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Name: Kay Shapero
Alias(es): Kay Jones, Yealurowluro, Anansii (Warning, not the only one)
Type: filker, costumer, zine publisher, role player, convention staffer
Fandoms: Filk, Star Trek, Furry, Science Fiction Fandom, Babylon 5, Anime, Manga and comics in general, and Doctor Who
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Kay Shapero is a long-time fan, also known as Kay Jones (originally), Yealurowluro, and Anansii (note - there is at least one other Anansii with two "i"s on the net so ask before making assumptions).

See: User:KayShapero.

Some Fandom History


Heck, one of the things that first attracted me to SF fandom was the wide variety of interesting things you could do, (along, of course, with the novelty of an environment where being different was a thing to be praised...)

It worked like this - after reading all the skiffy I could get my hands on as a kid, I went to San Diego State College in the early '70s, checked out a pile of tribbles on a table outside the library and discovered the local Star Trek club. I joined the thing, signed up for an upcoming convention (Equicon) at which I wore my first costume and discovered filking, thanks to a group of noisy fen about the lobby piano singing "The Orcs' Marching Song". Back in LA for the summer, I joined the LASFS thanks partly to the guy who sold me my first filkbook, Bruce Pelz. Back in SD, I tripped over the SCA and hung out with House Bizzare for awhile (and also learned to bellydance.) I went to the San Diego ComicCon to help a friend at her Star Trek memorabilia table, and while there attended my first D&D game. Picked up a character, a lot of experience, considerable interest in the game and ultimately the GM (we've been married now for 19 years.. it helps to marry someone who understands WHY you want a mimeo machine in the livingroom.) Got into fanpub somewhere along the line both in SD with a friend co-publishing INTERCEPTED (aka the Multiversal Partyline - a sort of whacked out cross between a convention bulletinboard and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe which I *still* publish), with Lee Gold's gaming APA Alarums and Excursions, and a few other things along those lines. Oh yes, and was one of a group of people who collectively made up San Diego Control, a very... ODD.. offshoot of what may have been the only live action series made by the folks who did Fireball XL-5, namely UFO... And all this time still read all the skiffy I could get my hands on (and a lot of fantasy, too. I also like mysteries, biographies of interesting people, Georgette Heyer romances...) [1]





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