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Issue 1

T-Negative 1 was published in June 1969 (reprinted in November 1975) and contains 60 pages. Back cover by Alicia Austin. It has no interior art.

front cover of issue #1, Tim Courtney. It was also the front "cover" of the special art portfolio.
back cover of issue #1, Alicia Austin, a scene from "Bright Alpha".
  • Prologue by Ruth Berman
  • Back to Space (an enlarged version of what appeared in Inside Star Trek)
  • Bright Alpha by Dorothy Jones and Astrid Anderson (The first of the Dorothy-Myfanwy series, featuring xenolinguist Lt. Dorothy Conway and xenobiologist Lt. Myfanwy Orloff. When a landing party returns from an exploration, two of them seem to be transparent. They are actually not there at all. The indigenous life forms on the planet project elaborate illusions based on whatever they see in your mind. Lt. Conway has a field day thinking up appropriate weapons and technology for Spock to use in his search for the missing crewmen.)
  • For the Good of the Service by Ruth Berman and Nan Braude (This takes place between the first and second seasons of Star Trek. Spock is passed over for promotion to Commander for the third time and according to Starfleet tradition must resign "for the good of the service".)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Prologue / Article about being on the set for filming of Spectre of the Gun
  • Bright Alpha / A Dorothy & Myfanwy story: A mary-sue resistant to psi effects rescues everyone from a planet of hallucinations
  • For the Good of the Service / Spock is passed over for promotion, leading to his resignation. [1]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Tim Courtney

T-Negative 2 was published in August 1969 and is 50 pages long. The back cover is blank.

insert from issue #2, artist is Alicia Austin
insert for "Tomlinson" from issue #2, artist is Alicia Austin
  • T'Pring by Tim Courtney (cover)
  • Set-to by Ruth Berman (3)
  • A Note From John Winston (Lt. Lyle). (6)
  • Tomlinson by Dorothy Jones and Astrid Anderson. (A Dorothy-Myfanwy tale. Following the events in "Balance of Terror", something begins to wreak havoc on the ship. The incidents are determined to have been caused by the ghost of Tomlinson, the man who died in the Romulan attack. Conway, who is Roman Catholic, arranges for a Mass to put his soul to rest.) (5)
  • Blight by E.A. Arnason and Ruth Berman (7)
  • The Old-Tyme Review Department (29)
  • Tomlinson illustrations by Alicia Austin (48)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

  • Set-to / Shatner interview [actually about an interview rather than the interview itself] for Inside Trek
  • A note from John Winston / The actor comments on Lt. Kyle and gives his list of credits
  • Tomlinson / Nice romp! Dorothy & Myfanwy series. A poltergeist letting flat cats and other fauna roam the Enterprise leads to an exorcism.
  • Blight / The prime directive comes into conflict with an observation post's desire to save a planet. [2]

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3 by Greg Jein, "Mirror Uhura"
back cover of issue #3, by Greg Jein, "Nona" & "Orion Slave Girl"

T-Negative 3 was published in September 1969 and is 32 pages long. Front and back cover art by Greg Jein. It includes a single tiny piece of interior art.

  • Set-to by Ruth Berman (includes an interview with DeForest Kelley taken on the set 8-2-68 while filming The Empath.) (4)
  • Death Not Be Proud by Ruth Berman (9) (On a first-contact mission, the crew find a planet nearly dead of plague.)
  • The Old-Tyme Review Department (30) (very short reviews/mentions of ST in newspaper articles and on LP records)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

  • Set-to / De Kelley interview on Empath set; with Michael Ansara on Day of the Dove set.
  • Death Be Not Proud / On a first-contact mission, the crew find a planet nearly dead of plague. Interesting technology - walls you can walk through. Good writing, but the plot not very compelling.
  • The Old-time Review Dept. / snippets from published reviews: Shatner movies; Nimoy [3]

Issue 4

T-Negative 4 was published in December 1969 and is 40 pages long. Front cover by Greg Jein. Back cover by Tim Courtney. Two inside pieces by Juanita Coulson.

front cover of issue #4 by Greg Jein, "Captain Rigg of the Romulan Star Cruiser, 'Revenge.' She's a military protege of the late Commander who met the Enterprise at the edge of the Neutral Zone."
back cover of issue #4, Tim Courtney
inside art from issue #4, Juanita Coulson, from "The Stainless Steel Rose"
  • Set-to by Ruth Berman (dubbing sessions; Doohan interview, set interviews and visit description)
  • The Stainless Steel Rose by Dorothy Jones and Astrid Anderson. (9) (Myfanwy/Dorothy story--adventuress & thief Rose kidnaps Spock.)
  • A Terran Idea of a Vulcan Lullaby (32)
  • Old-Time Reviews Dept., DeForest Kelley; Shatner television; Nimoy addenda (includes actor credits) (32)
  • A Terran Idea of a Vulcan Lullaby / Filk to "Hush Little Baby"

Issue 5

T-Negative 5 was published in February 1970 and contains 18 pages. Front cover by Greg Jein, back cover by Tim Courtney. One piece of inside art by Kathy Bushman.

front cover of issue #5, Greg Jein, "Cloaking Engineer Brin -- in charge of the cloaking shield and detector - efficient and most professional. She's shown working at her station."
back cover by Tim Courtney, "Nurse Chappel" [sic]

Boldly Writing notes that Berman still relied on a spirit duplicator (mimeo) for the contents but used an offset (professionally printed) for the cover. It contains an obituary for Tim Courtney, special duty nurse and Star Trek fan. She illustrated early issues of T-Negative along with an ad for a commercial Star Trek tie-in novel Spock Lives!.

"Captain Nim" of the Green Berets by Kathy Bushman
  • Set-To by Ruth Berman (description and interviews from a set visit (4)
  • Within the Barrier by Ruth Berman (10) (An ill Andorian scientist studying the Great Barrier.)
  • Old-Time Review Depart. (33)
  • List of ST Episodes (40)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

  • Set-to / Wink of an Eye; Takei interview; Savage Curtain; blooper reel
  • Within the Barrier / Ill Andorian scientist studying the Great Barrier; new navigator is psi-positive, and affected.
  • Review Dept. / George Takei; William Shatner - theater; James Doohan
  • Episode List (production order) [4]

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6, Mary Ann Cappa
back cover of issue #6, Greg Jein, "Interrogation Officer Ruitt tests her equipment at her duty station on the Revenge. Her position is a new one, which did not exist until after the time of the Klingon-Romulan treaty. Previously, the Romulans did not take any prisoners."

T-Negative 6 was published in April 1970 and is 38 pages long. Front cover by Mary Ann Cappa. Back cover by Greg Jein. Other art by Anthony Tollin, Ron Miller, and Connie Faddis.

  • Oi Vaycon -- a con report for Baycon by Ruth Berman (5) (reprinted in The Despatch #25)
  • Tomorrow is Yesterday by Dorothy Jones and Astrid Anderson. In a mission involving time travel, various crew members find themselves attending a Star Trek convention on 20th century Earth. There are many characters at the con including numerous BNF science fiction writers, Bjo Trimble, the evil Harlan Ellison, and others making this story an early RPF. This is a Dorothy and Myfanwy story. (12)
  • Encounter by Connie Faddis (26)
  • Old-Tyme Review Dept. (35)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

  • Oi Vaycon / Baycon con report; incl. Mark Lenard interview
  • Tomorrow is Yesterday / Myfanwy & Dorothy beam down to a con to retrieve a crewmate lost in time, meeting Roddenberry and the evil Harlan Ellison.
  • Old Time Review Dept. / DeForest Kelley - addenda; William Shatner - addenda; George Takei - addendum; Majel Barrett; Nichelle Nichols; Walter Koenig; Record reviews [5]

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7, Connie Faddis
back cover of issue #7

T-Negative 7 was published in June 1970 and contains 36 pages. It included, for the first time in Star Trek zines, a letter of comment column.

It has been scanned online here.

  • Off-Set, an interview by Ruth Berman with Walter Koenig at his home
  • The Vigil by Dorothy Jones and Astrid Anderson, art by Anthony Tollin (May be the first instance of color art in a ST fanzine. When the transporter messes up, Kirk is lost on a low-tech planet without his communicator. Spock initiates an inch-by-inch search of the entire planet. When he tires and begins to speak Vulcan, Lt. Conway interprets for him. When Kirk is found, Spock proposes to Conway by quoting Vulcan poetry. Could be seen as a hurt/comfort story.)
  • Post-Menagerie by Ruth Berman (24) (reprinted in Star Trek Nuts & Bolts #14/15)
  • T-Waves, Letters -- the readers (30)
  • Old Time Review Department (33)
  • linos -- Nan Braude (passim)
  • much small mimeoed art by Anthony Tollin, Beth Moore, Barbara Marczak, Bernie Zuber, plus two full-page pieces, one by Chris Loftus and one by Anthony Tollin

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

  • Off-Set / Koenig interview
  • T-Waves [Letters]
  • The Vigil / Overdone hurt/comfort with Spock driving himself too hard & long to retrieve a misplaced Kirk.
  • Post-Menagerie / Kirk & Spock run into Number One; Kirk persuades Spock to send her roses.
  • Old Time Reviews / Mark Lenard; D.C. Fontana; sundry addenda [6]

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Clarica Scott, "The Guitar Lesson"
back cover of issue #8, Evelyn Turner

T-Negative 8 was published in August 1970 and is 60 pages long. Art by Connie Faddis, Anthony Tollin, Ron Miller, Greg Jein, Bernard Zuber, Barbi Marczak, Gail Barton.

  • Endset by Ruth Berman (filming, set visit descriptions) (4)
  • Spock's Affirmation by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (the story that started Kraith) (9)
  • A Letter, by Dorothy Jones. (Written from Spock's ancestral home by Dorothy Conway to Myfanwy Orloff, talking about their marriage and her Vulcan language studies. Among other things, there is an explanation of Spock's "Xtmprsqzntwlfb" family name that Dorothy Fontana came up with.) (47)
  • T-Waves -- the readers (51)
  • Old Time Review Department (55)
  • Star Trek Crosses by Clarica Scott (a crossword puzzle) (58)
  • Huckster Department (The first want ads in ST/media zines) (an announcement that these zines were available: some T-Negatives, Eridani Triad (a "multilithed one-shot with stories, article, poems, and pictures concentrating on Vulcan and Vulcans") and Triskelion #1, Berman also writes she is publishing a "general topics" genzine called No, and that she has copies of two older zines "I did some years back," "A Sherlockian Christmas Carroll" (parodies of Sherlock Holmes and Lewis Carroll she wrote with Ron Whyte), and "The Road to Fame" (a parody with Professor Challenger, Tarzan, DuQueene, etc. written along with D.R. Smith.) (60)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

  • Endset / "Turnabout Intruder" anecdotes
  • Old Time Reviews / first-season ST reviews
  • Puzzles
  • T-Waves [Letters]
  • Letter [from Myfanwy]
  • Spock's Affirmation / [Kraith #1] With Sarek presumed dead, Spock must carry the Kraith to the important Vulcan ceremony of affirmation; on the way he has to induce pon farr to contact one of the Vulcans and effect a rescue, and impregnates her. She therefore dies from the stress of the affirmation. [7]

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Anthony Tollin, "Commander James T. Kirk of the I.S.S. [sic] Enterprise uses the Tantalus field to assassinate Captain Christopher Pike."
back cover of issue #9, Mary Ann Cappa, "Look What Followed Me Home"

T-Negative 9 was published in January 1971 and contains 48 pages. Front cover by Anthony Tollin. Back cover by Marry Ann Cappa. This issue was still reproduced on a spirit duplicator, with an offset cover.

  • A 5-page transcript of convention panel featuring Robert Justman, Walter Koenig, Bjo Trimble, Joan Piece and Rick Carter, Funcon '68 (4)
  • The Rainbird by Dorothy Jones and Astrid Anderson. (With Dorothy still back on Vulcan with Spock, Lt. Myfanwy Orloff goes on shore leave with a small party of crewmates, including Dr. McCoy. Along the way, they confess they are attracted to one another, although McCoy is far older. This also features a Regenswelter, a birdlike humanoid whose people have been at war with the Federation until very recently.) (16)
  • It Seemed the Logical Thing by Ruth Berman. Sarek and Amanda's marriage begins with "You're what?" "You heard me." This story was mentioned in Star Trek Lives! (40) (reprinted in Despatch #26/27 and The Best of Amanda and Sarek)
  • Huckster Notes (43)
  • Old Time Reviews (1st season reviews from mainstream publications of Star Trek eps: Amok Time, and Enterprise Earth, both were panned) (44)
  • Star Trek Crosses, Answers to Last Issue's Crossword Puzzle (48)
  • index to T-Negative #1-8
  • zines listed as being available: T-Negative, Eridani Triad, The Captain's Log, Pentathlon and coming soon, Tholian Web
  • art by Gail Barton, Anthony Tollin, Barbi Marczak, Al Kuhfild, linos by Nan Braude
  • Strekfan Roster Questionnaire

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

  • ST Q & A panel, Funcon '68 / panel with Bob Justman, David Gerrold, Rick Carter, Walter Koenig, Joan Pearce, D.C. Fontana
  • It Seemed the Logical Thing / Amanda & Sarek discover they are unexpectedly pregnant.
  • Old-Time Reviews / ST second season; addenda
  • The Rainbird / Myfanwy, Sulu & McCoy take a bird-like Regenswelter anthropologist masquerading as a botanist camping on Earth, with attendant romantic difficulties and a cave-in rescue.
  • T-Negative #1-8 index, p. 19 [8]

Issue 10

front cover of issue #10, Kathy Bushman, "Whom Gods Destroy"
back cover of issue #10, Kathy Bushman, "Whom Gods Destroy"

T-Negative 10 was published in April 1971 and is 62 pages long. It contains an article about stardates (a frequently discussed topic among fans), as well as a story outline by Judy Burns, who wrote the Star Trek episode "The Tholian Web." Boldly Writing states that "Judy's story, "And Who Will Guide the Blind," doubtless would have been submitted for Star Trek's fourth season, if there had been one." (pg. 6). Also, Star Trek fiction "Spock's Mission" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (a Kraith story). Art by Barbi Marczyk, Gail Barton, MKS, Anthony Tollin, and Wendy Fletcher.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

See reactions and reviews for Intersection Point.
  • Onset / Nimoy interview
  • T-Waves [letters]
  • Photos - Disguises
  • Intersection Point / Spock crosses into another universe to retrieve a crucial engine part and becomes comatose.
  • Spock's Mission / [Kraith #2] Kraith continuation. After T'Ruel's death, Spock presents flame gifts to Kirk and McCoy to assist in their healing - and, fortunately, to get them and not-dead Sarek out of a Romulan brig. [9]


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