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Pairing: Richie Tozier/Eddie Kaspbrak
Alternative name(s): Reddie, Kaspzier, Tozbrak, Trashetti
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: IT
Canonical?: semi-canon
Prevalence: popular
Other: Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier (platonic)
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Reddie is the portmanteau name of the ship between Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak, two of the protagonists from the horror novel IT by Stephen King. They appear in all adaptations of the novel.


Richie and Eddie have been friends since kindergarten and met through their friend, Bill Denbrough. Richie often teases Eddie and calls him "Eds" or "Eddie Spaghetti" to get a reaction from him. They are all part of the "Losers Club" and fight with their friends to defeat Pennywise the clown.


Many fans have argued that Richie and/or Eddie are subtextually implied to be gay or bisexual and have feelings for each other in canon. There is much analysis of the book in this regard. Based on the book and before the 2019 film, most interpreted Eddie as gay and Richie as bisexual, and Eddie in particular as having issues and fears regarding his own sexuality.

Some meta on this subtext:

This is basically canon according the Mr. King himself. They aren’t dating or anything but as you can clearly piece together there was more to their story than just reeeeallly good friend with nooooo subtext or underlining sexuality issues. Anyone who read the book could spot it. No boys would call another boy cute in the 80’s nor would a man kiss another man’s cheek during the aids and “frick the gays” era.[1]

2017 & 2019 Films

In IT Chapter 1, Richie and Eddie's relationship was generally represented as it had been in the book, though much of what fans considered the strongest in-book subtext was left out.

In advance of IT Chapter 2 in 2019, rumors that the relationship would be explicitly romance grew. Upon the release of the film, it was confirmed that Richie Tozier is gay, repressed his sexuality due to fear as a child, and comes to terms with being gay as an adult during Chapter 2.

Many also interpreted him as having had feelings for Eddie since childhood. Speculation increased even further after an image of Richie carving "R + _" on the Kissing Bridge (said to be know for "sucking face and carving names") was leaked. Fans argued that it would not make sense for Richie to carve the initial of any of the other Losers since his closest relationship in the movie was with Eddie. It was later confirmed that what Richie was carving was, in fact, "R + E". This is taken as confirmation that Richie has feelings for Eddie, but not that the feelings were reciprocated.

Spoiler Warning: This article or section may contain spoilers. If this bothers you, proceed with caution.

Richie seems to be the member of the Losers Club the most affected by Eddie's death. At the end of the film Richie re-carves the letters, seemingly to reestablish the connection they had.


In addition to the film, fans were very interested in the actors' comments about how they chose to depict the characters and their relationship. In anticipation of IT Chapter 2, there was much speculation in the fandom over whether or not Richie and Eddie's feelings for each other would be made explicit in the new movie, especially after it was revealed that Richie was gay. This news was immediately celebrated by fans.

While Richie was explicitly gay in IT Chapter 2, it was not confirmed that Eddie is not straight or felt the same way about Richie. However there is much fan analysis of Eddie that reads him as gay or bi and reciprocating Richie's feelings.

Prior to the 2019 film, fans commonly interpreted Eddie as gay and Richie as bisexual. After Richie was revealed to be gay in the 2019 film, it was considered more appropriate the depict Richie as gay in fanworks.

Since its first appearance on the Fandometrics charts on the Week Ending September 18th, 2017, Archived version, the first week Reddie fell off the charts completely was the Week Ending March 12th, 2018, Archived version. It did not reappear on the charts until the Week Ending August 5th, 2019, Archived version. In the Fandometrics "2018’s Top Ships" Reddie was listed as #29. 2018’s Top Ships, Archived version

During the week following the release of IT Chapter 2, Reddie was the most popular pairing on Tumblr [2] Reddie was #4 in Fandometrics "2019’s Top 100 Ships."2019’s Top 100 Ships, Archived version


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