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Synonyms: Breathplay, Choking
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Asphyxiation is a kink that involves cutting off one's air supply, often by hand (Choking), but occasionally with the help of items such as belts, or especially tailored masks. Autoerotic asphyxiation is when a person cuts off their own air supply in order to achieve arousal.

These kinks are sometimes depicted in sexually explicit fanworks. Over 63,000 fanworks on the Archive of Our Own are tagged with Asphyxiation or one of its subtags as of 2022.

Some canons have featured references to erotic asphyxiation that inspired fans. For example, the fanfic archive Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation: The X-Files Erotica Archive is probably a reference to a line of dialogue in a third season episode. Meanwhile, Star Wars fandom has a whole Inappropriate Use of the Force trope that includes repurposing Force Choking.

In Fandom

  • It's somewhat of an in-joke that the Thirteenth Doctor is into this kink due to a trend of characters gripping her by the neck, including by her frenemy The Master. As a result, this will sometimes show up in fanworks, often in SpyDoc fics, though certainly not exclusively.
  • In chapter 281 of the Naruto manga, Deidara, with both arms severed, tries to strangle Tobi by wrapping his legs around his neck. This gave rise to many memes about it, although most are comical and not erotic, in Tobidei smut fanworks, there is a headcanon that Tobi developed a breathplay fetish thanks to this scene.

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