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Incorrect Quotes are a type of fannish short work that quotes characters from one fandom saying dialogue from some other fandom, or from another piece of media such as a well-known Vine, song, or meme. For example, using characters from Haikyuu and dialogue from the website "Anti-Pickup Lines":

Oikawa: What're you doing Friday night?
Suga: Not you.[1]

Other incorrect quotes describe (inner) monologues or verbal interactions between characters from the same fandom:

Loki: When crows remember people who wronged them and hold grudges, it's "intelligent" and "really cool" but when I do it I'm "petty" and "need to move on" [2] [3]

Nothing goes away. Not on its own. You deal with it, or it deals with you.

—Týr, probably.[4] [3]

Odin: You lied?

Loki: We may have.

Odin: You may have or you did?




Thor: We may have did. [5] [3]

Incorrect quotes are popular on Tumblr and, since the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge, on Twitter.



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