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Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Occupation: Ninja
Relationships: Uchiha Fugaku (father, deceased)
Uchiha Mikoto (mother, deceased)
Uchiha Itachi (older brother, deceased)
Uzumaki Naruto (teammate)
Haruno Sakura (teammate, wife)
Hatake Kakashi (teacher)
Uchiha Sarada (daughter)
Fandom: Naruto
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Uchiha Sasuke (うちは サスケ) is a main character in the manga Naruto. He was on Team 7 with Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura, and they were taught by Hatake Kakashi.


Sasuke was born the second and youngest child of Uchiha Mikoto and Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan. His older brother, Uchiha Itachi, was regarded as a prodigy among Konohagakure's ninja. One night, 7-year-old Sasuke returned home to find all other Uchiha massacred by Itachi's hand. The emotional trauma unlocked Sasuke's sharingan, and Itachi taunted his brother before fleeing the village. Thus began Sasuke's long quest to gain the power necessary to exact his vengeance.


Sasuke can be a divisive character among the fandom. Many Naruto fans take umbrage with his many instances of deliberately harming his friends and comrades, including Naruto, Sakura, and Karin.

Sasuke ranked within the top five of every official popularity poll conducted by Weekly Shōnen Jump throughout Naruto's serialization, ranking first on two occasions.[1]

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

In fan works, Sasuke tends to call others—namely Naruto—"dobe" ("idiot"), while others—namely Naruto—often call him "teme" (a rude way of saying "you", often translated as "jerk"), despite the fact that they may have used these terms as rarely as a single instance in canon.[2] Sasuke is also associated with other fanon catchphrases[3][4], such as:

  • "Hn."
  • "I am Uchiha elite!"
  • "Give me your jutsu, dobe." / "Teach me that jutsu, dobe!"[5]

Bashers and humorists often refer to Sasuke's hairstyle as "duckbutt hair".[6]


Within ships, Sasuke is often portrayed as possessive, domineering, and aggressive.

According to FanFiction.net's pairing feature, between October 2013 and 9 April 2019, Sasuke was most often listed as paired with Sakura (48%), followed by Naruto (32%), Hinata (13%), and Itachi (2%).[7] Among M-rated stories between October 2013 and June 2018, the distribution instead favored Naruto (44%), followed by Sakura (37%), Hinata (12%), and Itachi (3%).[8]

As of August 2020, Sasuke x Naruto is the most popular pairing tag among Naruto works on Archive of Our Own.

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