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Title: Horta
Publisher: The Watchers and Fans of Star Trek Society, WAFSTS, out of Tennessee
Editor(s): Richard Secrist
Date(s): 1976-78
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Horta is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology that ran for at least 9 issues. It was planned as bi-monthly.

Issue 1

Horta v.1 n.1 was published in May 1976 and contains 4 pages.

cover of issue #1
From the editorial:
[typos are the editors] I realize that the first issue of Horta is only authored and done by two or three members, but this will be our humble beginning. In the future, I hope to recieve submissions from members. All submissions will be considered, but we cannot absolutly guarentee publication. We desire to maintain a high standard of quality for our zine. Articles can be any reasonable length. Reasonable can be defined by a) not streaching it and b) size that is not overly excessive. Art submissions are not limited by number, but should be no larger than 8£ by 11 inches. If you desire the material to be returned, please enclose sufficient postage, as we cannot cover it. Also, W.A.F.S.T.S. cannot be respondsible for postal handling. The post awful's bulk sorters have been rumored to be bulk shredders at times, and the club has no control over them. We are eagerly awaiting submissions, so authors and artists go to work !
  • a photo by Richard Secrist of Nichelle Nichols singing "Beyond Antares," a photo by Richard Secrist of George Takei, a photo by Chris Smoron of Jimmy Doohan shaking fans hands, all photos taken at Starcon '76 in Dallas,("Nichelle recieved [sic] a standing ovation. Ms. Nichols is considering bringing out a recording of it for all of the fans.") (2)
  • a fanart portrait by Lyn Secrist of Spock (3)
  • a newspaper clipping, "Nimoy Turns Into Sherlock" by Susan Stark (4)
  • a short editorial about supporting NASA, a short update on the upcoming Trek film (5)

Issue 2

Horta v.1 n.2 was published in August/September 1976 and contains 10 pages. The art is by Lynn Secrist and Bill Madison.

  • editorial by Richard Secrist
  • Laukala of Planet Paravarri by "Solar" (non-fiction)
  • Space Benefits by Richard Secrist (article)
  • some photos by Karen Strecker of Grace Lee Whitney and George Takei at Houstoncon '76 and Nostalgiacon '76
  • The Demise of Star Trek, "an essay by roving reporter Bill Madison" (mostly parody)
  • some short quiz questions
  • Movie News via Richard Secrist

Issue 3

Horta v.1 n.3 was published in October/November 1976 and contains 10 pages.

From the editorial: "This issue of the Horta was held over so we could cover the American Star Trek Convention, and bring you exclusive information (for a little while, anyhow) from that con. In the future, however, if you find Horta being "held over" for apparently no reason, have patience because we are doing the best we can."

See American Star Trek Convention for Horta's con report.

  • editorial by Richard Secrist
  • con report for American Star Trek Convention
  • Babel Beings, art and descriptions of some costumes see at the con, by Lynn Secrist
  • Mautakcraka Mountainmen of Placas, article by "Solar"
  • an article about the Space Shuttle by Richard Secrist
  • Treknology, a short science article by Richard Secrist
  • Movie News
  • some short book/record announcements for:

Issue 4

Horta v.1 n.4 was published in December/January 1977 and contains 10 pages.

  • editorial by Richard Secrist
  • "The Bird Flies Through Dallas," part one, a report on a talk by Gene Roddenberry (at a con?) ("Gene Roddenberry, our beloved Great Bird of the Galaxy, had assumed a mind-boggling schedule with his Dallas visit. As it was, Gene came to boggle our minds from London, where shooting is now underway for his supernatural movie "Spectre." At 2. a.m. London, or Gene Roddenberry internal time, 8055 eager fans witnessed one-half of the ST bloopers in the huge, and smoky haze of the Dallas Convention Center. After this audience-gaugeing blooper preview, a tired, but happy Roddenberry approached the podium under an intense spotlight..."
  • Space Benefits: Magicam!, article by Richard Secrist
  • A "Why" of Star Trek, essay by Lynn Secrist
  • The Half-Breed Critic by "Haf [sic] Vulkun Robert Stevens" reviews Star Trek: The New Voyages #1
  • Solar: the Mawlith of Planet Juno, article
  • book and record reviews

Issue 5

Horta v.1 n.5 was published in February/April 1977 (actually sent in March due to the rescheduling of Starcon in Dallas) and contains 10 pages.

From the editorial: "Since the publication of the first Horta in May of '76, WAFSTS has grown in membership by 308%. Until recently, I have assumed the cost of publishing Horta for all of you. Due to rising costs and membership, however, I am forced to request a fee of 26¢ per issue starting with the next publication of Horta (#6, the anniversary Art/Lit. issue). The 26¢ fee was set so members could easily pay the cost in two 13¢ stamps. (A S.A.S.E. will still be required for mail subscribers.) Local members who receive "personal delivery" will also be required to pay the 26__ (or two stamps) for their Horta. Contributors who have their submissions published in a forthcoming Horta will receive that issue "free."

  • editorial by Richard Secrist
  • "The Bird" Flies Through Dallas, part two, the second half of the report of Gene Roddenberry's talk in Dallas (focused on computers and cyborgs)
  • George Takei & The ST Movie ("News Update from Starcon '77") by Lynn Secrist
  • Beyond Fruit Salad, Bill Shatner Today by Lynn Secrist (Shatner's appearances on the Mike Douglas Show)
  • NASA Needs to Answer: "Space, What's In It For Me" by Nichelle Nichols, excerpts from a January 21, 1977 speech (a reprint from somewhere else)
  • Solar, Bibliothapest of exogentic biocenology, Vulcan Academy of Extraterrestrial Sciences: Juno's Kinetic Devil
  • news about Ted Cassidy, news update from Starcon '77, by Lynn Secrist

Issue 6

Horta v.1 n.6 was published in 1977. It was a special art and literature issue.

Issue 7

Horta v.1 n.7 was published in January/February 1978 and contains 12 pages.

  • editorial by Richard Secrist (penpal service update, ST movie news)
  • a con report for Starcon, includes lots of photos, by Richard and Lynn Secrist
  • What If... The Empire Won?, three-page story in comic strip style, by C.R. Stevens
  • The Xenosaetos, article by "Solar"
  • four-page Star Wars review by "The Half-Breed Critic by 'Half-Vulkun' C. Robert Stevens (In an unpublished letter to a reader in February 1977, the writer of this article explains his use of "half-breed" -- "I agree with you on the 'half-breed critic' not being some sort of racial slur. Unfortunately everyone is not gifted with the ability to see the blatantly obvious. When I wrote the matter was still consurning [sic] me at the time, and so I mindlessly jotted it down. To answer the question, yes, someone actually considered the fact that it might be some sort of racial slur. Geez, I dunno about people sometimes." [1]

Issue 8

Horta v.1 n.8 was published in 1978.

Issue 9

Horta v.1 n.9 was published in 1978.


  1. from a scan of a personal copy of this letter