NSFW R+E Sketches

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Title: NSFW R+E Sketches
Editor(s): Thanh Dan
Type: e-Zine
Date(s): Announced on Tumblr on 23 April 2020, Archived version
Medium: PDF
Size: 9.28 MB, 12 pages long or 7.59 MB, 10 pages long
Fandom: IT
Language: English
External Links: Requirings, Archived version on GumRoad
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NSFW R+E Sketches was an e-Zine released by Thanh Dan in 2020. It featured NSFW Reddie Fanart. Thanh provided two different versions as options. One with Asphyxiation, and one without. It received 14 five-star ratings, the only reviews left where it was sold.

As the zine without the asphyxiation kink held less content, its starting price was four dollars, USD. The one with the kink started at five dollars, USD. These were both sold on GumRoad allowing customers to input a higher priced offer if they wanted to provide extra support to the artist.


  1. Cover art featuring Richie and Eddie's heads in black and white, along with the title of the zine.
  2. Eddie Dry Humping against Richie's ass as he holds Richie by the neck, both only wearing pants, with Richie's hips placed over a pillow or folded up fabric. Eddie taunts Richie about potentially cumming from that, alone.
  3. Eddie playing with Richie's nipples as Richie keeps his hands behind his neck - busts only.
  4. Richie sucking on Eddie's balls through his briefs as he crouches before Eddie, jerking himself off. Eddie praises him.
  5. Eddie reclining as he grasps Richie's hair, while Richie coughs and gasps for air, having just been blowing Eddie. Richie's face is very red, and wetness drips from his chin.
  6. Both Eddie and Richie naked, taking a break from Sixty-Nineing each other's cocks. Richie's glasses are discarded to the side; he's amazed how good Eddie is at this position. Eddie just wants Richie to feel good.
  7. Both nude, Richie's hands tied behind his back, he rides Eddie. They slightly degrade each other.
  8. Married, Eddie fucks Richie while holding his peck and kissing his back.
  9. Richie preparing to rim Eddie, who is lying on his stomach.
  10. Richie licking Eddie's hole, while Eddie buries his face in his arms.
  11. Eddie frotting his and Richie's dicks together, praising Richie and encouraging him to cum. Richie cums.
  12. Richie, sans glasses, holding Eddie, and vice versa. Richie calls Eddie gorgeous - busts only.
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