The Face on the Barroom Floor

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Star Trek TOS Fanfiction
Title: The Face on the Barroom Floor
Author(s): Eleanor Arnason & Ruth Berman
Date(s): 1972, 1976
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Face on the Barroom Floor is a story by Eleanor Arnason & Ruth Berman.

It is in T-Negative #18 (1972) and Star Trek: The New Voyages #1 (1976).


"The Face on the Barroom Floor" follows Kirk as he enjoys shore leave and finds that a small lie as to his identity causes all kinds of problems.

Reactions and Reviews


The Face on the Barroom Floor by Ruth Berman end Eleanor Arnason is another one I had read. I can't really believe that Kirk would ever get involved in a barroom brawl... but again, I like it. [1]

"The Face on the Barroom Floor" by Eleanor Arnason and Ruth Berman appears here exactly as it was originally published in T-Negative #18. I believe the story could have benefited from rewriting. Some of the parts, particularly the dialog, are awkward and uneven, moreover, the authors have committed an unforgivable sin, as far as I am concerned, by introducing an element of suspense that is never explained. I would like to know why the planet is called Krasni's Folly. Also, the piece gives the discomforting impression that the whole thing is some sort of inside joke about Star Trek. The authors seem to have gone out of their way to include every peculiarity and idiosyncrasy of the main characters in the story. While this may be appropriate in a fanzine, I am not sure this book is the place for it. [2]


Another story was Face on the Barroom Floor] which centered around some misadventures of James T. Kirk. Of course, there's a lot of plot manipulation in it. For instance, it seems rather strange that no one would comment on the outlandish samuria [sic] outfit that Kirk wore during the story. It requires quite a stretch of the imagination to believe this and other "little coincidences" which occur throughout the story. However, I suppose if O. Henry can do it, so can Elwanor Amoson [sic] and Ruth Bergman [sic]. The introduction is by George Takei. [3]


The Face on the Bar-Room Floor by Eleanor Arnason and Ruth Berman and introduced by George Takei has Kirk caught in a bar-room brawl while on shore leave, thrown into jail and his hilarious attempt to a) get out and b) prove he is who he says he is... [4]


A so-so story, about what goes on during shore leave… not very memorable. [5]


This one works as an episode-like story. It's not fabulous, nor fabulously slashy, but there are a few nice Kirk/Spock-ish moments and Bones is very Bones-like. [6]


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