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Issue 11

front cover of issue #11, Jackie Franke
back cover of issue #11, Tim Courtney

T-Negative 11 was published in July 1971 and is 46 pages long. Art by Tim Courtney, Anthony Tollin, Bernie Zuber, Jackie Franke, Barbara Marczak, Rosalind Oberdieck, and Clarica Scott

Issue #11 is online here.

  • In Re: Star-Dates, an article about stardates by Ruth Berman (4)
  • Who Will Guide the Blind, a story outline by Judy Burns, who wrote the Star Trek episode "The Tholian Web." From Boldly Writing: "Judy's story, 'And Who Will Guide the Blind,' doubtless would have been submitted for Star Trek's fourth season, if there had been one." (10) [1]
  • Marginal Existence, a Spock get'em story by Connie Faddis (later published in Star Trek: The New Voyages #2)
  • The Yeoman's Captain by Ruth Berman (36)
  • Old-Time Reviews of 3rd Season Eps (39)
  • T-Waves and Huckster Notes (44)
  • perVerse by Cecily Horton and Ruth Berman (44)
  • there is an announcement that The Strekzine List is available for a cost of $1.50, with a .25 donation to UNICEF. It lists 59 zines and the circulation statistics for 33
  • there is a description of the ST play that was put on in Denham Springs. It contains a quote from Gene Roddenberry: "I have no objection to plays similar to Star Trek or even identical to Star Trek if done by students or community groups on a nonprofit basis as long as appropriate credit is given to the source material and individuals. Or as long as a production remains a community theatre venture. I have no objection to it involving some profit as long as that profit is used in the interest of that community theatre program." There is much more at Star Date 3113.7.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

See reactions and reviews for Marginal Existence.
  • In re: Star Dates / Conjecture on how stardates work. Who cares?
  • And Who Will Guide the Blind / Story outline. With everyone but Spock blind, Kirk must complete a challenge to take control of a planetary situation. Not bad - could have made an interesting episode.
  • PerVerse [poem] / Cute Spock poem.
  • Marginal Existence / The landing party encounter a planet full of sleepers, with robot guards who turn intruders into sleepers at the sound of speech.
  • The Yeoman's Captain /Kirk encounters Rand, married to Finnegan.
  • Old-Time Reviews / ST third season [2]
[zine]: 46 pages. Sometimes-splotchy but legible repro: ditto (alias spirit duplicator, hectogranh — you know, that purple stuff) with offset covers. 50 cents (or 5 issues for $2) from Ruth Berman [address redacted]. The illos are put onto the ditto masters by an electronic process — and are both more numerous and of better artistic quality than those in previous issues. Contents include an in-depth study of star dates by Ruth, a story outline (13 pages) by Judy Burns (who wrote "Tholian Web'"), and a genuine Tim Courtney bacover. There are numerous other written items, all in the high-equality tradition of T-N. [3]

Issue 12

front cover of issue #12, Connie Faddis
back cover of issue #12, Alan Andres

T-Negative 12 was published in October 1971 and is 50 pages long. The front cover is by Connie Faddis, the back cover by Alan Andres, and inside art by Rosalind Oberdieck, Connie Faddis, D.C. Roberts, Rae Ladore, Anthony Tollin, David Lomazoff, Greg Jein and Karen Flanery.

Issue #12 is online here.

  • A Dealer in Kevas by Ruth Berman (4) (an article about Spock's disguise in "Errand of Mercy" as a Vulcan dealer in "kevas and trillium." The etymology of the words is discussed to discern the possible nature of these items. Mentions that keva (no s) was mentioned in Harlan Ellison's original script for "The City on the Edge of Forever", quoting Spock's line that he can't eat much Earth food and needs youbash and keva.[4]
  • Spock's Argument, part one of two, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (8) (fiction, a Kraith story). (A sacred Kraith chalice is stolen, and even though it is recovered, the Vulcan committee investigating the incident recommends that Vulcan secede from the Federation for its own protection. Spock, with his friend Tanya Minos, prepares to have her use an ancient Vulcan art form to present arguments against secession. Along the way, out of sheer necessity, they form a matrimonial bond.)
  • Prologues by Pat Kienly, a story that gives an ulterior motive to the Romulan commandress' reaction to Spock (reprinted in Despatch) (35)
  • Review Dept (39)
  • T-Waves: Letters (42)
  • Old Time Reviews: The Lieutenant (46)
  • Includes the announcement: "Elyse Pines and Al Schuster have announced a Star Trekcon.... It'll be 21-23 Jan. 1972 at the McAlpin Hotel in New York City." See Mini Trek Con.
  • Bruce Nardoci says he's changing the name of his zine from The Captain's Log to "The Guardian of Forever", though it is unclear if this zine got off the ground. This is probably not the same zine as Guardian of Forever.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

  • A Dealer in Kevas / More speculation - this time, on what kevas might be.
  • Spock's Argument, part one / [Kraith #3] Spock and T'aniyeh construct a motek - a philosophical dance - as their response to the Vulcan secessionist movement. T'Aniyeh continues to reject Spock's marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Enterprise picks up a load of violent Vulcan orphans they must look after.
  • Prologues / The Commander loses her husband - who looks just like Sarek - to Kirk. Then meets Sarek and learns that he has a son.
  • Old Time Reviews / The Lieutenant; sundry addenda [5]

Issue 13

front cover of issue #13, an illo from "Sentience Is Where You Find It," art by Rosalind Oberdieck
back cover of issue #13, Greg Jein

T-Negative 13 was published in December 1971 and is 52 pages long. Art is by Greg Jein, Rosalind Oberdieck, D. Carol Roberts, Anthony Tollin, Tim Courtney.

Issue #13 is online here.

  • Cousinage by Ruth Berman reprints two panels from a British Star Trek comic book along with an article about the story known only as the "thirteenth UK story arc" (although individual chapters had titles). It is about Spock's cousin Horek, who serves aboard a Federation guardship. The captain is very cruel, and the crew mutinies and plans to join the Klingons. (Oh yeah, that'll work.) Berman renames the man S'Horek to conform with then-current Vulcan naming conventions, and speculates a bit about Spock's possible childhood relationship with him. (4) [6]
  • "Sentience Is Where You Find It" by Melisa Michaels (An innocuous-seeming energy being is beamed aboard the Enterprise, following Captain Kirk. Spock does a mind meld to communicate with it, but it slips inside him and begins to control his actions, getting him to take a shuttlecraft and fly towards the sun. Michaels has Spock speaking Dorothy Jones Heydt's Vulcan language.) (8)
  • "Spock's Argument Part II" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (27).
  • T-Waves, the letters section: Jacqueline Lichtenberg appreciates "The Vigil", and explains her Kraith universe. Also, "There are so far seven stories of the secondary series, and more are being written by authors other than myself. A bibliography should be available soon from Mike Sobota. In addition , one person is seriously considering using an alternate Kraith Universe diverging from mine somewhat after 'Affirmation,' but adhering to the general background; quasi fact articles explaining some of the technical points of the background are also proliferating; a Vulcan art from introduced in a short story called 'Zyeto' may soon be appearing in various zines; a series of short essays for potential Kraith authors who want to use unpublished ideas has begun to coalesce into a Kraith Writer's Manual. This [all these fanworks] explain why readers may be encountering weirdly variant Kraith-ish ideas in other zines under other names (I ask other Kraith writers to use their correct names.) Each story that I approve into the series is assigned a number, but editors don't always print the number, so it may be difficult to orient the story within the series. If anyone finds such a story and wants more information, write me, and I'll be happy to provide what information I can." (see example image in section for issue #15)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

  • Cousinage / Attempt to harmonize our ST world with a ST comic from Britain with involving a cousin of Spock's.
  • T-Waves: Letters
  • Sentience Is Where You Find It / An energy creature beams up with Kirk, like a puppy, then takes over Spock and tries to fly him into the sun.
  • Spock's Argument, Part II / Tanya dances out the argument for the Vulcan council, Spock wins; Vulcan will stay in the Federation until the next fan-fic takes up this plotline.[note 1] More rich, rather silly ritual and logic-dance hoo-hah. [7]

Issue 14

T-Negative 14 was published in March 1972 and is 54 pages long. It includes small bits of art, but no full-page pieces.

front cover of issue #14, Lois Spooner and Anthony Tollin, "Picnic." It is a super camping illo.
back cover of issue #14

Issue #14 is online here.

  • Notes on Leonard McCoy by Ruth Berman (4)
  • Picnic by Anna Mary Hall (13)
  • Old Time Reviews: Gene Roddenberry (40)
  • T-Waves -- Letters (52)
  • Huckster Notes (53)
  • art by Rae Ladore, Barbi Marczak, C. Lee Healy, Al Kuhfeld, Rosalind Oberdieck, Gail Barton

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14

  • Notes on Leonard McCoy / Speculations on Joanna, etc.
  • Picnic / A fun one. McCoy sends Uhura on a mission designed mostly for a picnic to help her memory after Nomad, but as it happens her communications skills become vital when the local felids turn out to be sentient. Cute solution to first-contact involving nudity.
  • Old-Time Reviews / Gene Roddenberry; sundry addenda. [8]

Issue 15

front cover of issue #15, "The Wedding Portrait" by Anthony Tollin. "Stella stood before the preacher,
Underneath the starry sky.
Harcourt stood where he could reach her,
But he had a roving eye.
Stella sat down for their portrait,
Knowing she had picked a dud.
Ah, she sensed it was a sore fate
When they said, 'Your name is Mudd."
Poem by Ruth Berman.
back cover of issue #15
an example of the way Kraith stories by other authors were to be numbered, Lichtenberg explains in a letter, see issue #13

T-Negative 15 was published in May 1972 and is 40 pages long. Art by Anthony Tollin, Joyce Yasner, Greg Jein, Jackie Franke, Rae Ladore, Rosalind Oberdieck.

Issue #15 is online here.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

  • Star Trek Convention / Entertaining report by organisers of early con.
  • Brother's Keeper / Spock must look after McCoy, suffering from pneumonia when a landing party goes awry among locals who think them demons.
  • The Disaffirmed / Nice adjunct to Kraith. Enterprise rescues a young Vulcan who missed the Affirmation and is now an outcast - and proposes to Uhura, who promises to be there for his time if necessary.
  • T-Waves: Letters
  • Star Trek Kriss-Kross [puzzle]
  • Star Trek Renewal? / copy of news article, with commentary
  • Old-Time Review / Nimoy - theater [9]

Issue 16

T-Negative 16 was published in 1972 and is 54 pages long. Art by Rosalind Oberdieck, Tim Courtney, Rae Ladore, C. Lee Healy, Al Kuhfeld.

Issue #16 is online here.

  • Son of Star Date by Ruth Berman (4) (article on star dates)
  • Recent Articles of Interest (6)
  • Spock's Nemesis, part one of two, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (7) (a Kraith story)
  • Rorrim, Rorrim, by Ruth Berman (46)
  • Old Time Article ("A Trek Through Deepest Space" by John Stanley) (48)
  • Trekzine Reviews by Carol Pruitt Ing (50) (a review of Masiform D #2, see that article)
  • Reviews (51)
  • T-Waves: Letters (52)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

  • Son of Star Date / More speculation on Stardates.
  • Reviews / Shatner, Nimoy, Koenig
  • Spock's Nemesis / Something has put everyone on the Enterprise to sleep, locked in memory loops; Spock manages to get clear by calling up painful images (pulling him out of healing trance), the whats-it apparently runs on energy from Tanya. Spock grabs those he's melded with - can't reach any others at all - and shuttles them down to the planet to try to rescue the damsel and free them all. Not bad, but again, Spock gives all the orders; Kirk is superfluous, except for getting in the way because he is getting more and more telepathic.
  • Old-Time Article / "Television: a Trek Through deepest Space / John Stanley, SF Chronicle, 9/4/66.
  • Mirror Mirror / Entertaining filk to the tune of Thais (whatever that is...)[note 2] [10]

Issue 17

front cover of issue #17, Barbi Marczak
back cover of issue #17

T-Negative 17 is 56 pages long and was published in August 1972. It has very sparse, small art by Roslaind Oberdieck, Rae Ladore, Carolyn Sue Hillard.

Issue #17 is online here.

  • The World of Short Winters by Hal Clement, an article by an established science fact and science fiction writer (4)
  • Spock's Nemesis, part two by Jacqueline Lichetenberg (12)
  • The Pastel Terror (a Star Trek story, an outline for a Star Trek plot by science fiction author Larry Niven) (45)
  • T Waves: Letters (51)
  • index to T-Negatives #9-#16
  • an announcement of the formation of the Star Trek Welcommittee

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 17

  • The World of Short Winters / Exposition of Cephiids, specifically Capella.
  • Kraith: Spock's Nemesis, Part 2 / Spock, despite oncoming pon-farr aggravated by the Night of the Blooms, manages to construct crystall devices to protect other members of the crew who then rescue Tanya while Spock goes crazy.
  • The Pastel Terror / ["reprinted from Apa-L"] Episode outline. Spock was created to improve the Human race by breeding rampantly; strands crew on planet after separating hull. [guess that idea was actually around a long time!] [11]

Issue 18

T-Negative 18 is 50 pages long and was published in October 1972. Art by Rosalind Oberdieck, Rae Ladore, Gail Barton, Tim Courtney.

Issue #18 in online here.

front cover of issue #18, Alan Andres
back cover of issue #18

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 18

See reactions and reviews for The Face on the Barroom Floor.
  • Miniature Star Trek / models, from the show and build-your-own
  • The Face on the Bar-Room Floor / Nice shore leave romp, with Kirk incognito in Samurai outfit, jailed for disturbance & unable to contact ship.
  • The Injured Party / The Commander, on board Enterprise, escapes and dies of poison. [12]

Issue 19

T-Negative 19 is 22 pages long and was published in Feb 1973. The front cover is by George Barr. Other art by Connie Faddis, Rae Ladore, Roz Oberdieck, Anthony Tollin, and Greg Jein.

front cover of issue #19 by George Barr. This art was also the cover of The Star Trek Songbook
back cover of issue #19

Issue #19 is online here.

  • Notes on Uhura by Ruth Berman (4)
  • Not This Time by Melisa Michaels, story (10)
  • Assorted Plugs, ads (33)
  • Assorted Old Television Credits (34)
  • T-Waves: Letters (40)
  • a flyer for Our Con

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 19

[Not This Time]: The injured Velvet Lady (alien)'s gizmo sends Enterprise to the 1970's; landing party must repair it to get home, aided by a little girl. [13]

Issue 20

front cover of issue #20, Cory Correll
back cover of issue #20, Carolyn Hillard

T-Negative 20 is 50 pages long and was published in May 1973. The front cover is by Cory Correll, the back by Carolyn Hillard. Other art by Douglas Herring, Jackie Franke, Ricky Pearson, Connie Faddis, and Janice.

Issue #20 is online here.

  • How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation, a con report for The First Fantasy Film Convention, see that page, by Dorothy Jones Heydt (4) (also supposedly in an issue of No)
  • Dard, story by Ellie Back, LouAnn Jones, Cathy Anderson, Barb Anderson (12)
  • The Hutch, Parts One and Two by Ruth Berman (32) (poem) (reprinted in Menagerie #5)
  • Reviews (35)
  • Articles of Interest (39)
  • Under Review by Carol [Pruitt] Ing (44), reviews of The Federation Chronicle #1 and Kraith Collected, see those articles
  • T-Waves: Letters (45) (This section includes a long letter from D.C. Fontana announcing the animated series, in excerpt: "I will personally destroy the next person I hear dismissing Star Trek as 'just a cartoon' not worthy of attention. I am working hard -- and so are all the other people I mentioned -- to give them Star Trek just the way it was."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 20

  • How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation / Fantasy Film con report.
  • Under Review / zine reviews
  • Dard / Downplanet, McCoy is captured by a "wild child" locally known as "the demon" and her dog; she becomes Kirk's ward
  • The Hutch / ballad version of "Menagerie." [14]

Notes & References


  1. ^ See the Eileen Roy novella "T'Uriamne's Victory" for exactly that; alternative Kraith where Tanya and Spock fail and everybody has to leave. Focus is on Amanda and how she organizes the exiles to form a colony on a world with both Terran and Vulcan qualities.
  2. ^ Possibly "Thais' Meditation" by Jules Massenet, or another song from that opera.


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