Interphase (Star Trek: TOS newsletter)

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Title: Interphase
Publisher: S.T.A.R. San Diego
Editor(s): 1970s: Karen Schnaubelt, 1982-1992-ish: Debbie Keais
Date(s): about 1973 to at least 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front page of the March 1975 issue

Interphase is a gen Star Trek; TOS monthly newsletter published by S.T.A.R. San Diego. It had the subtitle, "Interfandom Associates' Monthly Newsletter."

In the 1970s, the editor was Karen Schnaubelt. In 1992, the editor was Debbie Keais.

From a 1992 description: "Interphase is the official monthly newsletter of S.T.A.R. Its purpose is to disseminate information and promote science fiction in fandom."

March 1975

  • there is information about Menagerie: "The press Is repaired, so Menagerie 6 will soon be underway..." And, "Where's Menagerie 4? Printed but awaiting mailing envelopes. Patience, please. Menagerie 5, as most of you know, will be offset printed (at long last!)... Don't forget the Gorn contest (draw a centerfold of a Gorn in the Burt Reynolds pose, winner to be published in Menagerie 6 for ComicCon in August.) and the letterhead contest (Menagerie really needs a standardized letterhead, folks...)"
  • "STAR TREK props, books, literature, et cetera are currently on display in the Malcolm Love Library on the SDSU campus."
  • "There is another rumor that a STAR TREK feature length movie will be filmed this summer for release next spring. Sets are supposedly being built now. The trouble seems to lie now not with getting the actors together, but in retrieving the old production crew."
  • "'The Sounds of Star Trek' has been delayed. Release should he in late spring or early summer. You can preorder now: $3 hand delivery, $3.50 by mall. Make checks or money orders payable to- STAR San Diego."
  • a reminder that the annual masquerade that S.T.A.R. sponsors takes place in October, not May as rumored
  • some announcements for club meetings for "Society of Earthbound Vulcans", "Society for Future Anachronism", "Mythopoeic Society", "Terra-Vulcan" ("a sub-group of fans interested in Vulcan culture."), "Worshippers of the Son" (Open to all Son Worshippers, Jesus People, Fellow Christians, and curious bystanders. We plan a fireside song fest and open discussion of the topic, 'Why become a Christian?'. This is a friendly gathering and is an informal rap session, not a forum. Hecklers and debate team champions in attendance could end up shot with [unreadable, perhaps "Pink's] extract and evicted by our 12-foot tall sehlat... )"
  • an ad for Comic-Con
  • "Confirmed guests for EquiCon; Ed Bishop, Dorothy Fontana, David Gerrold, Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett, Matt Jeffries, Theodore Sturgeon, George Takei, Marc Daniels, George Clayton Johnson, Robert Justman, Lou Scheimer, and William Campbell, "maybes" include Walter Koenig, Arlene Martel, James Doohan, and Mr. and Mrs. Darren McGavin."
  • notes that EquiCon will be at the El Cortez Hotel in San Diego over Memorial Day weekend 1975 and that it will be a combined con with Filmcon #3.

January 1976

Interphase v.3 n.5 contains one page.

February 1976

Interphase v.3 n.6 contains one page.

March 1976

Interphase v.3 n.7 contains one page.

April 1976

Interphase v.3 n.8 contains one page.

May 1976

Interphase v.3 n.9 contains one page.

Reactions and Reviews: v.3 n.9

INTERPHASE is a small monthly sheet that (gratefully) wends its way into my mailbox each month. It is primarily local news of the San Diego ST fandom, and valuable because of that. San Diego has a small but active and earnest ST fandom, and INTERPHASE is the only bulletin that serves the area that I know of. [1]

March 1992

Interphase v.19 n.5 contains 12 pages.

front page of the March 1992 issue
  • S.T.A.R. Meetings by Diane Bahlmann
  • Letter from the Prez
  • Trivia Quiz by Jim Hay
  • satirical personals
  • Activities by Pearl Stickler
  • Information by Pearl Stickler (short blurbs on current and upcoming science fiction shows and plays)
  • Extreme Prejudice: Opinion for Interphase, an essay by Jefferson P. Swycaffer about Star Trek being a force for change in gay rights
  • a recipe for banana oatmeal muffins
  • Star Trek VI: Will Captain Kirk Ever Reach the Final Frontier, a reprinted interview with William Shatner by Martin Kihn, taken from December's issue of DETAIL's magazine
  • Minutes of the February Council Meeting
  • a small bit about Star Trek at the Smithsonian Museum
  • the editor writes a article about being a member during the last ten years of the club
  • cartoon
  • events calendar
  1. ^ from Stardate #10 (August 1976)