American Star Trek Convention

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Star Trek Convention
Name: American Star Trek Convention
Dates: October 9–12, 1975 and October 28–31, 1976
Location: Dallas, Texas
Focus: Star Trek
Founding Date:
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The American Star Trek Convention was a Star Trek convention held in Dallas, Texas on October 9–12, 1975. A second event was held the next year on October 28–31. Guests were James Doohan and Grace Lee Whitney. Executive Committee of the Convention included Larry Herndon, Jo Bob Williams, Mark Lamberti and Gordon Bailey.

A three part audio recording of James Doohan's presentation from 1976 can be found on YouTube here; archive link.

Con Report: 1976

from a 1976 con report in Horta #3
The Halloween weekend in Dallas was much more this year than the mundane task of dishing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Mr. Larry Herndon and his staff once again held the American Star Trek Convention, and brought Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex fans the joys of Grace Lee Whitney and James Doohan.

Grace and her husband Jack were the first to arrive. Grace came to the con reception desk first thing after she dropped her luggage off. She had a surprising amount of energy after the long plane flight from California, during which she answered fan mail. Grace brought a lot of info from California (see Movie News in this issue) for the latest on the movie. Other than that, she announced Gene Roddenberry's supernatural series Spectre will be produced in England this January for NBC. 20th Century Fox will be filming it on location, and will release it sometime next spring. Paul McCartney, ex-Beatle, rock star of the group Wings, and devoted ST fan, recently called Gene Roddenberry. He asked Gene Roddenberry to write the screenplay for his new movie Wings. There were some mixed reactions in the crowd, but the general consensus, to quote Grace's opinion was "Isn't that far-out!?" It would be highly unfair to say that Grace didn't care about her fans, because she does very much. Grace had high praise for [Debborah D], (who was one of the photographers in Horta #2) for her fantastic efforts promoting Grace's new single. Fans attending Saturday and Sunday had an opportunity to hear the single, composed of two songs Grace wrote and produced with the aid of her talented husband and the group Star. The single has "Disco Trekkin'" in which she expresses her return to the ST fans. Lyrics convey the meaning of the song best, some of which are: "...I'm back with you...",".. .this is a heavy feelin', just know'n you all still care..."," head is on the ceiling, where do we go from there...","... so here we are back; to-gether again." In "Star Child," which she wrote for one of her sons, Grace is definitely a song stylist. Sounding mostly like Sara Vaughn, but with that touch of rock to the jazz singer which gives a sound that is uniquely Grace Lee Whitney. We're looking forward to your album, Grace! Jimmy Doohan came in during the scheduled time and showed-off his new son, Eric Montgomery Doohan, for the first time ever. Eric was born August 22 at l:l5PM and weighed 7 pounds, 13.5 ounces, according to his proud father. Eric was brought an by Jimmy's quiet wife, Wende. It is with deepest regret that technical difficulties beyond our control prevented us from bringing you an exclusive photo of the happy trio. [snipped: info on the movie "Flight Into Danger"]

One of the highlights with both Jimmy and Grace was a planned surprise by the con staff. A young child asked Grace if during her appearance in Dallas she had talked to Scotty. As she replied "why of course", Jimmy suddenly snuck up and put his arms around her from behind. Grace gasped and then they continued in a duel Q & A session with the crowd. To say the least, the crowd was very happy.[1]


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