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Fan Club
Name: S.T.A.R. San Diego
Dates: 1972-?
Founder(s): Jean (Peacock) Graham
Country based in: United States
Focus: Star Trek
External Links: STAR San Diego Facebook Group
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S.T.A.R. San Diego is the San Diego chapter of the Star Trek Association for Revival S.T.A.R.. The chapter was founded by Jean Graham in October of 1972.

At first meeting in Jean's parents' home, it soon moved to the campus of San Diego State University, where 100-300 Star Trek fans would gather monthly. S.T.A.R. San Diego held frequent costume competitions, rented movies (then on 16mm film!) and held trivia contests, among other activities.

The group's horizons rapidly expanded into all forms of science fiction, fantasy and horror, although Star Trek remained its primary focus. Occasional guest speakers included Greg Bear, William F. Nolan, and Theodore Sturgeon, as well as other SF writers and physics professors from the local universities.

Other fans associated with S.T.A.R. San Diego include Pearl Stickler, Karen Schnaubelt, Demi Alexian-Hungerford and Kay Shapero. Karen is the daughter of the creator of Star Fleet Technical Manual.

For a 1974 newspaper article that talks about this club, see The Voyages Continue.

A 1992 description:
S.T.A.R. is San Diego's Science Fiction Society. Meetings are the third Saturday of every month, all year round, on San Diego State University's campus. Meetings officaily start at 7:30 (doors open at6:30). Interests include: science fiction, fantasy, costuming, comic books, films, role playing games, Japanese animation, dancing, fanzines, trivia contests, computers, literary discussions, and more. Meetings are free. There is only a one time fee, of one dollar, to become an offical member and be able to vote. S.T.A.R. has about 100 active members and is over 19 years old. [1]

Some Publications

40 Year Reunion

S.T.A.R. San Diego celebrated its 40 year reunion Saturday October 27th, 2012 at the Kings Inn in Mission Valley. See: STAR San Diego Reunion



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