Menagerie (Star Trek: TOS zine by S.T.A.R./San Diego)

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Title: Menagerie
Publisher: S.T.A.R. San Diego
Editor(s): Jeanne Peacock and Karen Schnaubelt
Date(s): early to mid 1970s
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Menagerie is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology, a club zine of S.T.A.R. San Diego. It is a dittoed zine that contains art, fiction, articles, and essays.

Issue 1

Menagerie 1 Menagerie 1 is undated, but an article references the 1973 Equicon, which was held in April of that year.

Issue 2

Menagerie 2

Issue 3

Menagerie 3 is undated, probably October 1973 and contains 49 pages. The cover is offset, interior is ditto. Art by Franz Josef Schnaubelt, Alice Lundorff, Mike Williams, Karen Schnaubelt, Michelle Smith, J. Paul Hensley, and Kay Jones.

cover of issue #3
  • The Editor's Page & Errata: - Jeannie Peacock. Talks about the one-year anniversary of STAR San Diego, speculations on who will write the book versions of the animated series, reminding James Blish that Captain Kirk can't slam doors, credits to the staff and persnonel plus Franz Josef Schnaubelt for the cover art.
  • STAR San Diego at Comic Con '73: - Jeannie Peacock. Talks about having a table in the sales area (where Star Trek had a room all to itself), and meeting the stars and D.C. Fontana, along with local horror-movie TV show host Larry "Seymour" Vincent.
  • Demi Hamm's "Super-Vulcan and the Case of the Mashed Potato Freak". Mild-mannered Mr. Spark is secretly Super-Vulcan. When Captain Kork finds his boots filled with mashed potatoes and gravy, Super-Vulcan and his sidekick the Green Weirdo (actually Ensign Tutu) investigate, while enduring the jibes of Dr. O'Boy, rescuing Nurse Steeple, and trying not to trip over his long green cape. (5 pages)
  • Full Page Crossword - Jeannie Peacock.
  • "The Only Good Alien" part 3 of a serial - Karen Schnaubelt. Fan fiction based on the 1970-71 British series UFO, in which a secret organization called SHADO, led by Cmdr. Ed Straker, defends the Earth from alien invaders. (20 pages)
  • "Post-Menagerie" - Ruth Berman. Mr. Spock and Number One meet again and he explains about Captain Pike's return to Talos. This was also in T-Negative 7 and Star Trek Nuts & Bolts 14/15. (6 pages)
  • "The Face in the Sea" - Nadine Paulson. A young Hispanic couple spend their honeymoon near the sea. The wife finds herself irresistibly drawn to the waters and to her visions of a strange young man. (3 pages)
  • "Banished" - Lawrence Furphy. In the sterile, antiseptic future, when one man accidentally causes the death of another, he is banished to the 20th century. (3 pages)
  • Critique of Menagerie 1 - Randall Cooper. Focusing on the ditto reproduction and its limitations, with a few words about an apparently very strongly worded editorial policy against pornographic stories. (2 pages)
  • Editors' Rebuttal - Jeannie Peacock and Karen Schnaubelt. They can't afford offset printing for the entire zine, and the anti-porn policy meant exactly what it said: "I don't want to spend valuable time reading the junk in the first place, and I'd be put out to waste 8 or 16 cents returning the stuff to its owner." Karen adds that she has "too many political enemies who would enjoy blackmailing me with it ten years from now."
  • The Keeper's Column - Karen Schnaubelt. As she does all the typing and layout, she reserves the Keeper's Column for discussing the technical aspects of putting out the zine.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Menagerie 4 was published in 1974 and contains 46 pages.

  • A Critique Of The Animated Star Trek (9 pages)
  • Operation Disaster (fiction) (9 pages)
  • Mudd’s Army TBC (Script) (8 pages)
  • Tg-910043 (Fiction) (9 pages)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Menagerie 5 is undated and contains 47 pages. Art by Rita Terrell (front cover), Chuck Graham, Shel Dorf, Paul Pellettettiri and Jeannie Peacock, Michelle Smith, Louis Geanoulis, Nancy Lund, Bill Lund, Melinda Peacock, and Barry Alfonso. The editors say they have gotten a hold of an offset press and this further issues, including this one, will be/was produced on this. They will also use this machine on their newsletter, Interphase.

  • From Ye Editor by Jeannie Peacock (4)
  • An Outline Of Future History by Chuck Graham (Essay) (5)
  • Star Trek Time Line by Chuck Graham (24)
  • The Hutch by Ruth Berman (27) (reprinted from T-Negative #20)
  • Dimensions of the Mind by Paul Pellettiri (29)
  • TV GUIDE Bloops Again (37)
  • Mudd’s Army (conclusion of story) by Rita Clinton (38)
  • Letters (44)
  • The Eyes of Vaal (46)