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The in-universe Naruto timeline is a subject of hot debate and much frustration. All series have their own particularly gymnastics to go through to figure out when exactly things happened, but Naruto's timeline is so bad that Narutopedia won't even attempt an article on it — one user in 2017 said, "people tried, and it turns out the timeline is full of holes,"[1] and another added, "yes indeed, it's impossible to create a perfect timeline that's why we don't have an article."[2]

Contributing factors to the impossibility of a Naruto timeline are:

  • Kishimoto's lack of attention to worldbuilding details.
  • The frantic pace at which Naruto was produced.
  • Plot twists and character reveals that weren't planned for.
  • The absence of any kind of year-based timekeeping system.
  • Translation.
  • Studio Pierrot's anime fillers.
  • The sheer amount of possible sources from which one might get timeline information; for example the four databooks and everything else on List of Naruto Media
  • Hatake Kakashi's entire pre-series timeline.

Attempts to actually lay out what the chronological order of the anime, movies, and OVAs have been much more successful.


[yakourinka asked:]

oro's timeline is the biggest proof kishi's perception of time isn't linear. going by kakashi gaiden he left after minato became the hokage but prior to kyuubi/massacre. so he probably left the village 12ish years ago before part 1. left akatsuki 7 years ago before part 1 (this he said) after a fight with itachi whom he wanted to possess. who was also in akatsuki. except itachi at this time would've been 10 years old and sad in konoha?? because itachi is 17 in part 1???


This is the part that always gets me when I’m trying to figure this shit out. Kishi why.[3]

Chronology for the anime, movies, etc

Actual timelines


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