non-committal review? [1]

Issue 1

Triskelion 1 was published in September 1968 and contains 70 pages. It has a front cover by Jane R. Miller, interior illos by S. Fensterer, J.P. Greiss, C. Lee, B. Marczak.

front cover of issue #1, Jane R. Miller
full table of contents for issue #1

For a full table of contents check out the photo

  • Genesis and 'The Apple' by P. Dobrovolny
  • Future Man" by G. Abend
  • Nuts! by J. Lorrah (reprinted in Parted from Me and Other Stories)
  • Visit to a Cardboard Planet by L. Stanley
  • Star Fleet General Post Office by F. Saunders
  • Direct Thought Transfer by "J.A.D."
  • Steinmans's Economic History by B. Bradley
  • Star Trek's Computer by J.C. Forehand
  • A Stranger's Demise by S.Q. Wolfe
  • Vulcan Ethnography by A. Spectra
  • Chronical For an Unknown Race by P. Jachen

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2, published in issue #5

Triskelion 2 was published in December 1968 and contains 95 pages. The front cover is by J. Miller, the interior illos by Kathy Bushman, D. Dabbs, S. Dogramjian, S. Fensterer, J.P. Greiss, C. Higherger, K. Manthei, K. Tucker, and E. Wyble.

  • Adaptions, Adaptions by D. Schweitzer (article)
  • Captain Kirk: Administrator and Strategist by "J.A.D."
  • Nexus by V. Linea
  • Report on Probability U. by S.Q. Wolfe (article)
  • D.C. Fontanta is a Romulan Agent by J. Lorrah
  • The Green Evolution by P. Dobrovolny
  • An Effort of Logic by H. Clement
  • Saga of the Space Academy by V. Linea
  • Fata Morgana by S. Stanczyk
  • Vulcan Ethnography by A. Spectra
  • Romulans, Beware by O.F. Sky

Issue 3

Triskelion 3

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See reactions and reviews for Parted from Me.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, James P. Greiss

Triskelion 4 was published in 1971 and contains 116 pages. Art by Alicia Austin, James P. Greiss, John Moffitt, Kenneth Manthei, Kristina Trott, and Alice Jones (portfolio).

  • The Time Tower by Everett Hunter (2)
  • Life in an Automated Putty Knife Factory by W.G. Bliss (26)
  • Epilogue I by Jean Lorrah (later published in Epilogue, see that article for story summary.) (32)
  • And They Shall Meet by Phil Jachem (45)
  • The Cosmic Beanstalk by Franklin McKym and R.F. Conover (55)
  • Analysis: "The Tholian Web" by Laura Basta & Margaret Basta (64)
  • Extrapolation by Carol Pruitt (74)
  • Beyond Unseen Barriers by Darrell Schweitzer (76)
  • Flight From the Skillet by Peggy Gemignani (article) (83)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, artist: Griess

Triskelion 5 was published in 1976 and contains 100 pages. It has art by J.P. Griess, Hal Crawford, John Moffit, Doug Herring, J. Miller, and Kristina Trott.

  • Never and Always by J. Lorrah (5)
  • The Key to Everything by Clinton H. Holder, Jr. (25)
  • Epilogue II by Jean Lorrah (later published in Epilogue, see that article for story summary.) (33)
  • Portfolio by John Mottit (54)
  • The Tarquin Trilogy (Part 1, of 3) by Sue Pettit (55)
  • Star Trek Fans by V. Linnea (101) (a reprint of an article in The National Observer, author Wesley Pruden, Jr., March 6, 1976)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

Art runs from excellent to really poor. Sf story is mediocre, sf fiction runs from good to excellent. Front cover -- outstanding! [2]


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