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Name: TikTok
Dates: 2017-present
Type: Social network
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: TikTok
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TikTok is a short-form video hosting service that allows users to post videos under 60 seconds long. This concept is similar to the discontinued service Vine. The app provides a licensed music library for users to add to their videos. Many videos on the app are lipsynching, dancing, and/or music-based comedy.

Fan Use

Fan activity on the app shares similarities with how fans used vine to post short edits/fanvids and cosplay videos.

Cosplay on Tiktok is quite popular. Common types of cosplay TikToks include:

  • In-character lipsynchs to both songs and spoken voice-overs
  • In-character dancing
  • Cosplay Music Videos
  • Process videos of putting on makeup, making costumes, etc.
  • Transformation or "before and after" videos

Tiktok edits often consist of a series of still images looped 2-3 times over a song. Some of these still images may be animated by the editor to give the appearance that a character is blinking, waving, or making other movements. These are often reuploaded to Youtube, either individually or in compilations with other Tiktoks. Tiktok compilations may be themed around specific Tiktok creators, fandoms, characters, or ships.

Some users make specific "edit audios" -- songs that have been edited to a shorter length and may include other auditory effects such as fade-ins/fade-outs, slowed sections, bass boosting, beat drops, clicks, or gun sound effects. These audio tracks may be used in edits for many different fandoms, as well as in non-fannish Tiktoks. These audios are often uploaded to Youtube, either individually or in compilations organized by mood or song artist.

"[fandom] as TikToks" are compilations of TikToks labeled with characters names as a subset of crack vid. These compilations are often posted to Youtube. The trend originated from similar "[fandom] as vines" videos.

TikToks referencing specific fanfiction stories have also appeared. These can include cosplay, with users acting out scenes, parodies, reader reactions or a combination of all of the above. In early 2020, Tiktoks made in response to a Star Wars reader insert fanfic, Fix Your Attitude, led to renewed interest in a work that had been completed three years before.