I ♥ Reddie

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Title: I ♥ Reddie
Editor(s): Malorde, Archived version & Guillermo Saavedra, Archived version
Type: Physical Zine
Size: 28 Pages
Fandom: IT
Language: Spanish (Spain) & English
External Links: Purchase Page, Archived version on Etsy
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I ♥ Reddie is a Reddie fanzine mostly focusing on art of younger Richie and Eddie.


It sold at $6.95 USD.


  1. Introduction page.
  2. Original, unique sketches from the artists.
  3. Fanart of Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak Kissing while wearing clown face paint, Burger King crown on Eddie's head, with a drink and fries in the background.
  4. Fancomic with Richie teasing Eddie about his height, while his arm is around Mike Hanlon.
  5. Fancomic pge 2.
  6. Fancomic of young!Richie asking young!Eddie out on a date, and Flirting with him.
  7. Fancomic of Stanley Uris getting frustrated because Richie and Eddie agree they should hold hands for safety ...in a supermarket.
  8. Fancomic of young Henry Bowers, Patrick Hockstetter & Richie Tozier meeting for the 'Fuck Eddie' Support Group, in a classic case of misunderstanding.
  9. (CW: Substance Use) Fancomic of Richie and Eddie on Richie's bed while Richie smokes and Eddie reads; Eddie doesn't want his shirt to smell like smoke because of his mother so removes his shirt. Richie is stricken and blushy, forgetting his cigarette. Eddie sweeps the ashes away from his shirt for him and reprimands Richie for looking at him 'like that' because they're in an Established Relationship.
  10. Fancomic page 2.
  11. Fancomic page 3.
  12. Fanart of Richie and Eddie in a Dead Poet's Society AU.
  13. (CW: Substance Use) Fancomic of Richie and Eddie at a bar; Richie orders Eddie's milk for him.
  14. Fancomic of Young!Richie and young!Eddie Sharing a Bed, with Flirting and a kiss.
  15. Fancomic page 2.
  16. Fancomic of Eddie joking about shutting Richie up.
  17. Fancomic of Richie making Eddie fall for him just by saying hello.
  18. Fancomic of Richie putting a dare into Bill Denbrough and Beverly Marsh's mouths, for him to makeout with Eddie.
  19. Fanart of Richie hugging Eddie from behind and kissing his cheek.
  20. Fanart of the Losers hanging out by a creek, with Richie and Eddie Flirting.
  21. Fancomic of Richie joking about Flipping the Bird at Stanley Uris.
  22. Fanart of Richie and Eddie dancing close.
  23. (CW: Underage Substance Use) Fanart of Richie and Eddie discussing walking each other home at night.
  24. Fanart of Richie holding Eddie at the wrist as he straddles Eddie's legs; they are Kissing.
  25. Fanart page 2.
  26. Fancomic of Richie stating that he's gayer than ever as he pulls Eddie close to his side.
  27. Fancomic of Richie misunderstanding Eddie asks if he could ever see them as more than friends. Richie drew them as cats.
  28. Fancomic page 2.
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