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Pairing: Any two (or more) Uchiha clansmembers.
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Mixed, mostly m/m, some het.
Fandom: Naruto
Prevalence: Small but well-known.
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Uchihacest is a term used by fans to describe a relationships between members of the Uchiha clan in the anime and manga Naruto. The most popular Uchihacest pairing is Itachi x Sasuke, and the term Uchihacest used to apply solely to this pairing until more Uchiha clansmembers were introduced and fans began shipping them. Other Uchihacest pairings are much more rare.

Uchibicest (from Uchiha, chibi, and incest) is a term used for scenarios where the two Uchiha are still young. It is most commonly (if not solely) used for pre-massacre ItaSasu fanworks.

A Brief History

ItaSasu was the first Uchihacest pairing and remains by far the most prominent. ItaSasu fandom picked up around 2004. (See more about ItaSasu fandom development on the ItaSasu page.)

Other Uchihacest pairings developed around ItaSasu fandom. The LJ communities ChurchofUchiha and Uchihacest both began as ItaSasu communities, and were framed as being "Uchihacest." When other Uchihacest pairings began being shipped, fanworks went into these spaces.

A few separate communities were created to accommodate other Uchihacest ships. Uchiha_Crack, created in March 2005, was for any Uchihacest ship, threesome, or moresome. MadaIta was created in 2008 after the introduction of Madara in the series.


Itachi x Sasuke

Itachi x Sasuke is by far the most prominent and well-known of the Uchihacest ships. See the main article for this pairing at Itachi x Sasuke.

Shisui x Itachi

Shisui was Itachi's friend who was "like a brother" to him. Shisui was never introduced into the story as a character, but we know he was found dead in the Nakano river and the other clansmen accused Itachi of killing him. Itachi later told Sasuke that he must kill his closest friend to obtain the Mangekyou eyes, which Itachi had, so it is presumed Itachi did in fact kill Shisui.

It is unknown from canon exactly what their friendship was like, and so fiction about Shisui and the nature of their friendship is quite speculative. Fandom tends to characterize Shisui as being outgoing so he is capable of reaching out to and forming a friendship with Itachi, who is usually characterized as being withdrawn or lacking in social skills.

Madara later told Sasuke that Itachi gave up his koibito,[1] which is a gender-neutral term with a meaning close to sweetheart, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Some fans have been happy to speculate that Madara could be referring to Shisui, since he is the only character other than Sasuke known to be close to Itachi.

Fugaku x Itachi

Fugaku x Itachi has come up occasionally as an element to attribute to Itachi's psychological/emotional damage and motives for committing the massacre.

Mikoto x Itachi

Mikoto x Itachi was mostly popularized by Yountilla, who characterized the relationship with dark and tragic themes, and worked an Oedipal complex on Itachi.

Madara x Itachi

Madara x Itachi is usually characterized as a love-hate relationship. Itachi might be trying to kill Madara and Madara is trying to use Itachi.

  • Lily is a Japanese fanartist who is quite popular with her MadaIta pieces.

Obito x Sasuke

Obito x Sasuke was shortly popularized by Hana J and Ninjacat on Uchiha_crack.

Fugaku x Mikoto

Fugaku x Mikoto is a canon pairing; they are the married parents of Itachi and Sasuke. Canon doesn't tell whether or not Mikoto was a member of the Uchiha clan before marrying Fugaku, and their relationship is occasionally interpreted as being an Uchihacest marriage.


Fanfiction with Itachi's OC sister or Uchiha girlfriend are not as uncommon on FF.net or AFF.net as the rest of the fandom wishes they were.

  • (there was a really good parody fanfic on this, if only this editor could find it again...)

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