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Name: The Regency Encyclopedia
Dates: since 2006
Type: Period research, resource for fanfic writers.
Fandom: Jane Austen (Fandom)
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The Regency Encyclopedia, established in 2006, was originally set up as a resource for fan fiction writers to research the historical details in their stories.

It's password protected, and usernames are distributed to those archives, forums and sites interested. An username and password (both case sensitive) has been set up for the use of Fanlore readers:

Username: WikiUser
Password: OnlineJA


Currently there are three modules for users to explore:

Data: This module contains 400 plus and growing searchable categories of facts about the late Georgian and Regency eras. In addition to searching by category, the user can also search by a keyword to locate all records regardless of category that contain that search criteria in it.

Maps: In this module there are 18 map scans, most dating from the Regency Era and 4 interactive maps. The first set of interactive maps are the time and distance maps of England, London and Bath where the user can select two locations on the map and one of the available modes of travel. The program then calculates the approximate distance (based on the coach routes published in 1819) and the average amount of time the trip would take. The other interactive map is a more detailed map of Regency London. Here, the user can look among the 40 panels of the map to find locations Austen mentions in her novels and real life locations like theaters. When the user’s mouse rolls over a highlighted location, a popup box with text and whenever possible, contemporaneous prints of the location will appear.

Calendar: The calendar grid in this module illustrates birth years and events in each of the novels as determined by R.W. Chapman edition. In addition, the Chapman character lists are also accessible in pdf format.

New modules and enhancements to existing ones are planned for the future on a continual basis. The site was created by Sue, who does the research and is its admin, and Victoria CL, who does the programming. Victoria CL is also the programmer (as well as the owner and admin) of the Jane Austen Fanfiction Index.