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Name: Narutopedia
Owner/Maintainer: Dantman and various sysops
Dates: 2007–present
Topic: Naruto, Boruto
The Narutopedia logo, used since at least 2010.
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Narutopedia is a wiki about Naruto canon hosted on Wikia.

According to its about page:

The Narutopedia's creation was originally requested by TranClan in March 2006 but didn't last long. It was re-founded by Daniel Friesen (Dantman) during January and February of 2007 starting nearly from scratch. No information is known on how to contact TranClan because he only stayed as an admin long enough to make 3 edits to the Wiki, but the new founder Daniel Friesen can be contacted at through his talk page or through the contact information listed on his userpage.[1]


  1. ^ Narutopedia:About#History, mostly written by Dantman in February 2007 and then given minor edits by other people.
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