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Title: The Best of...
Publisher: Memory Alpha: The Federation Library and Bibliography Centre
Editor(s): Diana Barbour
Date(s): 1976-78
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Best of... is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology series of stories reprinted from earlier zines.


INTRODUCING, "The Best Of" series. A series of reprint anthologies of your favourite Star Trek Fan Fiction, produced inexpensively - at cost - as a service to fandom, to enable more people to read some of these stories and poems that are otherwise difficult or expensive to obtain. 7 - 10 stories mimeo 50 - 70 pages per issue. [1]

The End

The Lights of Zetar have returned to MEMORY ALPHA, causing it to malfunction. The memory banks have been wiped clean. "It's dead, Jim!" They will no longer be publishing "The Best of .. . " series, #5, or any others . They do have a few copies of #2 ("The Best of Scotty") and #4 (The Best of Sarek & Amanda") left on a first come-first served basis; $5 ea. 1st Class ppd. No reprints will be done. Memory Alpha, The Federation Library & Bibliographic Centre, Box 517, North Highlands, CA, 95660. [2]

Issue 1 (Best of Christmas on the Enterprise)

The Best of Christmas on the Enterprise was published in 1976 and contains 46 pages.

front cover of issue #1
inside page sample

It contains Christmas stories reprinted from other zines. Material by Cross, Sweeney, Farnell&Hancock&Crawford [cited this way in an ad in The Halkan Council], Penland, Collin, Brockman, Smith, Howard and Young. The original price was $1 in person, $1.50 by mail.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for 100 Proof Positive.

Issue 2 (Best of Scotty)

cover of issue #2
another version of the cover of issue #2

The Best of Scotty was published in 1977 and contains 64 pages. It is a collection of Scotty stories reprinted from earlier zines.

Issue 3 (Best of Pon Farr)

cover of issue #3, Pat Harris

The Best of Pon Farr is a collection of pon farr stories reprinted from earlier zines. Some adult themes. Edited by Memory Alpha. Published 1977. Printed mimeograph, stapled, 72 pages. Art by Pat Harris. Contains the following stories and poems:

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See reactions and reviews for Parted from Me.

[zine]: This zine attempts to be nothing more than it is: an amateur publication complete with occasional blurred print and typos. There are not art, cartoons, or other frills which many of us have come to expect and appreciate in zines. If you are a Spock fan, or a new Trek fan, or perhaps new to fandom, you'll appreciate the effort Ms. Barbour has put into this zine. The price is $2.00 and a good buy. [3]

Issue 4 (Best of Amanda and Sarek)

cover of issue #4, Pat Harris

The Best of Amanda and Sarek is a collection of Amanda and Sarek stories reprinted from earlier zines. Some adult themes. Edited by Memory Alpha. Published 1978. Printed mimeograph, stapled, 94 pages. Art by Pat Harris and Gordon Carleton. Contains the following stories:

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

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[zine]: This zine is a collection of stories from other zines dealing with Sarek and Amanda, their courtship, marriage, and the birth of Spock. The editorial probes additional information on the background of this special couple including the Kraith universe and Sahaj. A bibliography provides a list of other stories dealing with Sarek and Amanda... This zine has a neat overall appearance with all the story pages typed in columns (this reviewer has a passion for columns. Besides looking neater, they are easier to read.) This issue contains artwork by Pat Harris, Jeanie Hunter, and Gordon Carleton. It is my opinion that this zine is worth the money and should be added to your collection. [4]

[zine]: I have a definite bias towards 'Vulcan' stories… But any old story with a pointed-eared character won't do - it has to be well-written as well, and preferably be good on both character and relationships. So I can definitely recommend a compilation zine I bought second-hand myself, called The Best of Sarek and Amanda. It even had a bibliography to lead you further on, if you can get hold of them (they seem to be mostly US). There are selections here from most of the main alternate universes in Trek, including Kraith, which has a slightly different atmosphere to most stories I've read, but is consistently written to a very high standard, and is often thought-provoking too. [5]


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