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Synonyms: Ship Dynamic
Date Started: April 2019
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The Ship Dynamic meme is a trend of drawing stripped down version of a couple to show the common archetypes and dynamic one enjoys in their ships. The generalized depiction of the couple's dynamic shows the tropes that occur repeatedly in media and, in the creator's opinion, are always engaging.

Aja Romano wrote about the meme in the article Fandom’s new “ship dynamics” meme is all about our fave romantic tropes [1] on Apr 19, 2019. The article states: "The key to this meme is that it doesn’t actually involve a discussion of specific ships. The use of generic cartoon images emphasizes that the ship dynamics under discussions involve character tropes that can apply to many characters and appeal to many fans." The article tracks different ship archetypes in fandom and the meme's rise to virality.




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