Tragic Kingdom

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Title: Tragic Kingdom
Creator: missbreese
Date: 13.9.2011
Format: digital
Length: 4:00
Music: Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Disney (multifandom)
Footage: Disney movies
URL: Tragic Kingdom vid announcement post
Tragic Kingdom by missbreese.jpg

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Tragic Kingdom is a multifandom Disney vid made by missbreese for kuwdora for help_nz. It uses footage from many different Disney movies and highlights the dark and creepy elements.

Recs and reviews

  • "OMG missbreese's result is ASTOUNDING and beyond my wildest dreams! Tragic Kingdom. It's full of magic and terror, the villains and the fairy-tale nobility and our heroes struggling to survive. I LOVE the frantic, coiling sequence of Disney visuals--the anger, puffs of smoke, claws and bones and our heroes find themselves trapped. It has a beautiful flow and some of the parallels are outstanding, you guys. You need to see it to believe it. Go forth and watch!"[1]
  • "::flails over so many things:: Seamlessly incorporating so many different Disney movies into a cohesive whole. Awesome use of movement as usual, great pacing and energy. My favorite element though is the sense of wonder you convey with this. It's dark and fantastical, sly and cracktastic, it's all the horror and delight that is the best of Disney. It casts light on all the fairy tale elements I squee over. I'd squee more if my brain was functioning at all."[2]


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