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Scope/Focus: all Disney fandoms
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Fandoms for individual Disney films and television shows exist, but many people are fans of multiple works or of Disney films and television shows in general.


Disney Princesses are one of the popular media franchise owned by The Walt Disney Company that contains a large part of the Disney fandom behind it. It does not contain all Disney Princesses like it might suggest, but only certain members are commonly used mainly from animated films. However in fanworks, other Disney princesses and Disney female characters are often included by fans.

The thirteen current members of the franchise are:

Unofficial Disney Princesses

Some of the main female characters haven't been officially instated as Disney Princesses, due to scenarios such as a poor box office performance, or a lack of 'princess qualities'. This comes in spite of Mulan and Pocahontas being considered a Disney Princesses, yet having no connections to royalty by blood or marriage.

Unofficial Disney Princesses come in two categories:

Princess by title

These are Disney Princesses who were born into royalty, but due to their respective film's poor box office performance, they are often left out of the official line:

Princess by valour

This category considers Disney heroines not by royal status, but by their morals and choices. Some of the characters on the list, such as Tinker Bell and Esmeralda, have been included in the official list during its evolution, however were removed for varying reasons:


  • Kairi, from the Kingdom Hearts fandom, is technically considered a Disney Princess by some fans due to her becoming a Princess of Heart during the game's canon, along with Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, and Alice. The latter also has a claim as a Disney Princess for the same reason.
  • Princess Anastasia, from the Don Bluth film of the same name, may be considered a Disney Princess due to the Walt Disney company having bought the rights to the film in 2015. Similarly, Princess Leia from Star Wars falls into the same category, with the rights to the franchise having been purchased by Disney.


Unlike the Disney Princesses, the Disney Princes are not an actual part of the official Disney franchise line. While the fandom isn't as large as Disney Princesses mainly due to the lack of development some of the Princes in canon have. However some fans love them anyway. While there is no official list for Disney Princes - other Disney Male characters are often included by fans.

Other characters that may be considered Disney Princes, depending on who you ask: Peter Pan, Tarzan, Phoebus, Hercules, Kuzco, Milo Thatch, Jim Hawkins, Kenai, Prince Edward (Enchanted), and Kristoff (Frozen).


Alternate Universes

The Disney princess lineup, sometimes augmented with other characters from the Disney animated canon, are popular subjects for fashion art and alternate universe art. In particular, dark interpretations are popular as a form of fractured fairy tale retelling. Geek aggregator blogs like TheMarySue.com and io9 have been known to give certain artists wider exposure. The popularity of certain series may lead to them gaining a life of their own as breakaway fandoms, especially as Yuletide fandoms. For example, kruegan's Disney princess superhero art got nominated for Yuletide 2010 and has a canonical AO3 tag.[1]

Disney Crossovers

Disney films, especially animated ones, are often in crossovers either by another Disney fandom or by a Non/Disney fandom, such as DreamWorks films (see The Big Four for more information).

Some of the more Disney/Non-Disney common pairings are:

Crossover pairings

Some popular crossover pairings:

Crossover Pairing Category
Treasure Planet/Little Mermaid Jim/Ariel het
Aladdin/Little Mermaid Aladdin/Ariel het
Pocahontas/Tarzan Pocahontas/Tarzan het
Hercules/Little Mermaid Hercules/Ariel het
Beauty and the Beast/Little Mermaid Belle/Ariel Femslash
Aladdin/Little Mermaid Jasmine/Ariel femslash
Aladdin/Hunchback of Notre Dame Aladdin/Esmeralda het
Hercules/Hunchback of Notre Dame Megara/Esmeralda het
Pocahontas/Tarzan John Smith/Jane het
Treasure Planet/Atlantis: The Lost Empire Jim/Audrey het
Aladdin/Little Mermaid Eric/Aladdin slash
Hercules/Aladdin Hercules/Jasmine het
Hercules/Aladdin Megara/Aladdin het
Treasure Planet/Cinderella Jim/Cinderella het
Little Mermaid/Cinderella Ariel/Cinderella Femslash
Pocahontas/Cinderella John Smith/Cinderella het
Beauty and the Beast/Cinderella Beast/Cinderella het
Sleeping Beauty/Mulan Aurora/Mulan Femslash
Cinderella/Hunchback of Notre Dame Cinderella/Phoebus het
Cinderella/Peter Pan Cinderella/Hook het
Little Mermaid/Peter Pan Ariel/Peter Pan het
Little Mermaid/Peter Pan Ariel/Hook het
Little Mermaid/Brave Ariel/Merida Femslash
Little Mermaid/Tangled Ariel/Rapunzel Femslash
Hercules/Hunchback of Notre Dame Hades/Frollo slash
Brother Bear/Pocahontas Kenai/Pocahontas het
Beauty and the Beast/Bambi Belle/Great Prince het





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