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Name: Amphibia
Creator: Matt Braly
Date(s): June 14,2019--present
Medium: television
Country of Origin: USA
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'Amphibia' is a Disney Channel cartoon created by Matt Braly and began airing on June 17, 2019, with the first episode (divided into two segments) premiering on Disney Channel’s Youtube channel and the DisneyNOW app four days prior. The show is mainly based off Braly’s own childhood experiences in his visits to Thailand.

Canon Overview

The series focuses on the adventures of 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy and frog-person companion Sprig Plantar. In these adventures, Anne adjusts to life in the titular world of Amphibia as she tries a way back to her own world while a true friendship between Anne and Sprig grows.






The main draw for the series was the representation of Thai characters through the main character Anne Boonchuy, who is voiced by Brenda Song (of The Suite Life of Zach & Cody fame), who is herself half-Thai, and the show itself being based off the creator’s experiences in Thailand (The creator himself is also half-Thai.).[1]

The series is often compared to Gravity Falls for sharing similar elements and art style. This is supported by the creator having also worked on Gravity Falls.

The fandom is predominantly active in Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Amino.


  • Amphibsona: A -sona of either a human or a frog-person in the Amphibia universe.
  • Spranne: a portmanteau of Sprig Plantar and Anne Boonchuy, mentioned in this catchphrase said three times in the first season: "Spranne against the world!" It is rarely used in shipping context.


  • Spraddie: a portmanteau of Sprig Plantar and Maddie Flour, first teased in “Hop Luck”, the ship canonically sank in “Cursed!”, leaving their relationship in good terms.
  • Sprigivy: a portmanteau of Sprig Plantar and Ivy Sundew. First teased in “Dating Season”. As of "Anne of the Year", this ship is canon.
  • Sylvia/Hopediah, Sylvia/Hop Pop: the ship between Sylvia Sundew and Hopediah Plantar, teased in "Hop Pop and Lock" and "Family Fishing Trip".
  • Sashanne: a portmanteau of Anne Boonchuy and Sasha Waybright.
  • Annarcy/Marcanne: a portmanteau of Anne Boonchuy and Marcy Wu.


Sasha/Grime Incident

On July 18, 2019, former storyboard artist Hannah Ayoubi posted a fanart of Sasha being carried bridal-style by the main antagonist, Grime, with both of them having faint blush on their cheeks.[2] There were many fans that did not react well to this image, accusing the artist of supporting pedophilia and creating child porn. The tweet had been deleted a few days later, with the accused artist issuing an apology, which has also been deleted later. This is the artist’s only comment that remains regarding the incident.[3]

Incidents like this, along with similar incidents from other cartoon fandoms such as OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes, sparked some articles addressing the problems of modern children’s cartoons[4][5] and a hashtag on Twitter called #NotJustADrawing, which is a mix of criticism on modern children’s cartoons, testimonies of users’ pasts of being victim to grooming and sexual abuse, and other users condemning said criticism entirely.[6]

The Airing of "True Colors"

In the weeks before the premiere of "True Colors" (the season 2 finale), Matt Braly and the crew of Amphibia posted promo art for that episode. There was even AMA planned just before the episode set premiere on Disney+. Then Disney at the last minute for reasons unknown and the new air date uncertain. Matt's twitter postings on the matter seem to hint he's very upset about the delay and gave a vague reason why Disney delayed the airing. Then "True Colors" get released on iTunes. Apparently, Apple wasn't told the airing was delayed on released the episode as originally intended. The leak further enflamed the fans of Amphibia who were already upset about the cancelation of the airing of "True Colors". The content in the episode gave more of an idea why the episode's sudden airing cancelation. The mismanagement of the episode airing on the part of Disney made Matt and the fans even more upset.


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