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Name: The Owl House
Abbreviation(s): TOH
Creator: Dana Terrace
Date(s): January 10, 2020 – present
Medium: Animated series
Country of Origin: United States
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The Owl House is an animated fantasy adventure series that airs on the Disney Channel.


Luz is a teenage human girl who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to another world instead of going to Reality Check Camp. When on the Boiling Isles, which is made from the remains of a dead Titan, she befriends the rebellious witch Eda the Owl Lady and an adorable demon warrior named King. Despite not having magical abilities and having to pose as a witch due to the prejudice towards humans, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda's apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting.[1]






The fandom grew rapidly during the second half of season 1, mainly after the airing of "Enchanting Grom Fight" which was a prom themed episode that confirmed Amity's crush on Luz. It was also confirmed on twitter by series creator Dana Terrace that Luz is bisexual which lead a flurry of news coverages naming her Disney's first bisexual lead.[2][3]

The fandom is predominantly active on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, and Amino.

Beta/Concept/Pilot Designs

During a charity stream hosted by Dana Terrace some early development sketches were shown for several characters. The designs for Luz and Amity were instantly picked up by the fandom and became the focus of much fanart. Soon various headcanon's began to be applied, such of them being slightly older and edgier teens, and they came be known as the beta versions.

While not as popular as the beta design there has also been a similar uptake in fanworks produced using the unaired pilot designs.


Common Pairings

Connections with other Fandoms

The Owl House has several connections to Gravity Falls in both its production and the show's execution. The Owl House was created by Dana Terrace, who was previously a storyboard artist for Gravity Falls, additionally the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, is the voice of both King and Hooty. Fans have also noted the similarity between the two in that both Owl House and Gravity Falls left coded messages in episodes that hinted at future events.[4]

Fans have also noted the parallels between The Owl House and Little Witch Academia.[5] Luz and Amity were quickly compared to Atsuko and Diana thanks to their rivalry turned friendship and their differing skill levels as witches.

The Owl House fans also seem to overlap with the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom often. [6] There are a few ATLA references in TOH,Mae Whitman, the voice of Amity also voices Katara in Avatar, and Dana Terrace herself has shown to be a fan of the show. [7] [8]

LGBTQ Rep and Other Shows

The sparse remaining Steven Universe Critical community, after the episode "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" on Jul 31, 2021, began to form fresh discourse surrounding LGBTQ representation. This typically displayed as a resurgence in Steven Universe criticism next to praise for The Owl House. To some, they saw the first gay wedding in a cartoon to not be "good enough" representation in Steven Universe, believing the use of the explicit word "GF" in The Owl House to be better representation. Others saw such criticisms as a way to pit LGBTQ content creators against one another when both Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universer's showrunner) and Dana Terrace (The Owl House's showrunner) had to go through different struggles to get different amounts of LGBTQ content in their shows, and were telling different stories. Many new meta pieces were made, with some even expressing frustration that the Owl House tag was getting "annoying takes" related to Steven Universe in it.[9]

Some meta related to the debate is below.

I mean little rep comparatively. Who are these 3 or more canon "main" characters? Ruby and Sapphire don't count as main characters because 99% of the time they exist as Garnet. I know there is the wedding episode (the screentime split in half as it is), Keystone Motel, Hit the Diamond, and The Answer. But these are 4 scattered episodes out of 160. Other than that, I don't remember seeing their relationship much at all?

Then there's Pearl and Rose's relationship. But it's a terribly one-sided, abusive relationship that does more harm towards LGBT rep than good upon inspection. A romance in which one partner mind-controls the other doesn't seem like a positive thing. Pearl is always subservient to her Diamond, to the point where she doesn't stop obsessing over her thousands of years after her death. She admits to watching Steven (Rose's son) sleep at night and almost lets him die in her emotional instability (Rose's Scabbard). The circumstances surrounding her "romance" and the way she behaves, as a result, are very alien compared to real-world LGBT+ relationships. And that's no surprise given that she really is an alien. All of the prominent gay characters are.

Ruby and Sapphire are almost always fused together because that's how alien relationships work.

Stevonnie uses they/them pronouns because they're enby and intersex. But not because they're their own singular entity: they're an alien fused with a human.

Steven is trans because his mother gave up her gem to give birth to him and he uses he/him pronouns instead of she/her???

Sounds very alien to me.

I understand that Sugar worked very hard and risked her career doing what she did. I don't hate her series (I think it has a lot of cool ideas in it!) and I do admire her vision and motivation. However, that doesn't change the fact that she needlessly obscured things, making them easily dismissible.

The Owl House, despite having its own fantastical elements, did not reinvent the concept of LGBT+ people and relationships. A witch + a human is exactly the same as a human + a human.

The Loud House, airing at the same time as SU, did not have this issue.
mindful-electrical, Aug 2, 2021.[10]
Steven Universe: Eh, I don't really feel like saying "girlfriend" or "wife". Maybe they're together. They have a special connection...

(gets violently shoved aside)

The Loud House/Craig of the Creek/The Owl House: Pfft, amateur. "My GIRLFRIEND Sam and I..." "I'm texting my GIRLFRIEND, mind your business." "Luz's new GF showed her..."
anyways; the owl house, steven universe & she ra are "queer writers writing queer stories while being punished by homophobic networks.” rwby & legend of korra are not. give queer writers the respect they deserve & stop elevating their cishet counterparts over them for doing far less.
ironpines, Aug 1, 2021 [12]

However, the arguments surrounding LGBTQ rep in cartoons do not stop at comparisons to Steven Universe, and aren't only discussed by some few remaining Steven Universe Criticals. Other shows began to get comparisons to The Owl House as well, such as The Legend of Korra, She-Ra, and even Gravity Falls. Other short meta pieces discuss this, with some of them feeling like these arguments are taking away from the varies types of LGBTQ rep that have slowly grown over the years and dismissing their importance when something "better" comes along. Others believe fans of certain cartoons are making angry meta posts about other shows simply because they're "angry" that their favorite cartoon "didn't have content like TOH."

Why are people getting so defensive of other shows now that Lumity is canon?

I'm seeing people on this site say stuff along the lines of "X shows walked so TOH could run!" and "X creators fought tooth and nail to get what little lgbt rep they had so don't disrespect their shows!" and so on.

Literally no one is "disrespecting" these shows. I've gone looking through several tags (ie. Lumity, Steven Universe, She-Ra) and I'm not seeing any of this "disrespect". All I'm seeing is people angrily defending their shows for not having what TOH has.

TOH has a healthy wlw couple involving the main character that got together before the series finale. This means we can actually watch the two being a couple and put aside all the excessive pining. It's not an insult to say that shows like SU and She-Ra didn't have content like this, it's simply... just true. Those shows didn't have content like TOH.
sydney-empire, Aug 4, 2021[13]
Anytime I see those “God that rep from two years ago was so bad” posts, I think about Gravity Falls.

I think about the fact that Alex Hirsch wanted the cupid character (who appeared in ONE episode) to have the MLM/WLW symbols on his necklace, but Disney shot it down because it was seen as inappropriate for a kid’s show.

I think about the sheriff characters, who’s “relationship” was used as a running gag to laugh at. Who’s kiss in the last scene at the end of the series damn near made people go INSANE. These were two characters who were no one’s favorites and who served as comedy relief, but it was still seen as a huge win for rep because it happened at all.

I think about the fact that Gravity Falls, a show where dead animals speak in tongues as blood drips from their eyes, couldn’t have anywhere near the amount of rep that the creators wanted to add because it “wasn’t for kids”

And now we have men getting married to their husbands and women getting married to their wives on screen. We have boys with boyfriends and girls with girlfriends and characters that are purposely gnc or androgynous. We have characters with pride pins or flags in their rooms. We have cartoons like Blues Clues that have been around for AGES making entire videos dedicated to pride for kids.

Just... things get better. Representation gets better because people fight to make it happen. We can’t act like they were “basically nothing” because without them we would HAVE nothing.

Edit: the Cupid necklace was likely the trans symbol
toasty-bat, Aug 1, 2021 [14]




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