Georgette Heyer

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Name: Heyer regencies
Creator: Georgette Heyer
Date(s): 16 August 1902 – 4 July 1974
Medium: books
Country of Origin: Britain
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Known best for her impeccably researched and wittily written romances, Georgette Heyer essentially invented the historical romance genre, especially its subgenre, Regency romance.

Influences on fandom

Although her books are generally set in drawing rooms rather than more overtly adventurous settings, she is considered one of the canon sources for the Age Of Sail fandom.

Stories based on Heyer's books (especially The Masqueraders, and the series that starts with These Old Shades) are perennially requested at Yuletide. A Livejournal community, corinthians, is dedicated to Heyer fan fiction.

It could be argued that both het and slash stories owe a debt in both style and substance to the historical romance genre.