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This page lists relationship names from the IT.

The Losers Club

Portmanteau Pairing Type
• Benverly Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh Het
• Denbenverly Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh/Bill Denbrough Poly
• Denkashcom Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh/Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak Poly
Polylosers Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh/Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Benstredverly Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh/Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Mikenverly Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh/Mike Hanlon Poly
• Benverchie Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh/Richie Tozier Poly
• Denscom Ben Hanscom/Bill Denbrough Slash
• Henbrak Ben Hanscom/Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak Poly
• Denscomlon Ben Hanscom/Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon Poly
• Hansbrak (not to be confused with Hanbrak)
• Kaspcom
Ben Hanscom/Eddie Kaspbrak Slash
• Hansbraklon Ben Hanscom/Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon Poly
• Benreddie Ben Hanscom/Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier Poly
• Benlon
• Hanslon
Ben Hanscom/Mike Hanlon Slash
• Benchie
• Benzier
• Tonscom
• Tozcom
• Trashstack
Ben Hanscom/Richie Tozier Slash
• Stancom
• Stanscom
Ben Hanscom/Stanley Uris Slash
• Billverly Beverly Marsh/Bill Denbrough Het
• Denbenverlon Beverly Marsh/Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon Poly
• Billverie Beverly Marsh/Bill Denbrough/Richie Tozier Poly
• Edverly Beverly Marsh/Eddie Kaspbrak Het
• Redverly Beverly Marsh/Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier Poly
• Stedverly Beverly Marsh/Eddie Kaspbrak/Stanley Uris Poly
• Beverlon
• Mikeverly
Beverly Marsh/Mike Hanlon Het
• Bevchie
• Beverie
Beverly Marsh/Richie Tozier Het
• Stoziemarsh Beverly Marsh/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Stanverly Beverly Marsh/Stanley Uris Het
• Kaspbrough Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak Slash
• Denbraklon Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon Poly
• Tozenbraklon Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon/Richie Tozier Poly
• Denbreddie
• Kaspbroughzier
• Tozenbrak
Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier Poly
• Core Four
• Steddbroughzier
Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Steddbrough Bill Denbrough/Eddie Kaspbrak/Stanley Uris Poly
• Bike
• Hanbrough
Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon Slash
• Hanbroughzier Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon/Richie Tozier Poly
• Bikestan
• Stanlonbrough
• Stenbrolon
• Stenbroughlon
Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon/Stanley Uris Poly
• Bichie Bill Denbrough/Richie Tozier Slash
• Stenbroughzier Bill Denbrough/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Stanbrough
• Stenbrough
Bill Denbrough/Stanley Uris Slash
• Hanbrak (not to be confused with Hansbrak)
• Kasplon
Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon Slash
• Hanbrakzier Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon/Richie Tozier Poly
• Kastanlon Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Hanlon/Stanley Uris Poly
• Kaspzier
• Reddie
• Tozbrak
• Trashetti
Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier Slash
• Streddie Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Steddie Eddie Kaspbrak/Stanley Uris Slash
• Hanzier Mike Hanlon/Richie Tozier Slash
• Stanlonzier Mike Hanlon/Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Poly
• Stanlon
• Stike
Mike Hanlon/Stanley Uris Slash
• Stanzier
• Stozier
Richie Tozier/Stanley Uris Slash

Other Loser Ships

Portmanteau Pairing Type
• Stanpat
• Statty
Patty Blum/Stanley Uris Het
• Denbowers Bill Denbrough/Henry Bowers Slash
• Dickorgie
• Georgezier
Georgie Denbrough/Richie Tozier Slash

Bowers Gang

Portmanteau Pairing Type
• Henpat
• Pathen
Henry Bowers/Patrick Hockstetter Slash

Pennywise Ships

Portmanteau Pairing Type
• Billwise Bill Denbrough/Pennywise Interspecies
• Bevwise Beverly Marsh/Pennywise Interspecies

Other Ships

Portmanteau Pairing Type
• Corcgan Eddie Corcoran/Veronica Grogan Het


Ships only appearing in crossovers/between characters who've never met
Portmanteau Pairing Type
• Ryers Will Byers/Richie Tozier Slash
• Byuris Will Byers/Stanley Uris Slash
• Wheelbrough Bill Denbrough/Mike Wheeler Slash
• Wheelbrak Eddie Kaspbrak/Mike Wheeler Slash
• Madzier Max Mayfield/Richie Tozier Het
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