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Name: Mike Hanlon
Occupation: Librarian
Relationships: Single
Fandom: IT
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Mike Hanlon is one of the protagonists of IT.




Mike describes himself within the book saying, "The boy's face was bookish and timid; the man's face is the face of a bank teller in a Western movie ... A little starey in the eyes, maybe, and a little punchy from broken sleep..."[1]

Early Life (Ca. 1947-1984)

Michael Hanlon was born in Derry, Maine, at the Derry Home Hospital.

He was raised by his parents in a home on Witcham Road, near the farm of Henry Bowers' father.


He attended Derry Elementary School, Ninth Street Middle School, and Derry High, before leaving Derry to receive a higher education at the University of Maine - not too far from his home town.

Current Life (1985-Now)


Attracted to a woman named Carol Danner, Mike often jokes that he'd like to be with her, and she flirts back. However, Mike knows that she doesn't mean it, and that she'll eventually leave Derry, and Mike along with it.

As of January 2, 1985, he states that he has not been within 'kissing-distance' of anyone in a 'very long time.'

Occupation and Accomplishments

Mike works at the Derry Public Library as its librarian.

He authored the book Derry: An Unauthorized Town History but it is as of yet unpublished. It can be found in the vault at the Derry Public Library. Mike, himself, despite titling his set of notes otherwise, refers to this book as Derry: A Look Through Hell's Back Door.




Tropes & Fanon


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Aesthetic Edits


→ Mike Hanlon ( A Moodboard ), Archived version by losvcrFandom: ITDate: October 20th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
ok but hear me out. a concept: not only is mike highly intelligent, good looking, and all things wonderful, but he also has a secret talent of being an amazing singer. one day, bev catches him singing and tells him should share his talent with everyone else. this turns into him trying and getting club gigs, and the losers are at nearly performance to support him. bonus - another concept: mike and richie forming the ultimate duo.
Mike Hanlon + lyrics he uses to describe himself, Archived version by GazebosEddieFandom: ITDate: October 20th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
• Guns for Hands//twenty one pilots • Young and Menace//Fall Out Boy • Here//Alessia Cara • It Ain’t Me//Selena Gomez • Black Spiderman//Logic •
mike hanlon + light pink ✊, Archived version by RichiesCigarettesFandom: ITDate: October 23rd 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
mike hanlon + light pink ✊
mike + lush moodboard, Archived version by Softie-EddieFandom: ITDate: November 4th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
gift for: @losersclubbb
Mike Hanlon → yellow, Archived version by Yoon-GgukFandom: ITDate: November 6th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
requested by anon
Mike Hanlon + pink, Archived version by GazebosEddieFandom: ITDate: November 15th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
(requested by anon crush)
the losers club as songs: mike hanlon, Archived version by AngelStanUrisFandom: ITDate: November 17th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
i’m still standing (cover) by taron egerton
Floral Mike Hanlon moodboard, Archived version by Rainy-KaspbrakFandom: ITDate: November 22nd 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
Floral Mike Hanlon moodboard
MIKEHANLONxYELLOW MOODBOARD, Archived version by FuckUrisFandom: ITDate: November 25th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
untitled, Archived version by CryptidSodaFandom: ITDate: December 6th 2017Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
Me? Loving Mike Hanlon and making a moodboard for him? It’s more likely than you think.


IT aesthetics: Mike Hanlon, Archived version by VintageTozierFandom: ITDate: January 5th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“We’re all afraid of something.”
Mike Hanlon, Archived version by Hiyo-Silver-AwayFandom: ITDate: January 6th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“I loved you guys, you know. I loved you so much.”
mike hanlon x kevin abstract moodboard, Archived version by RichiardTozierFandom: ITDate: January 17th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“i don’t care no more - assassinate my character”
mike + yellow moodboard, Archived version by EddieKaspbrkFandom: ITDate: January 20th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
aka my fav color and my fav boy 🐝💛
Losers Club as Words, Archived version by TrashmouthTozierFandom: ITDate: January 24th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
Mike Hanlon: « Ubuntu »
losers + colors: Mike Hanlon, Archived version by VintageTozierFandom: ITDate: February 3rd 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“The color orange radiates warmth and happiness. Orange relates to our gut instincts. It offers emotional strength in difficult times. It is optimistic and uplifting. With its enthusiasm for life, the color orange relates to adventure and risk-taking. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.”
Mike Hanlon, Archived version by TrashyEdsFandom: ITDate: February 19th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
Mike Hanlon
untitled, Archived version by AestheticKaspbrakFandom: ITDate: March 10th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
Mike Hanlon - IT
Mike Hanlon, Archived version by ShandieCandieFandom: ITDate: March 16th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“My grandfather thinks this town is cursed. That all the bad things that happen in this town are because of one thing… an evil thing, that feeds of the people of Derry.”
*Mike Hanlon*, Archived version by UnironicMoodBoardsFandom: ITDate: March 29th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
*Mike Hanlon*
mike hanlon, Archived version by ToTozier-MovedFandom: ITDate: April 9th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
“maybe. or maybe it knows what scares us most and that’s what we see.”
mike moodboard💛, Archived version by EddieKaspbrkFandom: ITDate: June 18th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
mike moodboard💛
untitled, Archived version by Trashmouths-Love-To-CuddleFandom: ITDate: June 20th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
@freckled-w1tch here’s your mike hanlon moodboard. Hope you like it.
a Mike Hanlon moodboard, Archived version by EddiesGazebosFandom: ITDate: September 4th 2018Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
because we need more mike content.


moodboard: mike hanlon + his animal pals, Archived version by RichiardTozierFandom: ITDate: June 28th 2019Medium: Mood BoardStatus: Complete
↳ requested by: @ace-in-wonerland

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untitled, Archived version by IttleBittle-CraftsDate: 08 January 2018
a little mike icon (a micon, if you will…) for @wyoleffs!
untitled, Archived version by BisexualBeverlyDate: unknown


Sugar Cookies, Archived version by SweetHeart35Fandom: ITDate: 2017-10-03Length: 2,083Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Mike starts baking for stress relief.
Please Whatever They Offer You Don't Feed The Plants, Archived version by ImahiraFandom: ITDate: 2019-06-24Length: 500Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
(CW: Racism) - Bitter ground makes for bitter harvest, and bitter harvest is all you know or need.
firewatch, Archived version by TinyPersonHotelFandom: ITDate: 2019-09-08Length: 970Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
All Mike had ever wanted was to be kind. It came so easily to him, even in Derry, a town of unnecessary cruelty.
Eyes On Fire, Archived version by TortelliniFandom: ITDate: 2019-10-11Length: 378Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
(CW: Fire & Gore) The smell of burnt cloth. Hands--black, peeling, like when his dad would try to cook and burn something at the edges. Screaming (MIKE MIKE PLEASE IT BURNS HELP US SON PLEASE MIKE) and some of that was his own.
Can't Swim in a Town This Shallow, Archived version by MaidenjediFandom: ITDate: 2019-12-18Length: 1,791Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Mike Hanlon tries to leave Derry.


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untitled, Archived version by Burbert, formerly GayBabyGeekBoyFandom: ITDate: 19 November 2017Length: 2Medium: Animated GifStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon
If It ever comes back, we’ll come back too.

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  1. ^ King, Stephen (1986). IT. Paragraph 4, Page 149: Scribner.
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