Wendy Darling

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Name: Wendy Darling
Occupation: Schoolgirl
Relationships: Michael Darling (brother), John Darling (brother), George Darling (father), Mrs Darling (mother), Jane (daughter), Danny (son), Edward (husband), Peter Pan (friend/love interest), Tinker Bell (friend/rival), Captain Hook (enemy), Smee (enemy), The Lost Boys (friends), Tiger Lily (acquaintance), the crocodile (ally)
Fandom: Peter Pan, Once Upon a Time
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Wendy Darling is a main character in the Peter Pan franchise.



Wendy is commonly shipped with Peter Pan, due to the implied romance in the film and books. Besides Peter, she's mostly paired with Captain Hook. Rarely, she can be seen paired with one of the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily or even Tinker Bell. Incestuous pairings are borderline non existent in this fandom.

Wendy/Alice exists as a crossover shipping, which may be partly due to both characters having the same voice actor, Kathryn Beaumont. Wendy/Melody is another rare shipping, but also seen on occasion.




2003 Peter Pan

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