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Name: Deidara, デイダラ, Дейдара, 데이다라
Occupation: Explosive Corps, Akatsuki
Fandom: Naruto
Other: born 5 May
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Deidara is a villain character on Naruto.


Deidara is a villain from Naruto. He is presented as a member of the Akatsuki. There's not a lot of information about his past, except that he comes from the Hidden Rock Village and that he was a student of the Third Tsuchikage Ohnoki along with Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi. At some point he defected the village to live off his art, selling his bombs to whoever wanted to buy them. When Akatsuki heard about Deidara, they recruited him by force and became Sasori's companion.

His first appearance is in volume #28, chapter #247 "Intruders in Suna" where he appears along with Sasori to capture Gaara. After Sasori's death, he's assigned Tobi as partner. Later in the story, Deidara fights Sasuke and blows himself up in an attempt to kill Sasuke along with himself. His last words are an apology to his partner. Deidara is later brought back to life using a forbidden technique called Edo Tensei. When the technique is released, his soul returns to the afterlife.

He's also appeared in some Naruto novels, movies, OVA's, videogames and the Rock Lee's spinoff Naruto Springtime of Youth.


Deidara is one of the most popular members of the Akatsuki along with Itachi. In Japan he is a very loved character, this makes it easy to find merchandising for him. He has a cool, striking character design, unique ninjutsu techniques and charismatic personality. Because his past is basically a clean slate, there's a lot of room for creativity. The author never gave him a surname, so, whenever needed, fans use their own surnames for him. One of the most extended fanon surnames is Tsukuri, to the point that sometimes is mistaken for canon information.

Common Pairings

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

Writing about his childhood is a common trope in Deidara's fanfics, giving a context to his personality and philosophy revolving his "art of the single moment". An extended headcanon within the fandom is that Deidara's original genin team was killed on a mission and he was the only survivor. The most widespread headcanon is that Deidara's childhood was hard, having been born in the middle of the Third Ninja War and that his obsession with fleeting things is rooted in the suffering he experienced.

The Hidden Rock training techniques are often depicted as cruel and extreme, thus influencing Deidara's personality. Having joined the Hidden Rock Explosive Forces at such a young age, many fans consider him to be a genius gone wrong. Someone with an unhealthy need of recognition.

Because he's an artist, it's hard to see a fanfic featuring Deidara where he's not talking about art. If Sasori also appears in the story, then there's going to be a lot of arguing and bickering about the matter and their opposed concepts of art.

Another common trope is the Deidara x reader or Deidara x Original Character. Usually a female.

On Modern Seting AUs, is not rare to see Deidara as an sculptor or any other kind of artist, and arts student or a yakuza/part of a criminal organization or gang.

On fanarts from the Japanese fandom, crossdressing and feminization are common themes. He's also shown blowing things up just for the aesthetics, or trying to blow Tobi up for comedy purposes.

On yaoi fanfics, Deidara is sometimes given a personality that is completely different from canon. He is depicted as someone ditzy, shy, hyper, weepy, weak and cutesy. This could be due to his long hair and androgynous features, even though his attitude in the series is nothing like that.

On ABO fanfics, Deidara is often the omega and on yaoi smut he's usually the uke/bottom or a power bottom.

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  • Daily Deidara - A twitter Account that posts Deidara content daily.


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