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Name: Tinker Bell
Occupation: Tinker Fairy
Relationships: Peter Pan (friend), Wendy Darling (friend/rival), Michael Darling (acquaintance), John Darling (acquaintance), Tiger Lily (acquaintance), Captain Hook (enemy), Smee (enemy), Vidia (enemy), Silvermist (friend), Bobble (friend), Clank (friend), Fawn (friend), Fern (friend), Iridessa (friend), Periwinkle (friend/sister), Rosetta (friend), Terence (friend), Queen Clarion (friend/queen)
Fandom: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell series, Once Upon a Time
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Tinker Bell is a main character originally from the Disney film Peter Pan, who in later years got her own spinoff series with the same name. She is also a character in the television series Once Upon a Time.


Peter Pan

Tinker Bell (series)


Tinkerbell is also known as the green fairy. She has her magical powers taken away and is banished because she tells Regina about her true love. She is accepted back into the group of faeries when she defeats Peter Pan's evil shadow.



Tinker Bell's diminutive size makes shipping her with humans uncommon (however it does adhere to specific fetishes, such as Size Difference and Shrinking. Relationships with humans are often very one sided due to the size difference, however both Peter Pan and Wendy Darling are occasionally shipped with her.

When shipped with other fairies, however, the possibilities are much more varied. See the Disney Fairies page for a more in depth explanation.


Common Tropes and Themes

Fanworks featuring Tinker Bell often take advantage of her tiny stature, whether this is her overcoming her smaller size, her shrinking people down to her size, or even ignoring the size difference and abusing it fully.