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Synonyms: funny pages, newspaper strips, cartoon
See also: comic books, webcomics, fancomics
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A comic strip is a short form of sequential art, published in newspapers or magazines and often humorous in nature but can also include political, drama, adventure or slice-of-life narratives. Stories are often told in a serialised fashion over several days or weeks; traditionally in black-and-white short pieces during the week with a larger, full colour publication on Saturdays.


A version of the American Chopper Argument meme, about the problems of kudos. The format is the same as most multi-panel comic strips, with the introduction in the first panel, the build up in the subsequent panels, and the joke/point at the end.

Fan activities take two forms with relation to comic strips: production of comic strips by fans as fancomics relating to a particular fandom; and fandoms based on specific comic strips.

Comic Strips as Fanworks.

Fannish comic strips created by fans can cover a wide range of topics, from particular aspects of the source fandom to the fannish experience itself. While the medium had its heyday during the height of the zine years (the 1960s to the early 1990s), webcomics use the comic strip format to tell stories in a new media. Memes, also, borrow the four-panel format of comic strips, the difference being that memes use existing and/or repeating images for the same effect. Examples of such memes include Gru's Plan, the Darkest Timeline meme from Community, the America Chopper Argument meme (pictured) and the For the Better, Right? meme from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Gallery of Fannish Comic Strips

Comic Strip Fandoms

Examples of comic strip fandoms include: