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Name: Regina Mills
The Evil Queen
Mayor Mills
Occupation: previously Mayor of Storybrooke
Queen of the Enchanted Forest
Relationships: adoptive mother of Henry Mills; younger half-sister to Zelena; daughter of Cora Mills and Prince Henry; granddaughter of King Xavier; widow of King Leopold; ex-step-mother of Snow White
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Other: Played by the actress Lana Parrilla
Regina Mills / Evil Queen by Valkerea-Ikay (2015)
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Regina Mills, also known as The Evil Queen, is one of the main characters on Once Upon A Time.

There are many sides to Regina Mills. There’s the Evil Queen, there’s the Regina that shows up with Henry, and sometimes, even with Roland. There’s the in love Regina that we briefly saw with Daniel and now get to enjoy with Robin. And then, there’s the Regina who doesn’t really know how to be friends with Emma, or even with Snow, but is still sort of trying. There are a thousand Regina’s, each with its own quirks. Which means three’s a little something for everyone.[1]


Regina, known as the Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest, enacts a curse transporting most of her people to our world, where they do not know who they really are. The curse is an act of revenge against her step-daughter Snow White. In this new life she adopts Henry Mills, who eventually seeks out his biological mother, Emma Swan, the promised savior who will break the curse. After the curse is broken Regina must earn back her son's trust and find a way to live with the people that she wronged.


Regina is one of the most popular characters in Once Upon A Time fandom.



  • Regina's fans call themselves Evil Regals.



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